Monday, June 06, 2011

The Truth About @ndy, "Andy Fleming".

Possibly the most notable aspect of the Sunday 5th June 2011 edition of the nerdy little nebbish pencil necked Jewboy, John Safran’s show on ABC Radio’s 2JJJ was its distinct lack of intellectual rigour and ‘journalistic integrity’ when it came to dealing with its pseudonymous guest ‘Andy Fleming’.

If you were expecting a chocolate chip treat from this program you would have been sorely disappointed, this was boring vanilla at its deadly worst. The clearly homosexual ‘@ndy’ was permitted to lamely lisp away in his best bourgeois (I’ve been to college) Middle Class dialect and bleat, in a rather stilted P.C. Newspeak babble, all the tired old hackneyed claptrap about ‘KKK’ and ‘Combat 18’ like he was Tim Bailey being quizzed about the rainfall stats for autumn. My brain went into snooze mode after about three sentences. Praise the Lord for digital recording technology.

@ndy was merely introduced as ‘a ‘blogger and activist’ with no effort whatsoever being made to establish his credentials, expertise or indeed his authority to speak as a commentator on the subject at hand, the rather luridly labelled ‘White Supremacy’. The only ‘organisation’ as such that was quoted, presumably to underwrite his ‘background’ in the field, was the criminal gang of social degenerates, sexual perverts, stalkers and cyber bullies, ‘Fight Dem Back’. There was definitely no explanation or justification (could there possibly be one?) for ‘@ndy’s’ use of an alias on ‘our ABC’.

No challenge was made, no line of enquiry was pursued, to question the cynical and deliberate contrivance of vexatious and entirely unsubstantiated accusations against law abiding, tax paying citizens who should be entitled to expect, under the terms of the Australian Constitution as well as traditional English Common Law the right to freedom of expression and liberty of association with like minded individuals.

In fact the Islamist commentator who completed the triumvirate of twits hosting this chaotic ‘program’ along with Safran and the phoney tyke apostate ‘Father Bob’ even strained at his leash more than once to seemingly protest the apparent failure of White Nationalists to be summarily prosecuted by the Australian authorities under ‘Anti-Terrorism’ Laws! Oh yes indeedy, gentle readers, the ole ‘T’ word was trotted out by a card carrying Allah botherer no less. Talk about cheek.

To call Safran and Co’s efforts ‘amateurish’ would be to insult all those highly talented and passionate enthusiasts and researchers who put the time and energy into any given subject or pastime and dedicate many years to establish expertise and a wealth of useful knowledge for reference with no official recognition. If these twits are 'professionals' then they are 'professional' plonkers.

As far as this writer is concerned it’s a lose / lose situation for the ABC. They are either guilty of professional slackness bordering on criminal negligence in their vetting of an on air guest or, if they DID check out @ndy’s Curriculum Vitae, actual complicity in the perpetuation of political defamation of legitimate White Nationalist activists and dissemination of extreme Left Wing mendacity designed to demolish the Australian State.

Instead of focusing on the ‘T’ word in relation to so-called White ‘Supremacists’ why was the Islamist ‘commentator’ not quizzing @ndy about his Anarchist credentials and his affiliations (webmaster) with the FDB thugs who have committed a string of criminal actions in their campaign to intimidate Australian Racial Patriots?

Be assured of this, gentle readers, WLT will be pursuing this one with great vigour and intend to politically terminate our mortal enemies 'with extreme prejudice'.

It is our duty to put an end to the lies of the Left. In the spirit of the old saying 'When Injustice becomes Law Resistance becomes Duty' we cannot sit in silence while the Great Masters of the Lie spruik their bullshit over our Taxpayer funded airwaves.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

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Anonymous said...

have you guys got a recording of the show that shit-fiddler andy was on? you can upload it to or there's plenty of others. I am sure you would be doing a public service in letting many pro-white activists out there hear the shrill, faggot tones of @ndy's sickly voice, just incase he may stand within earshot of us in public by mistake ;)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Slippery Safran might like to discuss the virtues of 'Noachide Law' as it to the Goyim as forced converts to Judasism, on Air ? Would the ABC be interested. A panel of willing Goyishce participants could easily be assembled. On@ndy's participation is an imperative of course.

O@ndy could once again engage himself in a debate a little less contrived than at least one probalby two Jews discussing the destiny of the Goyische races.

On@ndy is a Zionist thinking globally but acting up locally.

The reason and purpose is detailed succinctly below. The Jew desires the destruction of races, peoples and ideas so that it may enforce NOACHIDE Law, yet so few elaborate on it. Noachide law implies that the Jews are your ONLY conduit to truth and God... The death penalty applies to those who attempt to operate or live outside this paradigm that worships the Jew as G_d's Kapo and enforcer of the Goyim.

An establishement Jew Max Dimont wrote in his book “The Indestructible Jews”, that the destiny of Western civilisation was “ The diasporisation on man into one world, and a synthesis of the Western, Slavic ans Sinic civilisations into one universal culture having the ethics of the Torah for its moral foundation and Jerusalem as its spiritual center.”

"Christian" Zionists fight for this, their own servitude

What are the ethics of the Talmud/Torah ? Licence and entitlement to Rule by the lie, steal and cheat the Noachide/Goyim of the fruits of his labors.

Such is the duplicitous nature of AntiFa Zionism, enunciated by the likes of Safran and On@ndy who seek a quiet euthanasia of all peoples, so that the ritually self abusive 'Destiny of the Jews' may be realised.

Both of those slippery and pious Zionist Wormtongues are liars whose only purpose is to deceive innocents to self destruction.

Anonymous said...

The truth ?????.....@ndy is a nihilist, a faker, a Kosher 'anarchist' leading the dumbest most gullible goyim of European or of any origin astray.

Is his/her message failing ? requiring a more shrill and strident public voice to reach a wider audience of dupes.

The evil of these predatorial perpetraitors is such that they feign to be eternal victims when they are in fact nothing of the sort.

The public school system as host to and "safe" environment for the children of others is a favourite haunt of theirs,particularly for the purposes of sexual and "holocaust" education.

What is required to circumvent this is that a parental consent form be required to be signed by parent/guardian before the "holocaust' is taught to the innocent desired to be assaulted. The purpose of "holocaust' education is clearly malevolent and designed the inguiltify innocents into accepting the victims status feigned by the predator. Consent forms would require and force parents peruse the "educational" content proffered by these propagandists.