Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Revenge of the Nerds or Triumph of the Swill…

Can everyone say 'Duah! Why is everyone always picking on me?'

Yeah, we know we’ve copped flak in the past for our critical comments regarding the physical appearance of some of our adversaries and have been accused of being overindulgent in our assessments of their...erm... deformities… but…we stand by our position that inner evil manifests outwardly in the physiognomy of afflicted individuals. UNlucky!

Okay, so your Old Uncle Victor, in the Autumn years of a reasonably full and eventful life, is not exactly an oil painting himself…but…in his defence, he’d say he was never too embarrassed to go out in public or frightened to look in the mirror and, as a young bloke, scrubbed up pretty well and could even, on a good day, charm the ladies. But, let’s face it, and not mince words here, the subject of this article pretty much looks like a friggin' PIG! There’s just no other way we can slice it. You know the score. Bullied at school. Nobody will talk to me. Fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Head like a smashed crab. Looks like a bashed in shitcan. A face only a mother could love. LORD have mercy! Goober, Nerd, Looser alert!!!

The Australian Labor Party, The Greens and all the other Left Wing swill are oxygen wasting scum, we all know that as well as we know the sky is blue. But if you’ve ever wondered why they are SO bad then look no further than their curriculum vitae. One of these oxygen thieves who has risen to prominence of late is a certain Paul Howes. His wikipedia entry includes the following:

‘Howes entered politics while still at Blaxland High School in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, joining the far-left political groups Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance. He never finished high school, leaving in Year 9. However by the age of 17 Howes abandoned far-left politics (Hrrrmph! Bullshit!) and joined the Australian Labor Party. Howes became a union official at the age of 17 when he was employed as a ‘research officer’ by the Labor Council of New South Wales (now Unions New South Wales).

He joined the Australian Workers' Union as an official in New South Wales in 2002 and was later recruited to the National Office of the union. In 2005 he was elected as the union's National Vice President, becoming the youngest ever national official in the history of the union. As AWU National Secretary, Howes is a Director of Australian Super, one of the largest superannuation trusts in Australia. He is also a member of the powerful National Executive of the Australian Labor Party. Howes came to national attention as a union spokesperson for the miners during the Beaconsfield Mine Disaster.’

So…let’s be brutally honest here folks…he’s never had a real job, he’s ‘representing’ thousands of real and proper workers but his agenda is certainly not precisely in synchronicity with the demands and expectations of his Union Membership. In fact, despite his weasel words about ‘no jobs will be lost’ blah, blah blah, he has sold the real, salt of the Earth Workers up the river to ensure the implementation of one of the New World Order’s latest directives for the Australasian region to advance the ultimate objective of the Global Slave State.

It is extremely doubtful indeed that this maggot owns a blue singlet or a battered pair of steelcap boots. He is NOT a ‘Worker’ by any reasonable criteria. He is simply yet another Socialist ‘droid weaned on Marxist claptrap, groomed by dirty old Labor perverts and slotted into the next available seat on the chairlift to Federal Labor leadership. He will be, and mark Old Uncle Victor’s words well here gentle reader, Robin to Bill Shorten’s Batman. Your future, should this ‘dynamic duo’ prevail, would certainly mirror the terror of the Beaconsfield ‘buried alive’ scenario.


bushranger said...

It's funny because his name rang a bell with me. Sute enough thanks to the internet I was able to track down a speech that Mr Champion of the Aussie battler made to the Zionist Federation of Australia!

Ol' Piggy Howes doesn't do things in half measures. He doesn't just lick jew arse to further himself he sticks his entire bloody snout up it. See ol' piggy is "a firm supporter of the State of Israel."

The speech can be read here and is on the subject of the BDS movement.

You really have to wonder exactly what ol' piggy is offering to the heebs. Unfettered access to union member details? Very possibly. Pressure on other unions to take a pro-Israel stance? A given. Pressure on the ALP to toe the Israeli line? Not that it's really necessary but most certainly a yes.

At the end of the day ol' piggy should be more concerned about the problem of Aussie workers than the criminal state of Israel. Then again that would mean having moral fibre, individual strength and a desire to really assist your fellow man rather than feathering your own dirty nest.

Obadiah 1:18 said...

In the words of that great philosopher Benny Hill: He's got a face like an unmade bed!

Anonymous said...

This Borowick Klown, Orthodox member of an extra special caste and ACTU Assistant secretary identifies religiously with all the demented Rabbinical scribblings that suggest union constituents are but animals in human form, fit only for slavery or extermination.

He has no place as an advocate for the welfare of Goyische workers, when his religion demands these workers submit to Noachide law or be killed. His interests are contrary to those of those he pretends to represent.

The entire ACTU and probably most member unions have been corrupted and are rotten at the head.

I hope all you Anglo's and Celts within ASIO and the Police and especially the Masons of the Lodge are startin' to get the picture that you've been had as much as your Fathers and Grandfathers. They despair from the grave that you will not see.

The British fought the German in
WW1 and WW11. Britain and the English, Welsh, Scots and Irish no longer exist other than by name and geography only. Your reward has been your extermination.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Yes old Paul has been seen a bit here on WLT