Friday, July 01, 2011

Nathan and Einstein…

From the digital sheltered workshop for terminally infatuated Judeophiles, Zionist Christian loons, sad dweebs and misfits, the so-called ‘Australian Protectionist party’, we bring you the online ‘signature’ tags of one ‘Nathan’. Nice Jewish name that, Nat.

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"Guns dont (sic) kill people, people kill people"

Hitler was a socialist. Tells you something about the socialist governments of the world doesn't it?

“The world is a dangerous place to live in; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
- Albert Einstein, refugee from Nazi Germany.

This legend in his own bathwater and self described ‘hero’ (*snigger*) who has all the wit and charm of a mollusc (Don’t believe me? Just read his posts.) is such a drooling and slobbering sycophant to the Synagogue of Satan (© J. Christ) that he even has a quote from the outrageously overrated scientific fraud and notorious plagiarist Einstein who was every bit a P.R. ‘product’ as Justin Bieber. To call these retarded A.P.P. buffoons on their self evident stupidity is like shooting fish in a barrel but it is simply too hard to resist when faced with such blatant examples of absolutely hilarious ignorance.

Ever since Mathew Lee Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ withdrew into the shadows to be just another Leftist lurker in the dark the mantle of ‘Evil Clown’ appears to have been assumed by Darrin ‘Pencil Neck’ Hodges, with some of his band of fellow travellers ready to challenge for the crown.

‘Hitler was a socialist’… Erm no…actually… he was a NATIONAL ‘socialist’ which makes a WORLD of difference. Such gobsmackingly amazing idiocy is almost beyond belief in this day and age of ‘information at your fingertips’ technology…but…we are dealing here with creatures whose lips move when they read the menu at McDonalds.

Okay, so perhaps he struggles with English as a second language? There are definitely some indications he is either an 'ethnic' or an illiterate retard (read: product of Labor Party infiltrated Public School system)...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!



The Mad Celtic Magus said...


The ability to look the other way while the "jewish" establishment inject millions of others via immigration advocacy into European societies. The Islamists are here so as to blood whitey into a war for Greater Israel.....Despite all the rhetoric, they are being taught to hate. Hate Laws are designed to exponentially hasten the outcome and the media direct the animus...... No further elaboration is needed.

Has the White Dog scratched too hard such that it is being replaced with others that do not have an experience and genetic memory of our hysterical and demented tormenters.

Europe is a palliative care center for dying European civilizations whose patients WILL NOT FIGHT..... only appease. Perhaps euthanisia, painless, is best, as this current generation shame our Gods.

If,as the Talmud claims, Jesus Christ was a magician, then his incantations and invectives, his 'magic', that comprised only the truth were feared greatly by the Pharisees. If the Word was God and God is the Word, then not to speak, for fear, only empowers the Black magicians whose spells and hexes are are in the form of myriad lies,words and deceptions.

All one has to do is think, write and speak WORDS...... We are all magicians and magi.

Ghost of Vinnitsa said...

Cogent words indeed 'magus' and a sombre warning to those who would too casually dismiss the warnings contained therein.