Friday, July 15, 2011

Bob Brown’s Glass Jaw

'Crazy eyes' Senator Bob Brown gives his best 'death stare' upon hearing those evil wicked 'shock jocks' having a joke about the Greens, their puerility and their insane policies of socio-economic vandalism.

The Left are certainly maintaining their reputation as ‘Hypocrisy Inc’ with Bob Brown’s latest hissy fit over ‘Right Wing Shock Jocks’ taking the piss out of him and his pea brained fellow Senators in satirical comedy skits. WLT gives Bob a big ‘Aww! Poor diddums’ award.

It would appear the poor widdle luvvies at the Greens, who can dish it out but can't take it, don’t appreciate the whole political lampooning thang, dontchaknow, when it’s their bum chums who are the targets of mirth and mockery. What do we say? UN lucky!

It’s all fine and okay, apparently, for the likes of Left Wing loonies like ‘The Chaser’ to mercilessly extract the urine from Conservative politicians and The Greens and Labor Party supporters just wank off in ecstasy to it like it’s porno for perverts but when anyone has the temerity to disagree with their brain dead bullshit and laugh at them then it’s time for a judicial enquiry or a Royal Commission into ‘biased’ and ‘corrupt’ behaviour by the media. Oh please! Mercy! My sides!

And please forgive us for our cynicism but Bob Brown accusing ANYONE of ‘grubbiness’ or ‘in the gutter’ behaviour is a bit rich coming from an openly proud and arrogant Sodomite like him. Apparently inserting your penis into another man’s rectum is morally acceptable and okay but telling the TRUTH is ‘grubby’!?!?!?!!! What?

As he said himself as he smirked at journalists who wouldn’t ‘get with the program’ while he droned his latest ideological diatribe…

“Don’t be so defensive”, “don’t be tetchy” or “don’t be so unhappy?”

Old Uncle Victor's advice?

Harden the fuck up, you soppy old poof! Or get out of Canberra and go back to kayaking the Franklin River and hopefully get bitten or stung by something nasty that 'Mother Gaia' and her rainforests specialise in. Now that'd be a 'getting in touch with nature' we'd advocate!

David Oldfield of Radio 2UE has made a few funny comments recently regarding Bob Brown and The Greens. Among my favourites are 'if you WERE in the gutter you'd see Bob Brown looking up at you' and 'Bob Brown has crazy eyes'.

Gotta love it...


formerly dynamic IP said...

Creating noachide nations. The greens have shit for brains and most of it kosher. As feminised faux males and barren females, they seek not what is right and good, but what elicits the approval and flattery of the prevailing authority of the time.

Brown does not appear to like 'Zionism'... Brown is ignorant or complicit in that he fails or is silent on the factual reality that zionism demands the destruction of all goyische nations and peoples. The very 'genocides' that he would wail about.

Zionism is global goveranance and the manufacture of a bi-polarity, Jew and Goyim. It is clearly spelled out for him in the judaic literature, if brown could be bothered reading it. The sannehdrin is to be based in jeru Salem.

Green agendas form a part of the useful idocy and their constituents, edjumacated idiots and lettered fools, which will facilitate the most disgusting murderous totalitarianism ther world has ever seen.

Christian Zionists are equally complicit in creating their own servitude or, at best, securing fo' demselves positions of authority and import as camp Kapos and judas'.

Its all a Puke.

The Spearhead said...

Let us not forget that in the 1970s, the ideologues of the Greens movement openly called for the killing of unborn babies and even said that baies were not human. I am not anti-choice but the idea of mass killing of both babies and unborn babies is just wrong.

veritas6464 said...

Hey WLT,...Excellent Posts, funny as, that fucking fool commo bob is a shill for the joo World Order. gillard's satanic name is "bestia", these fucking freaks are the very minions of the synagogue we are warned about in the ancient scriptures and I don't mean the kjv of the Bible, king james had a favourite lover - who doesn't? However kingy's favourite fuck was a fourteen year old boy!
If you have a KJV it is satanic arse-paper - burn it!