Monday, July 25, 2011

A Cocky Braggard's Boast? Or...

Veritas said: “In 1327 my paternal Grandfather was murdered by fire as a result of the evil tribe of usurers conspiring with the cowardly villain king philip of France.”

While Old Uncle Victor appreciates your comments that are often both enlightening and thought provoking and seeks no quarrel with you, he does find some of your claims to be a little difficult to accept purely on face value.

Unless your ‘paternal grandfather’ was Methuselah I fail to see how, you, Veritas, living today in 2011, could possibly be the grandson of a man murdered in 1327. Sorry. I am trying to work with you here but you are making it somewhat difficult.

Also, as one who has conducted Family History research himself and is painfully aware of the incredibly time consuming and expensive work it entails to draw out one’s family tree with true, validated genealogical documentation (Birth, Baptismal, Marriage and Death Certificates) and reliable official records (Census Reports, Educational Certificates, Land Titles, Passports etc) I struggle to accept your word, again on face value, that you can trace your familial lineage, unbroken and documented, straight back to a specific ancestor in the Fourteenth Century. I am not directly challenging your veracity. I am simply gobsmacked by such an amazing achievement and would be very interested on how it might be achieved.


veritas6464 said...

Uncle Vanya,...When your families' history is a matter of daily business it is not hard to find old documentation. My Order is what I do for a living! I find it no big deal, I mentioned it as a matter of interest.
My brother's and uncles and I have spent a LOT of time and money confirming our history, however; "a cocky braggard's boast" is a snide remark too far. I will leave you and your grubby business to you and your "white men" or is that white trash? Or...Not a wonder the yids and their unwashed shabbat goyim over at the red shed are trouncing our culture - you and your romper stomper mates are petty and absorbed with trivial head-banging.


Whitelaw Towers said...

"I will leave you and your grubby business to you and your "white men" or is that white trash?"

Now do you see why we warned about internicine wars?

A skin so thin, be it White or otherwise, is of no real consequence, let alone protection, at all.

Good luck with struggling through life while swaddled in the cotton wool of assumed nobility and carrying the heavy burden of a monumental ego.

veritas6464 said...

WLT,..How is so hard to accept my place on this yiddish satanic shit-ball, when opinion and projection are your very justification for blogging? I did not entreat or create any internecine rivalry, it's you; you are smug in your cosy one trick pony pigeon-hole.

No-one gives a fig about the colour of our skin anymore - I am as proud as you of my race and its achievements as you are. Also, the yids have been in control of the "white supremacist" crew since its inception.

Which makes me wonder why you are so belligerent toward me, having only showed admiration and praise for your work. It is very suspicious that you act like a yid for no reason.

My legitimacy or not - you were snide, and if that is the cut of your cloth; I'll bow out...I cannot abide gratuitous sneering.

Have you googled the Tudor green, white and red flag yet?

Nevermind, my disappointment is affecting my ability to write lucidly.

Happy trails...