Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm Making Monsters For My Friends

Let's have a bit of fun, eh?

Monster Magnet are an absolutely EXCELLENT Rock band and one of your Old Uncle Victor's all time favourites. Their lyrics are hard hitting, poetic, a bit rude (Hey! It's Rock 'N' Roll) and often quite cryptic. That's why he likes 'em. He can usually find at least one verse that will pretty much put a current situation into a nutshell.

Well you get the idea I hope. The words are not to be taken literally, only to convey a general sentiment about a given situation. Of course, our enemies will doubtlessly latch onto certain words or phrases and twist them for their own agendas and purposes but that is as unavoidable as it is expected.


Well, here's a couple of examples to be going on with. The first is for a good friend of mine who's in need of some... erm moral guidance...

"I ain't the creator and I ain't Satan
I come from another place
Trust with me your fingers baby
There's eternity on my face
This World ain't big enough for your questions
I deal with the stars now just to get you right
It's time you suck the cock of the Fire God
You'll swim in the sweat of a million orgies
You'll live in the fire of the sweetest Hell
And bear your soul to the rays of a mortal Sun
And give your lips to the kiss of the scorpion"

As I said, cryptic enough to blur the message so only the intended recipient will fully understand it. Take care and make the right choices, eh? The next is for the unreconstructed Stalinist Tin Pot Dictator. They know who they are and we know they read this blog...

"How did I get here without you?
It's a miracle we're all sane
We're kinda like sucked in a vacuum
Of booking a flight on a doomed plane
Well you claimed you could read the future
And I'd say that you've nailed that down

You still want everyone to love you
Well here's a tip of my hat to you, big brain
Do you really believe they can't see through
a circus punk playing a foul game

Let me cast you a light, one that's natural
And with me you can strike that pose, yeah
And you melt for the camera
'cause your lies become you
Yes, your lies become you
Yes, your lies become you after all

How am I living without you?
I'm not even sure now that I'm sane
But this little dog's got enough sense
To know not to sleep in the cold rain
Yeah, yeah, yeah

How are you doing without me?
I'm sure you've found some new game
I never wanted to miss you
But then I never thought I could dig pain

Hope it's warmer for you princess
In fact I hope it's hot as Hell, yeah
And you get what you asked for
'cause your lies become you
Yes, your lies become you
Yes, your lies become you after all"

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