Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Trouble with @ndy...

Way back on Thursday the 10th June 2004 a certain Mathew Lee Henderson aka 'Darp' posted on his ‘ ‘blog’ the comment “I’m not a violent man but I wanna kick the fuck out of Tim Bailey” and myself and other White Nationalists gave him heaps of criticism for his seemingly reckless attitude to violence...but…you know what? When I heard @ndy Flemming’s voice on the radio Sunday evening I must admit I had the quite impulsive, and instinctive, urge to resort to extreme physical violence.

I mean, let’s be honest here. @ndy simply oozed mega bourgeois, aloof, snotty nosed, spoilt brat vibes over the airwaves of the type that would raise the hackles of just the average fair dinkum Aussie, let alone a well read, reasonably articulate and motivated advocate for White resurgence such as my humble self.

There are many variations on the adage that one should trust one’s instincts or so-called ‘gut feelings’ when it comes to people and everything on the Old Victor Whitelaw radar was indicating well into the red zone. What this data was telling your humble narrator was, gentle reader, that this creature was a ‘wrong ‘un’. The old dip-shit-o-meter was bending the needle at full deflection folks. I shit you not.

I admit it is somewhat brutal, crass and unsophisticated to entertain these thoughts of violence and I am certainly not advocating or inciting others to act on these urges any more than I claim to be planning to engage in such an act myself...but, damn it, there is just something that goes off at a primal level when I encounter this level of wilful toxicity to natural justice, normalcy and Human decency.

I have tried, God knows how I have tried, to understand the twisted mindset and motivation of this creature but the sheer hateful perversity and destructive imperative seemingly ingrained into its persona is simultaneously abhorrent, exasperating and ultimately unfathomable.

I can no more ‘interface’ successfully with this thing than I can discuss the finer points of astrophysics with a cockroach.


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Shatter Shits a Kosher Stool on the Irish.