Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Flag…

Veritas said: “By the way that arse rag with the joo-onion jack in the corner is not our flag, the Battle Standard of the Eureka Stockade is...IMHO”

Okay. Where to start. While certainly no vexillologist your Old Uncle Victor is something of an amateur Historian and a great enthusiast for the traditions of our peoples. The ‘Union Flag’ or the ‘Flag of Union’, technically it’s only called a ‘jack’ when it’s flying from a ship in its traditional position on the bow of a vessel, is taken to represent the peoples of the British Isles who established the Nation of Australia under the rule of English Common Law and the British Crown.

For all its faults and limitations, mainly limitations, it is at least representational, in a limited fashion of course. The crosses on the flag represent the English through the Red Cross of St. George, the Scots through the White Saltire Cross of St. Andrew and the Irish by the Red Saltire Cross of St. Patrick. Sadly the Welsh are not represented and there would be yet others who would argue, from a purist point of view, that the distinct ethnicities of the Cornish and the Picts are also omitted but in all practicality if one were to overlay all of the symbols it would resemble a rather confused and complex patch of tartan rather than a strikingly recognisable symbol.

There will always be grey areas about certain things though and the chain of events as well as even the basic legal legitimacy of the NSW colony. There are even those who claim that the initial administration, due to the fact the new colony was established through the ‘Senior Service’ of the Royal Navy, as were the American colonies under British rule, was executed via Admiralty Law thereby, in some views, being little more than piracy. But this is an area that is fraught with problems and is probably best left alone. We only mention it here as it is connected to the (assumed) Maritime nature of the ‘coloured rag’.

While the combination of three crosses makes for a unique and striking flag in the ‘Flag of Union’, the mere depiction of the Southern Cross constellation as it appears on the Australian Flag (and others) is generic at best and meaningless at worst. We agree that the particular ‘Eureka’ flag you mention does not have the same degree of vagueness, tied as it is to a unique historical event. However, it has been claimed and abused by so many rogues and rascals for various, largely spurious political meanings, over the years that it too has a negative aura about it.

Some, like ‘Darp’, even claim it represents Negroids and Mongoloids every bit as much as the Irish and other White, Northern European rebels who fought under it. There is also the perhaps inconvenient fact that those rebels were more concerned, exclusively even, with individualist issues of personal sovereignty rather than the establishment of an alternative ‘Nation’. The less kind have even suggested they were simply selfish money grubbers.

We welcome the opinions of others on this subject but do not want it to descend into another internecine war between various White Nationalist factions. Factionalism heralds the death of any serious political movement.

In conclusion, Old Uncle Victor believes the current Australian Flag is still our best option. It is, quite literally, our history flying up there for all to see. Anything other than that would be a compromise at best and therefore a lesser standard.


veritas6464 said...
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Anonymous said...

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