Wednesday, June 15, 2011

White Defense Day, the 15th of Every Month

I rather like this idea and I hope that it catches on. I may be a bit late for this month, but be sure we will remind you all in advance from here on in. Source

On the 15th of every month do something to defend white people. The idea is to get many people doing this. By acting together we can build an effective movement to stop the destruction of white culture and the oppression of white people. The idea is for everyone to do something, anything, no matter how small, at the same time. You can do whatever is suitable for your situation. Mass movements are made up of many people doing what they can. Most do not have the power to do a lot but these are the people who make up the backbone of a mass movement. Everyone should do what they can, even if it doesn't seem like much. Don't be discouraged and not do anything, because your contribution helps. A river is made up of many drops. Together they can create a raging torrent. Here are things you could do on the 15th. Talk to someone about anti-white racism. Pass out a flier. File a complaint at work. Contact an elected official. Educate yourself. Post something on a website. Help a white person. Send out e-mails. Refer people to websites. You could research the life of a prominent white person and share what you learned with someone else. If you like the idea of White Defense Day and you're involved with another organization spread the word. You don't even have to tie whatever you're doing to white advocacy or mention White Defense Day. Just talking about something or building up a white person has a positive effect for our cause. One of the biggest problems facing white people is that many whites don't know what's going on or the extent of it. Just giving people information, just giving them facts is important. White Defense Day is coordinated with Wear Something White day. So in addition to engaging in some action to defend white people you could also wear something white to create unity and show support for the cause of white people. The Philisophical Basis for White Defense Day White people are under attack around the world. Evil people want to destroy white culture, white countries and ultimately the white race. White people have been systematically dehumanized and demonized. Racists are using the schools teach the hatred of white people. White children are being taught to hate themselves and to worship non-whites. Racists in academia openly call for the extermination of the white race. Violence against whites is epidemic and is getting worse. Racists in the justice system treat non-whites who attack whites leniently. Racists in the media cover up crimes against whites and treat those who commit them as victims or heroes. White countries are flooded with non-white immigrants for the purpose of destroying white culture, destroying white power and displacing the indigenous white people. White people are discriminated against in every walk of life. Non-whites are given preferential treatment. Whites are expected to treat non-whites like royalty. Anti-white racism has not only become socially acceptable, it's encouraged and opposing it has become socially unacceptable. Whites who oppose their mistreatment are called racists and bigots. At the same time white hating bigots are lauded and honored. There is growing anger among white people about the non-stop attacks against them and their culture. They want to do something to defend themselves. Many whites are not sure what they can do. Many are still affected by anti-white brainwashing. Some are concerned about racist retaliation against them or their families. Whites are disorganized and fragmented. They've been isolated so that many whites feel they are alone. By being disorganized and isolated whites are not able to stand up for themselves as effectively. A war is being waged against white people. In warfare the concentration of force is an an important principle. If whites can be organized to act in large numbers at the same time they can be much more effective in defending themselves and promoting their interests. Whites must act together. I'm advocating that on a regular basis, one day every month, whites act together to defend themselves. I hope that a world wide movement can be built. The key is everyone acting at the same time. The racists are used to attacking individual whites and small groups to keep whites oppressed. If a white group is large enough there's nothing the racists can do to continue their racism. If they were organized whites would be too powerful. That's why the racists vehemently oppose any organizing or group activity by whites. They can't stop us. We just have to get organized and coordinated. All pro-whites acting on the same day is a way to do this. It will take time to build this up. The goal is a world wide movement of whites acting to defend themselves and their way of life. In the future, on certain months, we can coordinate activities to act against the same problem at the same time. For example, one month we could protest against Affirmative Action. Another month we could educate people about black on white violence. Act on the 15th of every month. Do something that is pro-white or opposes anti-white racism.


Ghost of Vinnitsa said...

How about a WOWS (Waste of White skin) award for those workmates and aquaintances who you know are wise to the truth but stubbornly refuse to do anything?

Sup said...

White defense day is a great idea and I think it will be effective, and worth while. I will be tellin all my mates about it and get as many people on board as possible. Already got the 15th of every month marked on my calendar. Haha cheers

Whitelaw Towers said...

Good on you. Please drop us a line and tell us how it goes.

White Australian. said...

After reading:
'White countries are flooded with non-white immigrants for the purpose of destroying white culture, destroying white power and displacing the indigenous white people' - I've become curious as to what exactly 'white countries' are?
'indigenous white people' are found throughout Europe but nowhere else in the world.
Anyone who can help me figure out these meanings would be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Paragraphs would be awesome! There I helped a white person :)

Anonymous said...

Appreciable effort in defending the peoples who created the world dominant culture and who have by the way the fines traits. I would suggest to make it into the mainstream by focusing on statistics which identify whites as the new minority in the US and reversing certain trends. Although it is a world trend that reversed around the 20th century leading to the decline of white population worldwide, I believe that the action should be threefold:
(i) form a movement for the equality of all populations and the defeat of racism: that will help poor countries stop population growth and immigration into our homes. We cannot stop them otherwise;
(ii) promote a culture which helps whites see in children their fortune, not a cost or a burden: there are just too few white people born;
(iii) help previous minorities adopt a more individualistic lifestyle (i.e. reversing the stereotype which sees such minorities with poor education and many kids).