Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bolshevik Babylon

The notorious Anglophobe, petulant, vituperative egoist, choleric gobshite and, prior to Julia Gillard’s minority Red/Green coalition Government, Australia’s most unpopular Prime Minister, Paul Keating, once infamously referred to the Senate as ‘unrepresentative swill’. Perhaps he might have been ‘projecting’ when he coined this phrase.;query=Id%3A%22chamber%2Fhansardr%2F1992-11-04%2F0030%22

Despite the rather dubious origins of the term it is difficult to conceive of a more accurate and succinct label to describe the current Labor/Greens Government. Their destructive immorality and perversity aside they are also quite technically ‘unrepresentative’ in that they possess no mandate whatsoever for their harebrained schemes and scams of which the so-called ‘Carbon Tax’ is only one, having comprehensively lied about their intentions during the Federal election campaign.

While on the surface the Left Wing in Australia is increasingly adopting the humourless façade of authoritarian, Communistic, dour, Orwellian ‘banal face of evil’ appearance, behind the scenes it is and has been for some time a virtual bacchanalian orgy of Sodom and Gomorrah proportions and shameless indulgence that would put the decadence of the Fall of Rome to shame.

Terms like sordid and tawdry, while being quite accurate, are simply inadequate in conveying the sheer degree of perverse criminality, entrenched corruption, hypocrisy and pure evil inherent in the Australian Labor Party machine, particularly in NSW where there is a long and time honoured tradition of these Kleptocratic clods raping and pillaging the public purse for every shekel.

The Loony Left who are running the show we've got 'Barren Julia', Queer Bob', 'Dyke Penny' and the list goes on. The Australian Labor Party alone is a haven for deviants of all varieties.

The ‘Underbelly’ television crime series scriptwriters should stop piss farting about with petty Lebo thugs and Mafiosi and concentrate on the REALLY sick crims, the Australian Labor Party. Seriously, you could not make some of this shit up!

Who, for example, in their wildest dreams, say twenty years ago, could have imagined we’d have a Labor Party hack and convicted (he served three years in gaol) Heroin trafficker like the preposterously double barrelled Michael Coutts-Trotter (‘partner’ of militant Feminist and ‘Minister for ‘Social Inclusion’ -we shit you not- Tanya Plibersek) appointed as the Head of Education NSW?

The Labor Party has recently (belatedly) announced it will vet new candidates more rigorously and scrutinise their backgrounds more closely for things like ‘criminal connections’ or ‘character flaws’ etc. The cynic would suggest this disqualifies virtually everyone there now and the vast majority of likely aspirants. And does the gentle reader believe for one nanosecond that these changes would have ever been suggested, let alone implemented, if Labor had retained NSW at the last State election?

They are only doing this now, motivated by extreme desperation and embarrassment, after the fact because they GOT CAUGHT! Like the cynical old saying goes, ‘it’s only a crime if you get caught’ and they would have not given a flying fuck if the whole mess has staggered on for decades provided they had a never ending supply of stooges to fill the portfolios vacated by each shamed and dismissed minister. You see, this sickness goes deep, to the very marrow, of the Labor beast.

The real ‘Labour’ Men, the old school Workers who formed the backbone of the Party decades ago have all been weeded out. For every Tradesman or manual, hands on worker who somehow scrapes through to within sight of the hierarchy there a hundred University graduates with zero life skills or understanding of Working Class people. These creatures specialise in things like Law, Economics, Social Studies, Human Rights, etc. Where are all the Bricklayers, Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters, Mechanics, Rail and Transport Workers?

The Australian Labor Party has been deserted by its core constituency because it is now blatantly apparent they are now merely an intellectually elitist bunch of Social Engineering Bourgeois Communists utterly unconcerned with the real grass roots people who have sweated and toiled to allow them to get where they are. They have betrayed everything they once claimed to stand for.

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