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Remember the Liberty! Redux.

Outrage! The U.S.S. Liberty, an unarmed and clearly identified surveillance ship in International waters, after the mighty and noble 'heroes' of the Israeli Defence Forces had given it the full treatment in an illegal and utterly unprovoked attack intended to incite a possible Nuclear Strike on Egypt.

Recently, a work colleague of your Old Uncle Victor, who is a Vietnam Veteran, turned Sixty Years Old. He was a Navy Diver who saw a fair bit of action, not only at sea but on land clearing Viet Cong tunnel complexes with U.S. Forces. Apparently divers made very good ‘tunnel rats’ as many of these underground ‘cities’ were flooded in parts and they were well adapted to working in the dark and the generally uncomfortable claustrophobic conditions. He did the ‘real shit’ as they say, up close and personal, with, at times, some quite nasty hand to hand stuff.

He was honoured with a couple of special medals for valour but dumped them ceremoniously in the ocean several years after returning, along with his campaign medals, as a personal act of protest at Gough Whitlam’s betrayal of our Armed Forces and the contemptuous comments made by both he and his wife Margaret regarding what they considered the poor character and quality of our troops and their ineligibility for respect or recognition. This was the standard Internationalist, Fabian Marxist Socialist line of the day. Our troops were smeared as ‘baby killers’ and ‘murderers’ by all the Commie loving pro Sino traitors from ‘Hanoi Jane’ to our Trade Unions. He has one ambition left in life. To outlive the Whitlams so he can dance on their graves.

Now one would think that at that mature age and considering his extensive military experience and professed interest in Naval History he would have at least heard of the notorious USS Liberty incident. To me, the fact that until the other day when I told him, he had not, simply confirms my belief that our history has been terribly suppressed and our people instead spoon fed with Marxist propaganda.

The entire Liberty incident is a typical ‘by numbers’ example of Jewish treachery. It truly is standard operational procedure every bit as predictable as the arrogant chutzpah which characterises their life philosophy and politics. For any who still doubt the veracity of the claims outlined below, one only need consider the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) ‘Samson Doctrine’ maintained by these ‘meshuggah’ Jews of the Bandit State of Israel and it becomes very easy to understand how these creatures are more than capable of these type of actions.

USS Liberty Cover Up

On June 8, 1967, the USS Liberty was deliberately attacked by Israel. 40 years later the crew still calls for a proper investigation.

USS Liberty Veterans Association: THE LIBERTY FOUNDATION


The mission of the Liberty Foundation is to raise donations in order to purchase newspaper space to tell the USS Liberty story. The USS Liberty Veterans Association (LVA) has tried for over 37 years to expose the true story of the deliberate Israeli attack on the USS Liberty to the American people through books, news media, movies, and letters to the President of the United States and congressmen. While we have encountered politicians and news media personnel who were willing to help, they have been unable to interest their superiors or others in supporting our cause. Many people believe it is just too politically risky or politically incorrect to confront the Israeli lobbyists and support groups. Please read on.


The Israelis do not want the truth to be told. It is obvious that they fear that America may be less of a supportive ally if the truth were known. The truth of their deeds and the Johnson Administration needs to be fully investigated. Congress has never officially investigated the attack and so the attack continues to be a cover-up of the worse magnitude. We believe the operational plans were FRONTLET 615 and Operation Cyanide. We have discovered that the USS Liberty was part of these plans. These documents should be declassified immediately and released to the American public for historic analytical purposes. The complicity of the Israelis and the Johnson Administration in starting the Six Day War alarmed the Soviet Union. The United States and the Soviet Union came closer to a nuclear confrontation than any other incident in history including the Cuban Missile crises. When the Soviets discovered that the U.S. was planning to enter the war militarily, they challenged President Johnson with a nuclear confrontation and President Johnson wisely backed down from any further military activities.

Note: Everything written heretofore and the remaining details are accurate and can be proven by corroborated individual witness testimony, logical deduction, and documentation.


On June 8, 1967, the Israeli Defense Forces murdered 34 Americans on the high seas (31 sailors, 2 marines, and a NSA civilian). Out of a total compliment of 294 men, 70% of the crew became casualties as 172 were wounded in addition to the 34 killed.

For 6 hours the morning before the attack, the ship was subjected to intense scrutiny by Israeli photo-reconnaissance aircraft flying as low as 200 feet. The USS Liberty had traditional American markings on her bow (GTR-5) and stern (USS LIBERTY) flying a large American Flag, which stood out in the breeze, and sailing in international waters on a clear and sunny day. The ship was a WWII victory hull cargo ship modified to monitor and record ambient radio transmission and lightly armed with four 50 calibre machine guns.

The Israelis began the attack with 3 fighter jets which strafed, rocketed, and bombed the Liberty. This was followed with 3 torpedo boats that fired 30mm canons and torpedoes. Since the Liberty was a virtually unarmed vessel and not a military threat, at no time did the torpedo boats request the Liberty to surrender as did the North Koreans regarding the USS Pueblo in 1968. Responding to our SOS which was about 15 minutes into the Israeli attack, the USS Saratoga launched conventionally armed fighter aircraft to assist the USS Liberty and the USS America launched nuclear armed jet aircraft to bomb Cairo. Why Cairo? Our SOS did not identify the attacker at the time as the identity of the attacker was unknown. Within minutes after the launch, the White House recalled all aircraft abandoning the USS Liberty subjecting us to an additional 2 hours of an Israeli turkey shoot. In disbelief, RADM Geis, Sixth Fleet Carrier Division Commander, challenged the order (as was his right and responsibility in this situation). Unbelievably, the White House again reaffirmed the order to recall all aircraft despite our plea for help. Israelis destroyed one of the most advanced intelligence ships.

The Liberty was riddled with 821 holes, sustained 2 napalm bombs, and a torpedo blowing a 22 by 39 foot hole in her starboard side killing 25 of the 34 murdered. Miraculously, the Liberty refused to sink and was able to get underway under her own power. The Israelis were observed machine gunning 3 life rafts. It was obvious to the Liberty crew that survivors were not to be taken. When hostilities ceased, helicopters were observed overhead with Israeli commandos at the ready to finish us off. Fortuitously, the Israelis picked up an invalid message that U.S. help was on the way. Israel was reluctantly forced to terminate its ongoing attack. Ironically help did not arrive until 18 hours after the attack when the Liberty was only 15 minutes away from USS Saratoga and USS America fighter jets.

The US Naval official inquiry was deliberately falsified to compliment the Israeli story (as testified by retired Navy Lawyer, Captain Ward Boston). Details acquired were either changed or dropped so that the Israeli version which became public was that the attack was a tragic mistake. The orders to falsify came directly from President Johnson for political reasons. The survivors of the USS Liberty were told never to talk about the incident under penalty of fine and/or imprisonment. Military orders that followed were in line with the White House which was not to indicate on any monuments and the like that Israel was the attacker. The USS Liberty skipper, Captain William McGonagle was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions to keep the ship afloat and operational. His award was given to him not by President Johnson at the White House. There is no other explanation to believe other than the President did not want to jeopardize the Jewish vote in an upcoming presidential election. The Captain’s medal was presented to him by the Secretary of the Navy at a low level Washington Navy Yard ceremony.


What a crime it would be for historical reasons if the US Government continues to lie about details of the Six Day War. In the end, truth always wins out. What a shame for elected officials who will not stand up to be counted. For the sake of our fallen 34 shipmates, we will not give up. God bless America and may God give our officials the grace and courage to do the right thing and initiate a proper Congressional investigation.


After reading this article, if your American spirit is challenged, please write a tax deductible check or money order to the USS Liberty Veterans Association (LVA) so that we can continue to purchase additional newspaper space in other parts of the country. Anyone who donates $100 or more will receive a free BBC film ‘Dead in the Water’ DVD or VCR tape (your choice). It is the goal of the Liberty Foundation to publish this article in newspapers all over the country. This is the sole purpose of the funds. In addition, you should write to the President of the United States and your congressmen requesting an official investigation. If enough citizens demand to know the truth, the pressure may be too great for our distracters to stop us. Make no mistake, our society will be the winners when the complete truth of the attack on the USS Liberty and the Six Day War (June 67) are fully understood. Please help!

Please mail your donations to:

USS Liberty Veterans Association

4994 Lower Roswell Road, Suite 33

Marietta, GA 30067


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Hey WT,..."Outrage! The U.S.S. Liberty, an unarmed and clearly identified surveillance ship in International waters, after the mighty and noble 'heroes' of the Israeli Defence Forces had given it the full treatment in an illegal and utterly unprovoked attack intended to incite a possible Nuclear Strike on Egypt."

Intended to incite a possible Nuking of the rag-heads huh? Mmmmm? Seems to me if the sentence was a Nuking, then so be it - NUKE YIDSRAHELL NOW, AND THEIR OFF-SHORE BANK BRANCH - SCHVITZERLANDT!! "Neutral", my kunt!

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The ghost of Judas Iscariot lives in the "Jews".