Thursday, July 28, 2011

Darrin’s Bobby Dazzler Proctoscope reveals…

Apparently, at least according to the eminent geniuses (genii?) of the APP (Australian Proctologists Party), the Norwegian killer was inspired by George Lincoln Rockwell, and was most probably a closet Islamist. Devilishly clever, these Nazis. Go figure…But really it’s no surprise at all though coming from the dweebs who are still waiting, like flabby Forty year old virgins, for their first original thought. Everything that they don’t like or that they see as being counterproductive to their extremely exclusive agenda of blaming Muslims for EVERYTHING must be a NAZI plot!!! Yep. The nasty Nazis did it. We are just amazed that Hitler failed to make an appearance in the thesis.

They will desperately duck, weave, turn, jump, dodge and contort in a political game of Twister doing everything within their puny means to avoid, at all costs, naming the true villains. If it wasn’t so tragic it would be hilarious. Gotta admit it though folks, them’s some seriously intense mental gymnastics and quite impressive historical/political extrapolations. Just an inconvenient question though Dazzles, what sort of National Socialist, Neo-Nazi, ‘Nutzi’ or whatever produces some 1500 page, presumably turgid treatise about a Christian European war on Islam and apparently never once mentions the ‘J’ word?

He does however mention Winston Churchill (as a hero) and this writer has never encountered a genuine White Nationalist who thought Churchill was anything other than a Brandy soused, cigar chomping, bedwetting, wanna be gangster, War Criminal and TRAITOR to the White Race. His flabby and sorry arse was bought, paid for and owned 100 percent by the Jews. This alone proves the dickwad was a phoney.

And how’s this for a showing out on parade moment? Are we perhaps witnessing the first glimpses of honesty from the APP fucktards? One wonders though whether this is motivated by fatigue from being worn down by their critics or sheer bravado and recklessness. Either way it’s clear confirmation of their position on the political spectrum, somewhere just below the boot heels of the Israeli ‘Born to Kill’ murderers, obsequious and obedient and extending their slobbering tongues to lick off the dog shit and foetal blood in abject worship of the Chosenites.

Sick fuckers!
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“I am a Zionist in so much as I wish Israel well I hope they get some peace and quiet and if they kill a lot of Muslims trying I wish them well with that too. Im (sic) clearly an anti-marxist (sic) too so i (sic) dont (sic) see them as mutually exclusive!”

The choice is yours readers.

There can be only two options.

Either they are that stupid or they are that evil.

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