Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Regrets, I have a few…

As an addendum of sorts to his previous article regarding Allied War Crimes your Old Uncle Victor recalls, as a young bloke, constructing many plastic ‘Airfix’ aeroplane kits and among his favourites were the heavy bombers. For many years he had a large scale model of a Lancaster bomber suspended by cotton thread hanging above his bed as he lay there reading his war comics and history books. He was utterly convinced with the dead certainty only those who know very little can be, that his various relatives who had fought the Axis Powers in World War Two had proudly represented his people on the righteous side of a struggle with absolute evil.

The warm glow one gets from 'knowing' one is on the 'good' team filled him with a smugness and assumed authority to judge those wicked Nazis. At school the kids would regale each other with lurid tales about German brutality and Japanese atrocities which they had 'learned' from Hollywood movies and TelAvision shows and argue about who were the most cruel and inhuman. The Japs usually won the contest narrowly based largely on their reputation for extremely imaginative torture techniques. Of course, OUR boys never did anything like that. No. Never. WE were all heroes.

His history books, his school teachers, his comic books, the TelAvision ‘documentaries’ and the Hollywood movies all inculcated him with the comforting feeling that he was definitely a descendant of the ‘Good Guys’ and that ‘our’ cause was just. He was a good little true believer whose ignorance was merely reinforced by the rare naysayer he encountered in his youth who just made him dig his heels in with jingoistic pride.

In those romantic pre-Internet times the ‘Chinese whisper’ stories of ‘my dad reckons’ or ‘my granddad always says’ or ‘uncle so and so saw such and such with his own eyes’ etc was all he had to go on for the ‘first hand’ or ‘eyewitness’ testimonies and what kid, at least in those days, was going to challenge the veracity of his elders’ war stories? It’s not that these people even necessarily set out to deceive it is just that, ignorance of the big picture aside, stories get ‘polished’ or ‘enhanced’ to make them more ‘interesting’ and to paint the teller in the best possible light and then get passed along by word of mouth until they have a life of their own. This is one of the factors, along with inherent Jewish neurosis and Germanophobic hysteria, which has driven much of the Holocaust© Mythos.

The first ‘Hitler worshipper’ your Old Uncle Victor ever met was an older workmate named Harold who had served in the Australian Army in New Guinea and had fought at Milne Bay and some other well known battles. He was absolutely convinced that Adolf Hitler had been a great bloke who had done many great and progressive things and he never missed an opportunity to try and convince any who would listen.

He wishes, if he was still alive, that he could meet him again and apologise for laughing and sneering in his face like some typical Lefty twit every time he broached the subject. You see, gentle readers, it was not until your Old Uncle Victor was a Thirty something that he began to really research what, at the time, was known as ‘untold’ or ‘suppressed’ History which, while still reasonably 'politically correct', was dealing with 'uncomfortable' incidents that most Lame Stream 'Historians' would rather not touch due to their contentious and sensitive nature. Later, when he hit his late Thirties to early Forties he became acquainted with what is now called ‘Revisionist History’. The scales, as they say in the classics, fell from his eyes.

Of course it is all so easy now, with the fortuitous advent of the Internet, for the curious to find and digest great amounts of enlightening information. Sadly, few do. They would rather be titillated by pornography, gossip and silly jokes. But it’s all out there now. All that needs to be done is to guide the few with open minds in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

The mind rape of the innocent and the vulnerable is a jewish specialty and consistent with the base imperative of the 'religion' of tolerance. Their interest in our children is disturbing indeed. The study of the "holocaust" should be only with parental consent and with informed and footnoted advisement that the "holocaust" narrative and its numerology are centuries old and a malevolent attempt to mislead those least able to defend themselves against the primitive urges of an insatiable and demented predator.

As parents, we have a responsiblity to protect our little ones.

Anonymous said...

Mind rape and inculation of Cultural Marxism to children as young as they have learned to read. Could any have been more successful than JK Rowling in doing this to our children?