Saturday, July 30, 2011

Follow the yellow brick road back to the Wizard...

You know, gentle reader, it is a something more than just a hackneyed old phrase or overused 'truism' that the truth will always, eventually, come out. Just start Googling some key phrases contained within the Norwegian Massacre story and it soon becomes apparent this event did not spontaneously happen in isolation to the socio-political environment within which it occurred.

There is always a back story to these things that gives the lie to the simplified, paint by numbers headlines and puerile slogans of the Controlled Media and this Norwegian thing, as one digs deeper, reveals a very complex plot of lengthy history and a cast of many 'interested parties'.

Of course, by this very act of suggesting there is more to this tale than the superficial Mainstream (Lamestream) line and/or the official Government version, one is immediately tagged as a 'Conspiracy Theory' nutter or even perhaps an apologist for the atrocity. The Lemmings' reaction to questioning the anointed version of reality can truly be that severe.
Over the past few years, the ruling Norwegian Labour party has been taking an increasingly vocal stand against Israeli aggression against Palestinians. For example, as far back as 2006 the then Norwegian finance minister was backing a planned consumer boycott of Israeli goods. Which provoked Condi Rice to threaten Norway with “serious political consequences”.

One has to wonder if the cryptic threat of "Serious Political consequences" has not in fact manifested itself in the form of this 'Terrorist' act and thereby 'taught Norway a lesson' about what happens when you challege the Zionist Cabal.

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The Spearhead said...

One wonders if Norway will now adopt Port Arthur style gyn laws.