Saturday, July 09, 2011

GetUp! can go and get FUCKED!

The smarmy, self assured and caramel coloured mug of Simon Sheikh, chief spokesman for GetUp!

Let’s peel back a septic layer or two, gentle reader, from the rotten, stinking ‘onion’ that is the echelon based structure of Global Political Control these days. The old adage that nothing is as it seems in politics has never been as true as it is today. The violent drug abusing thugs, and that’s only the Police Force. The sexual perverts and predatory child molesters, and that’s only the Judiciary and career criminal Parliamentarians. The voyeuristic contract murderers, and that’s only our ‘Security’ services. The list goes on. Today though, we’ll deal with a group that has been prominent in the ‘News’ of late.

The core membership of ‘GetUp!’ is comprised of your typical, clichéd card carrying members of the Ché Guevara Tee Shirt Owners Club. But the layer goes deeper than that. The top veneer would be extreme Left Wing Labor Party members, Greens Party members and/or supporters, Communists, International Socialists, Unionists, militant Queer activists as well as the usual raggedy army of unemployable filth like ‘Resistance’ style Trotskyists, Anarchists, Punks, drug abusers, welfare bums, petty criminals and assorted parasites that make up their ‘shock troops’ for the street demos.

Exploiting the overlapping/interlocking nature of the online social network groups the co-founders of which are two well connected scholarship recipients (read: System Groomed and Owned) and Harvard Law School graduates, the Jew Jeremy Heimans and David Madden. These two ‘Australians’, like their fellow traveller Julian Assange are Kosher כַּשְׁרוּת© approved Zionist assets. Unlike Assange though, these two oily ‘operators’ slipped back out of the limelight pretty swiftly after the group’s 2005 inception and are happy to let puppets like Simon Sheikh be their ‘public face’ stooge.

'GetUp!' is yet another Global Zionist Movement conceived ‘control the opposition’ (by BEING the opposition) initiative intended to entrap potentially ‘troublesome’ elements (read: any people who might be genuinely interested in Human Rights and Social Justice issues) and steer them into political cul de sacs where their energy will be dissipated like a heat sink. The benign looking shopfront of Humanist, egalitarian, kumbaya activities attracts the gullible do-gooders, the earnest brow furrowing ‘conscientious’ equality for all types, the guilt ridden Whites and neutralises any real influence they might have on stuff that really matters by redirecting them where the remote Mossad handlers want them to go.

The ultimate irony is to see the doe eyed bleeding hearts with their Pro Palestinian slogans utterly convinced they’re ‘making a difference’ while all along they are being manipulated like Sayanim puppets into pulling stunts that make the Israelis look good by comparison.

Humans have been equipped by Nature with some very reliable senses and skills of perception. We can usually recognise danger with a quick glance and a lightning fast assessment, swifter than any computer, of what we are confronted with and, although this does not sit comfortably with the handwringers of the Cultural Marxist set, we mostly evaluate people by first impressions and surface appearance. A nanosecond glance will take in general physiognomy, facial expression, body stance etc which can instantaneously relay vital clues as to how to approach or avoid this person or type.

This is basic jungle survival stuff and erring on the side of caution by quickly sorting the wheat from the chaff, the dangerous from the benign, the poisonous from the nutritious has served us well as Humans for millennia. Once one has developed one’s survival matrix with maturity and experience it is not necessary to vainly waste your time and energy closely examining every new example of already identified noxious elements for any elusive signs of merit or worth. One does not have to meet, greet and get to know every Brown Snake, for example, to understand that they are all highly dangerous as a species.

One look at the leadership and the inner clique of ‘GetUp!’ by a normal, well adjusted White person rings alarms bells, elicits feelings of revulsion and will reveal a motley crew of misfits for whom a hard day’s work followed by a beer and a good steak would probably put them into toxic shock and a reality induced coma. It’s all bad haircuts, anaemic coffee lounge complexions(excepting their caramel coloured lead spokesman) insipid liberal newspeak, lisping, limp wristed Uni types with Buddy Holly glasses and keffiyeh scarves. They would, if one were foolish enough to get close, doubtlessly reek of café latte, marijuana smoke and body odour.

Like the Criminal Gangsters of ‘Fight Dem Back’ their gutless tactics are classic textbook Lefty modus operandi. When people disagree with you first resort to ad hominem attacks and lampoon them as fools. When that fails, intimidate them by proxy by inciting other more ‘excitable’ and brutal types (usually their own ‘useful idiots’ of the more thuggish Arabic or Pacific Islander persuasion) to initially verbally attack them with threats or even resort to actual physical violence. Augment this approach with ‘dirt files’ sent to employers, landlords and any mainstream organisation they might belong to. It is a multi pronged assault combining ‘name and shame’ (we’ll make you famous) tactics by publicising their victim’s politically incorrect views while also often alerting authorities such as Police or Security agencies with bogus and vexatious claims.

Since many of these Lefties are University students who tend to favour subjects such as Law or Journalism they use any contacts they might have within those fraternities to pressure their targets. Leftists comprise almost the entirety of Social Welfare bureaucrats and officers so they also heavily utilise the advantage of tracking and cyber stalking their targets by illegally accessing their files which are nowadays all linked through the Government data bases. Once they obtain one or more crucial items such as a Tax File number, Medicare number etc these all link to RTA and Police files etc.

Every year, despite the well known risks of heavy penalties, the Social Security Department dismisses hundreds of staff for illegally accessing files and stealing information. This is well documented. The link below leads to a 2006 article which coincidentally, or perhaps not, is around the time, or just following, that FDB were making their most intense progress in ‘outing’ their political enemies, covertly attempting blackmail on certain individuals, and overtly publishing many personal details on others.

Where ‘GetUp!’ differ quite fundamentally from FDB is that rather than be held back by the rampant individual egoism of repellent freaks like Mathew Lee Henderson aka ‘Darp’, they truly are an electronic ant farm of loonies expanding exponentially and very fast via E–Mail groups and endlessly linked online contact hubs. By eschewing the bitchy blogger snobbery and individual self promotion of FDB and casting their net wide they will draw in a wider spectrum of people and not just hateful Leftist weirdos.

Also, where ‘GetUp’ are potentially a far greater threat than FDB is in their broad appeal via more trendy causes and they have (apparently) latched onto a real winner with the Global Warming/Climate Change mega scam. Nothing appeals more to the arrogance of youthful minds high on the intoxication of idealism than ‘saving the World’. In the advertising industry the sales gurus would think they’d died and gone to Heaven with such a magnificent ‘product’ to sell and such a large, hugely receptive ‘consumer’ group to target.


veritas6464 said...

White-Ts,..."Keep it civil!": You know,...I was just about to unload on this cunt, however, I will not lose it, as I did when I saw this smarmy cock-breath on talmudvision, earlier today; arrogantly being the glaring fucking curry-munching hypocrite it thinks is its caste privilege, as it smugly sneered. Has anyone checked this fuckers sabbatean status, could this fucking cha-wallah be a crytpo yid? You know prior to yids-ra-hell being bullied into existence, Sri Lanka had the largest population of yids outside kiev.
Peanut farmers, yep, this fuck-wad looks like a slave-labour peanut farmer's snot-nosed yid spog.

Anyhoo, I'm glad I was able to control my demeanor and present a rational and well-mannered comment.

Yours truly,


P.S. Can't wait to see that fat fucking lezzo commo cunt shillhard's shit-eating grin as she announces the success she's had BUYING all the "independents" so that we can get fucked over and send a couple of billion to the IMF! For "Green Loans" to the starving masses and their fat fucking bully dictators in Africa!

I NEED a beer,



P.S. I grew up in country called Australia, we had creeks and tad-poles and rope-swings and no lezzos and no sodomites and a future of self-sufficiency, that we were promised was OURS if we worked hard and kept our noses clean! Fucking conned!

WLT NSW said...

You certainly said a mouthful there 'Veritas' and there is quite possibly something to what you say about the genealogy of the smirking 'Sheik'. We will, as they say in the classics, look into it, and we invite any others to provide info they might have so we can do a full feature on him and his handlers. We actually thought he had the right looks for something like 'The Chaser'. He would fit in perfectly with those smugly grinning Uni grad goons as they lampoon everything that's normal.

Anonymous said...

He's had enough of eating the SHIT Sandwich that's been peddled by Many Waksy Jews and lookalike snake oil sulemans at the BnaiBrith as a something else.

Anonymous said...

Far too often these stoopid white get it up ya types are young and dum and full of cum. Like FDB its typically up their bum....... I know its a puke and there'll be sum of us who think that this has somehow reduced the quality of WorkingMan WhiteLaw's blog. However, taking the piss out of the queer and the perverse is a time honoured mechanism to bolster and reinforce the masculine and the natural in the military of the European.
The don't ask, don't tell policy of the military was part of this. Kinks were respected for their work only. Proseletysing has never been welcome for its unsettling and distractive results. Hence the jews advocacy of it as a method of rendering our military ineffectual.

Besides, what happens if ones queer lover is shot in the arse by the enemy. Rage, insane lover's jealousy and possible collaboration with the shooter by the recipient may ensue.

Peanut farmers indeed Veritas... Surely most Goysiche believers cultivated and farmed by Get Up in this Shit of the Jew are best characterised as peanuts.