Sunday, July 17, 2011

Alex Gollan ctd...

Some further information about young Alex along with some choice bits of his ‘work’…

One Nation Moron in Denial « Fuck Off We're Full Of Racists
“So, it seems now is a good time to remind you about what this blog is all about: Reminding racist fuckwits that they’re racist, and immortalising statements that they will most likely one day regret.”
Sounds a LOT like ‘Darp’ dontcha reckon folks? Almost makes us feel nostalgic. Gollan has been on our ‘files’ for several years now mainly due to his presence as a Facebook ‘friend’ of ‘Darp’ and his involvement in FDB but until recently it was not confirmed he was actually the ‘Anti Bogan’. Now that we know, let’s get to work. There’s a lot to be done folks.

Like his fellow UTS graduate Mathew Lee Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’, Gollan fancies himself as a hardcore militant political activist and campaigner dedicated to and ultimately, through ‘exposure’ or ‘making them famous’, destroying the lives of White Nationalists and Racial Patriots. He sees himself as a champion of the so-called ‘minorities’, illegal asylum seekers and other wasters while he defames, harasses, smears and taunts with impunity.

Well, gentle reader, let us see what happens, shall we, when the roles are reversed and the boot is on the other foot. Let us observe just how keen young Alex is when his anonymity is stripped away and the harsh glare of the ‘spotlight’ is turned on him. He might change his tune somewhat once it is clear to him that he no longer has the identity ‘firewall’ to underwrite his ‘bravery of being out of range’ attitude. This rooster should swiftly become a feather duster.

Perhaps, through scrutinising some of his, erm…extracurricular activities, the authorities might discover certain legal violations including cyber stalking, fraud, identity theft etc.

‘Australian Soldier Beats Local Citizens’ « Fuck Off We're Full Of Racists
“Remember this guy? Yeah, a while ago he had some pretty awful things to say about Muslims in a public forum. Something that we thought was against the law in this country. He even said the things he said using his real name, and a profile picture showing that he was a serving soldier…”
Wow! Imagine that. Using his OWN name! As far as being ‘against the law in this country’ goes, let’s see how young Alex goes defending some of the charges that are surely now coming his way.
Racists Can’t Spell « Putting the Spotlight on UnAustralians
“Oh dear Chelsea, we’d actually noticed the complete opposite. Usually people who publicly post their vile diatribes that insult entire communities of people are noticeably unintelligent, uneducated and consequently terrible at English.”

It's the usual, ‘I’ve got a degree and consequently you are not even qualified to mount an argument’ attitude we get from these arrogant little ‘educated’ ponces. Also, the comment about insulting 'entire communities' is a bit rich, don't you think?Particularly as he insults an 'entire community' of White Nationalists and classifies them all as retards simply because he disagrees with them.

: rgb(255 , 255 , 51);">A certain Alex Gollan, well it LOOKS like him, is also credited on the ABC Radio JJJ site with being an ‘Indie, Pop’ musician and has provided the soundtrack to a well dodgy looking Gay soft core porn movie called ‘The vicious and the delicious’ from 2008 which features lots of drag queens and lesbians.

The surname ‘Gollan’ is most likely a diminutive, or Anglicisation of the Jewish surname ‘Gollancz’ which originates from Poland and refers to the Polish town of Gołańcz. The Sephardic Jewish surname of ‘Golan’ as in ‘Golan Heights’ is also a possible source. Why are we not one little bit surprised? Either way, as a surname, it is scarcely a Smith, Murphy or Jones.

He got a pretty good run from one of his fellow tribesman ‘Asher Moses’ of the Sydney Morning Herald who had a hard on for him for a while:


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smash him like a crab

The Spearhead said...

oh professionals. god i hate them. i had a enough of them when i was at school. arrogant, pig headed, rude, selfish and ego driven. as the old song from pink flyd goes.....we don't need no education, not pc brainwashing any way.

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