Saturday, June 11, 2011

What's In A Word?

We believe our readers would be aware of the maxim that stereotypes are formed because, in the real world, stereotypes actually exist. Otherwise they would not be stereotypes, would they? But when one encounters Leftist loonies they are so self delusional in their quest to socially engineer the World in their own image that they cannot abide this self evident truth so, in true Leftist fashion, they must lie, both to others and to themselves. They must strive to convince all that these stereotypes are merely cruel and unjust constructs of hateful bigots to be utilised in underwriting their prejudices and perpetuating socio-cultural mythologies.

No matter that the Leftoids themselves have their own quite extensive armoury of shrill epithets to hurl at their political enemies. But then that’s the beauty of being a Leftist and obviously why so many arrogant, highly opinionated and self obsessed young people find a calling within the ranks of the Left. It gives them open licence to criticise all and everything while maintaining a position of privileged and unchallenged hypocrisy. Herein lies the fundamental essence of the difference between reality as it actually is and reality as one, and one’s ‘in group’, would prefer it to be or interpret it to be. Obviously the dedicated life long Leftist has found themselves locked in a state of arrested development so far as maturity of character and spirit is concerned. Advocates of the Nanny State to the core, they remain in the infantile/juvenile stage of demanding comfort and convenience over challenge and growth, predictability over venture and taxpayer funded welfare over struggle and self determination. This is why their creed can only ever deliver a tragically dystopic future of weakness and cultural entropy. Their ‘economics’ for example could be best symbolised by the Ancient Egyptian ‘ouroboros’ symbol, a snake devouring its own tail.

The ‘Climate Change’ brigade for example, sans any real hard or conclusive empirical evidence, nevertheless grind on inexorably in their campaign to drag us all back to the Stone Age. The entire ‘Climate Change’ movement has all the hallmarks of a Cult. Although primarily it is a political movement it has many aspects of a faith based religion. There are sceptics who are now heretics and infidels who must be persecuted and punished as ‘deniers’ just as any who have the temerity to question the actual facts and figures of the Jewish ‘Shoah’ are quite literally criminalised for asking questions or pointing out inconsistencies or outright falsehoods in the anointed version. There is a clear pattern, a well trod pathway, leading to the vilification of free thinkers and truth seekers that is every bit as evil as the cruellest indulgences of the Spanish Inquisition.

It is interesting that when one studies the etymology of the now trendy Left Wing term ‘Tolerance’ alternately defined as ‘Toleration’ and in particular the closely related synonym ‘Sufferance’ defined in one online dictionary as; ‘tolerance arising from failure to prohibit; tacit permission’. In another as; ‘Passive permission resulting from lack of interference; Tolerance, especially of something wrong or illegal capacity to endure pain, hardship, etc.; Endurance. Suffering. Misery. Patient endurance.’ that the true political intent behind this term becomes apparent.

Further, one discovers upon pursuing the word ‘Sufferance’ some rather revealing information, particularly in its related terms that crop up in various Thesauri. For example: Inconvenience, Misery, Pain, Submission, Suffering and Toleration, all of which are hardly positive or inspiring terms. It would appear the word ‘Tolerance’ has undergone a similar hijacking and subsequent gross distortion as the word ‘gay’. As George Orwell warned in his writings on the death of the English Language, the ‘lingua franca’ has become simply another weapon in the arsenal of the Nation wreckers and Culture Destroyers. Words are now reduced to sterile political instruments, cleansed of their traditional cultural meanings and utilised by the ruling elites and their useful idiots in the Intelligentsia to ruthlessly crush dissent.


veritas6464 said...

WT,... Author, Author, a well constructed tome and an excellent read.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Fine WordSmithery indeed Mr WhiteLaw.

How They that "live" use their wurds.

How quaint and queer as that folk that it is the "Jew" who is most likely to declare those its seeks to subdue as "mentally ill", should they deicide not to believe.

Its the only think they've got left, other than killin's, when they know public and open debate is guaranteed to reveal to the dupes their very nature as the existential manifestation of a Lie.