Friday, June 03, 2011

If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

Well it seems the local brain dead reds in Melbourne have been pissing a few people off of late. Now the person who sent us the info and picture has said that he cant be sure if the local Fascist antifa are living at this squat/run down shit hole, but he assures us its a definite hot spot for spoilt middle class shit heels.

So a big hello to the folks down at 23 Russell St, Essendon. Cant have you all sitting there smoking pot all day with out you bludgers being a little paranoid now can we.

A definite stop over for any travelers this year to Melbourne. Now if you are an occupant of this slum house and feel that this is all a tad unfair, well you can always thank your local Fascist Antifa. Hell we don't give a toss about the average 'hey I know Che was a homicidal racist mass murderer, he makes cool shirts and bags" type. But we certainly like to keep an eye on things just in case you lot decide to piss us off again with your shenanigans.


Anonymous said...

Theres is ANTI FA there.2 cars belong to those living there are parked in the backyard.One silver(with an UK Subs stickers on the side) and a yellow car with NSW rego plates.The Ownwer of the yellow car is black with dreadlocks and his head shaved on at the front.Want more info?

Anonymous said...

Hey fellas, good job letting us know where these spoilt little scumbags are. For yours and everyone else out there, here's a link to the other side of the property that they are illegally tresspassing on, it seems as though Ray White or Yong real Estate might want to know that drug abusing sexual degenrates are ruining their clients property.
Shop front:

Contact to make a complaint:
Ray White, Essendon
Shop 2, Niddrie Central, 383
Keilor Road, Essendon Vic 304
Property Manager: Domenic Andronaco
Phone: 0400 329 123


Yong real Estate, NSW.
446 Railway Parade, ALLAWAH, NSW 2218
Phone : (02) 9588 1122
Fax : (02) 9588 3366