Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Green really IS the new Red…

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Today, the disgusting Communist sodomite Senator Bob Brown spoke openly about his commitment to a One World Government when he claimed that ‘Global Parliament Governance’ is ‘inevitable’. Among the many deeply disturbing commitments and policies advocated by this creepy freak and his motley band of brain dead watermelons are the following…

The system of global governance must be reinvigorated.

A stronger UN capable of dealing with threats to international peace and security.

Support the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, and ensure that all nations are subject to its decisions.

Major structural reform is needed to provide stronger, more effective and more representative multilateral institutions.

The leading role of the United Nations (UN) in the maintenance of International peace and security must be recognised and respected by all countries.

The international financial institutions that govern aid, development, trade, and trans-national financial movements require extensive reform to enable them to provide global economic justice.*

Support the establishment of an international environmental court and an environmental council at the UN, with similar decision-making powers to the Security Council to deal with environmental issues of global significance.

*‘Economic Justice’ is certainly not a new concept but rather, like the Greens themselves, is simply a re-labelling of tired old Communist doctrine based on Class hatred and genetic levelling and essentially means expanding their kleptocracy for the ‘re-distribution of wealth’ (read: theft) from the hard working taxpayers, that’s you and me folks, and funnelling it into a United Nations slush fund to finance every harebrained scheme in their demented arsenal.

You can look forward to seeing your hard earned being greedily vacuumed up by an exponentially multiplying plethora of 'Quangos', ‘study groups’, ‘reports’, ‘special councils’, ‘international initiatives’, ‘social restructuring programs’ etc, etc, etc…who said the Soviet system was dead?

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