Thursday, June 09, 2011

Comment of the week…month…erm…year?

“you all think you are hard a..we would have you for breakfast down here.have told the cops about kyles little girls stealing a nazi flag from raglan,but think i might just take it out of him instead.see you soon”

This comment was placed, THIS WEEK, on an October 2008 WLT post!!! “see you soon” certainly takes on an altogether different meaning when viewed in this context. It would appear that ‘Un Zud’ Antifa move at a positively glacial rate when it comes to taking ‘action’. One can also only speculate what this tool means when he/she/it says “we would have you for breakfast”. Ooer! Are we talking actual cannibalism (in line with ancient and traditional Maori practice) or simply an offer for…erm…oral ‘services’? Also, the mind boggles (or perhaps not when considering our rather extensive experience with Leftist hypocrisy) that this thing, struggling with the English language, commences with thinly veiled threats immediately followed with claims of cooperation with the (presumably hated) rozzers and then, with a deftly executed second back flip, finishes off with another flourish of threats!?!!!?????

Hmmm! I don't know about you but I'm terrified. Anyone with that degree of sheer pig shit ignorance would be impossible to reason with and would therefore present as a truly formidable enemy.

Has @ndy perhaps been running 'Leftism 101' courses online?

It all just seems SO tiresomely familiar, don’t ya reckon?


bushranger said...

Seriously, you have to laugh when confronted with what can only be described as the dribbling of someone suffering a grand mal seizure.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha what a fuckin tool! yay, go antifa activism!!!