Wednesday, July 27, 2011


In the biggest thing to happen in the land of pickled herrings since Varg Vikernes and his National Socialist Black Metal 'Lords of Chaos' got all Medieval on the arses of the Christians there has been a quite nasty bombing/massacre by yet another greatly inspired but somewhat misguided White Fella. This time it's even worse than burning down historic timber stave churches and desecrating graveyards.

As the late great Dr. William Pierce opined when queried on his thoughts about Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing; “It was a tactical error.” This pretty much sums up your Old Uncle Victor’s attitude to the recent atrocity in Norway. While the motives are manifestly clear and perfectly understandable, and the old adage that ‘no one is innocent’ taken into account, one cannot unconditionally condone such a wantonly murderous act on so many non combatants and non viable targets. To be perfectly honest, it is difficult to understand how this incident can ultimately benefit anyone but the enemies of the White Race.

Decades of relentless Marxist social engineering and the resultant decadent cultural permissiveness in Scandinavia, augmented by waves of Negroid ‘refugees’ and other Third World primitives, (few know that Oslo is the Black on White rape capital of Europe) promoting insipid liberalism, has resulted in an almost entirely bovine, 'progressive' and lobotomised population. It was surely inevitable that a wolf or two would rise from among the sheep fuelled by the intense sort of hatred that can only be born from the marginalised and disenfranchised outcasts of an utterly corrupted population of moral cowards and perverts. There is no greater motivator than the unswerving belief on one’s righteousness in the face of evil and this antagonist was well selected and carefully schooled for the task at hand.

There is no doubt in this writer’s mind that the bomber/gunman was ‘groomed’ by ‘interested parties’ (The Mossad) who, motivated by a much broader and larger ‘big picture’ agenda pulled the strings and pushed the appropriate buttons to achieve multiple and even contradictory results. Firstly, there is convincing the perpetrator that he succeeded in this mission largely through his own efforts, thereby reinforcing the authorities’ ability to focus the Sheeples’ attention on this one /stooge/patsy/fall guy who will perversely (seemingly) protest his own guilt to satisfy his bloated ego and inflated sense of self importance, factors for which he was selected for ‘grooming’ in the first place. And, let’s be honest here, were he aware, he might be quite happy to have been ‘used’ in this fashion by his ‘handlers’ simply to achieve his own mission and the guaranteed notoriety that follows. It could well have been a symbiotic relationship.

Then there is the benefit to the System of furthering the demonisation of Conservatives/ Traditionalists/ Patriots/ Anti-Immigration Activists/ White Nationalists/ critics of Multiculturalism, aiding the cause of the Gun Reform lobby, strengthening the position of Police State advocates for ever greater intrusive surveillance of citizens and the erosion of civil liberties, personal sovereignty etc, etc

It's also very funny, though so predictable, to see @ndy the 'Anarchist' drawing connections between the killer and the English Defence League and it's 'Islamaphobia'. @ndy can't have it both ways, unless that's the way he really likes it, excuse the pun, because he is also always decrying the so-called 'Antisemitism' of critics of Israel.

The rather ironic and 'inconvenient truth' though for @ndy is that the EDL are so obviously a Mossad front designed to discredit the British Nationalists and act as a fly paper for 'radicals' that blind Freddy could see it.

Apparently @ndy is even more myopic...

Wake up and smell the Gefilte fish!

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