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Road Trauma

Yee Hargh! "Keep honking. We're just re-loading!"


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Road, n: ‘A strip of land along which one may pass from where it is tiresome to be to where it is futile to go.’ Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary

Trauma, n: ‘A deeply distressing or disturbing experience.’

Your Old Uncle Victor, in the course of discharging his employment duties, finds himself covering pretty much the entire greater Sydney Metropolitan region on a daily basis and, as a consequence, observes many varied aesthetics, cultural diversity and behavioural peculiarities among the colourful denizens of this mighty city as he clocks up the big kays. Monitoring, meeting and ‘interfacing’ with Humans from virtually every point of the evolutionary spectrum. Think of it as a 'school of the road'.

Ah yes, the sights, and indeed the smells, of this Multicultural Wonderland. What great and wondrous ‘gifts’ have been bestowed upon the largely ungrateful, and sometimes wilfully recalcitrant, White Australians as their, one can only assume formerly bigoted, insular, uncouth and wretched hillbilly society, receives the cultural enrichment the United Nations and the N.W.O. Global Cabal has deemed it so richly deserves.

Nowhere is the evidence of this inexorable ‘moving forward’ in this suicidal, self imposed genocide more graphic than from behind a steering wheel or set of handlebars while travelling the third world goat tracks the Roads and Traffic Authority rather humorously refer to as ‘Motorways’ and ‘Roads’.

The odometer on his formerly brand new work vehicle, acquired only six months ago is reading close to Sixty Thousand Kilometres. He has to drive his own car over Fifty Kilometres each way, to and from the factory. On the weekends, while indulging his love of the ‘Biker Culture’ he clocks up another four to five hundred Kilometres on one or more of his Motorcycles. This leads him to believe he has accumulated enough experience to assume the position of an eminently qualified observer. Naturally of course, his total lack of any form of University Degree or PhD will elicit no more than sneering contempt from the odorous ranks of the Leftist self defined ‘intelligentsia’ who will regard actually being here and erm, like, seeing stuff and all, as merely ‘anecdotal’, clearly subjective and ‘unscientific’.

Unless one can quote chapter and verse from several ‘independent’ (read: Marxist approved) peer reviewed (read: Cronie approved) reports and or ‘studies’ and ultimately lose your argument in the maze of endlessly inconclusive and contradictory ‘statistics’ and the blizzard of techno-babble pseudo terminology, the average Lefty, case hardened as he/she/it is against common sense and logic, having suffered the toxic effects of cerebral hypoxia from breathing the rarefied air of academia, will summarily dismiss you and your argument as ‘ignorant’, ‘irrelevant’, ‘bigoted’, ‘hateful’ or ‘racist’.

In fact, modesty aside for one moment, it wouldn’t be too big a stretch to claim a fair degree of expertise in the discipline of socio anthropological ethno studies. To employ, for the purposes of this piece, a form of Leftist terminology, I am something of an ‘undocumented’ expert in this area of study. I deliberately avoid the now pejorative term ‘amateur’ due to the negative connotations imposed on the once honourable term in this corporatised and overregulated ‘professional’ world.

Although we all take for granted that Humans are fairly observational creatures by design and instinct, it being necessary to assess one’s environment regularly simply from the point of survival, there is great variation in the skill levels and application of this process across the general population, regardless of Race or Social status.

All the lesser, more primitive Humans of course never fail to perpetuate their stereotypes. Of course there are exceptions, there always are, but these, naturally, simply prove the rule. So, as a subject of study, watching these types is largely a redundant exercise as it’s all been seen before and only the most extreme and offensive examples are truly worthy of note.

There is however another segment that is becoming increasingly evident around Sydney that has, to date, been much more prominent in other nations of the Anglosphere, such as the United States. This is the phenomenon of the White Nigger or ‘Wigger’. These are, more often than not, from a similar socio economic demographic to the ‘White Trash’ or ‘Redneck Cowboy’ types driving work utilities and 4x4’s. You’ve all seen them. More whip aerials than a battle tank, Mack truck mudflaps, ‘Rum Pig’ graphics, running lights and driven by ‘yee har!’ boys with more teeth (not many) than brain cells.

But, and this is, in your humble narrator’s opinion, the most disturbing development, there is an increasing tendency among this peculiar tribe to have ‘doof doof’ muzak or ‘Hip Hop’ blasting out of their overdriven stereos. I cannot see it as anything but hugely ironic to observe many of these vehicles, their rear windows emblazoned with ‘Aussie Pride’ or ‘Southern Cross Stars’ logos, to also have ‘Support Australian Hip Hop’ stickers or other such Negroid paraphernalia such as slogans referring to ‘posses’ or ‘crews’. The most notable ones I have personally witnessed are the ones who have an Asian girlfriend in the passenger seat! Hilarious, I concede, on one level perhaps, but also quite perplexing and sad.

In the movie 'Gran Torino' Clint Eastwood's character Walt Kowalski sneers in disgust at a brown nosing 'White Nigger' kid who's just copped an arse whipping from a pack of 'groid yard apes who he's been sucking up to as his would be 'homies', Clint gives him the heads up on what an utter twat idiots like this 'Wigger' kid are.

He spits "Shut up, pussy. What is all this "bro" shit, anyway? Want to be Super Spade or something? These guys don't want to be your bro, and I don't blame 'em. Now get your au fait Paddy ass on down the road."

Perhaps if there were more solid parental role models like good old Walt here in God's own country then we wouldn't have this burgeoning problem with confused White wanna be porch monkeys with a Racial identity crisis forming 'posses' and 'crews' and pissin' their cultural inheritance down the toilet.

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Obadiah 1:18 said...

If only wiggers would dress up in ape costumes and bounce wildly about flinging their arms into the air, shrieking and grunting, they'd be a helluva lot less embarrassing to their race.

Excellent article.

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