Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alex snaps off a big one…

As the poo hits the big propeller…

Wow! Talk about choking a darkie…whoops!*…can’t say that…

Hey! Shhh! Do you hear that strange sound? It’s the sound of Alex Gollum…erm…Gollan’s arsehole snapping open and shut in abject terror. Oh boy! It sounds like poor little Alex is absolutely sweating bullets.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

This is the most fun your Old Uncle Victor has had since FDB’s David Heidelberg died.

We would be HONOURED to have this twit try his luck with us. There's nothing we love better than smashing Reds. We have a long and proud history of taking out the rubbish. We can only hope WE get served with a writ. After all, old weezil let us down after promising so hard...

BEFORE the proverbial shit hit the proverbial fan, five people held the keys to TheAntibogan. That is, they knew the username and the password, and thus had the ability to make posts.

Since the ensuing proverbial shit fight, we may have lost two admins, but now there are no less than 25 people who hold the username and password for this blog, and all are ready to post here. Not only that, but more are putting their hands up to take part. None are willing to allow discriminators to use violence, vandalism and intimidation to gain some kind of upper hand.

As mentioned below, there is no possible way to identify the sole author of any post, nor is there any point in doing so, as there are no posts on our site that have breached any laws.

So, let’s summarise. Alex and his chums can do and have done no wrong at all and it is only the evil, wicked, nasty ‘Racists’ whom they have tormented to the point of retaliation that can be blamed for all that has and will occur.

Okaaay. We think we’ve got the gist. It’s pretty much just the standard Lefty tactic of blame the victim.

The irony has never been stronger –

We agree

that those who bleat about freedom of speech are the first to complain when their PUBLIC comments are RE-PUBLISHED. Surely this is the ultimate expression of freedom of speech – the ability to reach a new audience after making public comments without care about who sees them. And that when people try to live their lives and engage with their political pursuits with anonymity and a desire to protect the reputation of their workplaces that they are exposed with little or no justification, threatened, receive death threats and experience property damage.

It’s time for some people to start taking responsibility for their actions. If you don’t want to show up at this website – don’t make publicly racist comments. And if you think that it is your God-given right to express your freedom of speech, don’t think for a minute that you can impinge on the rights, safety or privacy of those who have sought that very privacy while expressing theirs.

There’s that old ‘projection’ again delivered with characteristic chutzpah. Accusing others of the very things you are doing yourself. I'll steal your wallet and yell "Stop thief!" or I'll strike you and then cry out in pain.

To those who have taken aim at our friends – you are endowed with whimsy, but also psychotic, delusional and obsessive disorders. And what hope do you have of identifying any of the 25 people who now have access to this blog? What hope do you have when more people are given access? The same hope you had of identifying those behind our website for the past one and a half years.

If you want to take all of your frustration out on some scapegoats, do so at your peril:

defame diˈfām
verb [ trans. ]
damage the good reputation of (someone); slander or libel :

While you’re digesting that definition, realise this – a person who has publicly made a comment such as ‘Let’s round up all the ugly, stinky, terrorist Pakis and drop them in the middle of the ocean so we can break a Guinness Book of Records record for the world’s biggest bowl of coco pops’, has defamed themself. They have made a comment, wittingly, with a public audience, with their name attached.

Now, when you find a completely legitimate (ie. not unlawful) political website, with views and methods that you disagree with, and you make a decision to publicly out people whom you believe to be the authors, along with their private details and information that they, by virtue of keeping privacy restrictions on, without their permission – and you make denigrating comments and violence inciting suggestions about them – you have engaged in defamation.

But, erm Alex, isn’t that pretty much YOUR stock in trade?

vilify ˈviləˌfī
verb ( -fies, -fied) [ trans. ]
speak or write about in an abusively disparaging manner :

You will note that the Miranda Devines, Piers Ackermans and Andrew Bolts of this world have no issue whatsoever doing this, and we stand by our decision to criticise those with discriminatory views on our blog. Shane Warne and Corey Worthington have been heavily criticised in the media for their actions, and if you saw a public nuisance screaming verbal abuse on Flinders Street Station, you would most likely criticise him in public. The Herald Sun’s online publication is rife with hateful comments written by people who have no qualms expressing them using their full names. But when you choose to vilify people who have not allowed access to any knowledge about themselves, without reason, evidence, justification, proof, or reasonable indication of unlawful action, you have engaged in illegal vilification. When you base all of your accusations and hatred on two or three people over an article or an entire website that might have been written by the Queen, or seven Galapagos Tortoises, or Wilson Tuckey, then you have given weight to the argument that you are ignorant and completely fucking stupid. You credit the ranks of people who hold onto hateful opinions that are unsupported by facts or evidence.

What the FARK was all that about? We slipped into snooze mode after he said “You will note…” and woke up again with ‘facts or evidence’ both of which are commodities that are distinctly lacking on the AntiBogan site.

To those who want to share the images seen on this website with authorities, go right ahead.


We’ve already shared them with lawyers, officers from local command, officers from the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Defense Force.

Sure you have Alex. Sure you have… and just for your information, since you’re teaching the kiddies how to read and write and stuff, WE here in Australia, spell Defence with a ‘C’.

To those who want to gang up on one or two scapegoats without justification, a giant FUCK YOU for messing with people we call friends and allies. Continue in your misguided way and you will face the consequences in due time – NOT at the hands of any of us, or any decent-minded civilian, but from those who are entrusted with the power of enforcing the law. You cannot know the extent of the information and evidence already weighted against you.

So speaks Doctor Evil, supreme ruler of the Universe!

Thinking about breaching racial hatred or anti-discrimination laws in the public forum? Think again.

This is all so much like déjà vu, all over again, as they say. Did your Old Uncle Victor miss something here? Did they go ahead and clone Darp without our knowledge? To be perfectly honest folks, and seriously, what else can a genuine White Man be, but this all reads like some hyperventilated panicked stream of consciousness from one VERY frightened bunny.

All this waffle EXPLAINING himself and then switching to fits of rage spitting threats and then back again to a defensive position and more explaining and then quoting half arsed legalese claptrap.

Just who is he trying to convince?

Your Old Uncle Victor, for one, is as unconvinced as he is unimpressed.

Go hard or go home Alex boy. So far you just sound like a bag of hot air.

As his old mate Darpie would say…GAME ON!


Spitoon said...

Whupped 'em again Josie. Whupped 'em again...

veritas6464 said...

Hey WLT,...Off topic: Coooeeee! I just watched "Secret a Mossad Front in Australia" at your jootube channel - Faaark, I did exactly the same thing at a Mall near me, the day of the Flotilla hijacking. Long story short: Haa, there was this older cat, 30ish obviously the boss, I had given it to him first and then I came back for more,(old lady shopping) this younger dude, 19ish, swarthy, tall cunt, tries to get in my face, well, I offered the yiddish cunt outside and the older one tries but doesn't really to hold him back, he's sort of chesting up to me until I push him away, I said you two sayanim mossad cunts want to have ago, fine my mate'll be here in a minute and we'll shut this fucking shit down, you'll be fetching the oily sand grit from out of your ears; it's all stolen from occupied territory anyway, well, they become as coy as an arrogant yid can be. I was all alone I didn't give a fuck I hate the cunts, no stranger to an arse kicking contest; then this fat yid bitch comes up pretending she wants to buy something and all of a sudden she's crying fowl, a crowd gathers and the Mall cops turn up and start shoving me around without asking any questions. Ah well, I fuck off yelling that these yids are the ones that murdered the flotilla aid workers etc. I have a laugh about it at my Pub with a couple of mates later.

The day after that shit went down a 'mate' called the Mall centre-management and screamed and ranted about israhelli murderers and that the cunts at the seacret stall were fucking dead meat and if they showed up to sell their stolen shit there'd be bloodshed, haaargh, "what larks Copperfield, what larks" - anyway a mate whose missus works there told me the seacret yids never showed up for work and a couple of fat soft-cock Mall cops were hanging around their stall all day! Cooooeee!

By the way that arse rag with the joo-onion jack in the corner is not our flag, the Battle Standard of the Eureka Stockade is...IMHO