Sunday, June 05, 2011

@ndy Slackbastard AKA Andy Fleming pulls a favor.

What a pathetic creature this man is. What a pathetic lot the Tax Payer funded ABC radio station JJJ are. Who would have thought that you can use an alias, have zero credibility and still get on Nation Wide Radio.

What has happened to this country? Andy Flemming has stalked, lied and attempted to make people unemployable because of their legitimate political or religious beliefs. We saw this before in 2005 with Fight Dem Back and Mathew Henderson. FDB once reported favorably in the Australian press,was nothing but a criminal organization that used black mail and slander to attack White patriots until its complete demise in 2007-2008.

Its what @ndy doesn't say many will find very interesting. Using Jew John Saffron and Australia's most left wing radio station JJJ, the States own asset Andy Fleming aka Slackbastard steps it up a notch.

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Anti racism is just a code word for anti white.


jaxxen said...

That was much ado about nothing.

WLT NSW said...

Hey 'jaxxen'!

Which part was the 'nothing'?

Might've missed that one.


jaxxen said...

There was nothing of much substance in the interview. It was pretty boring really.