Monday, July 25, 2011

A Universal Constant...

In case any of our readers were still in any doubt regarding the cloning of FDB/Darp and their re-emergence as AntiBogan/Alex Gollan then we suggest you check out the sample of a recent post and a couple of comments and then decide.

From the AntiBogan Site:

‘Breaking news of the shootings/bombing in Norway overnight was met with dismay and disbelief. That one person could kill so many people in what appeared to be an act of civil disobedience? My first thought was of Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City Bomber

The media went into a frenzy of speculation that suggested an Islamic extremist group may be behind it. That was sharply removed, (try and find that shit on the web easily!) replaced with “ethnic Norwegian”, and finally something closer to the truth. The Ban the Burqa page went into overdrive.

No screenshots, as most of the comments still remain, but suffice to say that the comments were along the lines of…well, you know.’

‘Barely literate, hateful and completely misguided.’

Well, that just about sums up 'AntiBogan' in a nutshell for us.

A kitten with a ball of wool is the best analogy I have to describe it. That or the Monty Python stoning scene, but it’s been done so many times..

Admin of BTB took part with the usual fuckwittish responses (bomb=Islam), and all the sheep took up their position. But… the media started to take a different stance, and the BTB monkeys started to panic. Surely it was a Muslamic that committed this horrible atrocity??


Nope. It looks as though the killer is Anders Breivik. Of course, this individual is yet to be charged, so I can’t assume that he is responsible for the deaths of 91 people (thus far), but hey, it kinda blows the BTB wankers theory outta the water! If true. Anders is Caucasian. Blue eyed blond male
Hates Muslims apparently
Right wing conservative
Fundamentalist christian
Didn’t wear a burqa that I know of.

I’m looking forward to the ADL gathering in Brisbane (30th July/6 Aug if they get it sorted!) if anyone is keen?’

‘I’ll be there regardless with trusty cam and pointy finger.’

Yes siree! That sounds enough like Darp to us to be left cringing in expectation of the tales of genital depilation and Homosexual conquests that are surely certain to follow.

Dadevil ⋅ July 24, 2011 at 12:24 am So I was pretty crook last night. And was fading in and out of consciousness when I heard the news about Norway…

My first thought when I heard that it was a possible “Terrorist Attack” was “Get F@cked, what kind of international political power has Norway have that justifies terrorism of any kind???”

‘Power’ don’t come into it princess. You only need to piss off Israel (check it out) and you’re on their shit list for a Mossad black op with a patsy/stooge ‘lone gunman’ to take the rap. Their false flag operations are all so practiced and polished now it’s almost routine stuff. The only way we know this is their arrogance and consequent sloppiness always leaves plenty of clues. But who cares? Nobody is interested. They just…sleep like babies

And then common sense prevailed… and the adage “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story” popped in my head. I then proceeded to sleep like a baby, knowing that the truth would eventually come out…

He/she/it slept like a baby ‘knowing’ that ‘the truth’ would eventually come out...Well that’s a pretty fair indication of the intelligence, or lack thereof, between that lemming’s ears. Talk about Pollyanna in Disneyland.

Today a more factual story has hit the news stand, and to clarify they have stated it was “a home grown terrorist”…

I have just one question. When did “a mass murderer” become “a terrorist”?

Dunno. But we’ll hazard a guess as to how both a Terrorist and Mass Murderer became a Pop icon. Hollywood and the Commos who run it decreed that Ché Guevara would be ‘rehabilitated’ as a hero of the people. Snappy graphic based on a photo ideal for wall posters. No need to trouble your worried mind with researching the history and the facts. Just buy the tee shirt and look trendy. The Red ones are best. They conceal the blood of the innocent.

Will we need to go back in history and call Manson, Bundy, and Jack the Ripper all “Terrorists”?

Erm, nope, but they all sure terrorised their victims.

In my opinion this guy would be a mass murderer, who carried out a terrorist like attack.
Unless of course they find out that these attacks were to assist in some kind of “political agenda”…

The mysterious ‘they’ again. ‘They’ will apparently ‘find out’ will they? How will ‘they’ do that? Oh, that’s right. ‘They’ did it in the first place. Derrr…

But its really Tomato/Tomatoe… The media putting their “little spin” so they can continue to pursue the almighty dollar

Yeah! It’s sorta like how the Left generally ‘spin’ everything to advance their political agenda, eh?

Charlie ⋅ July 23, 2011 at 10:36 pm I read a statistic recently that said only 6% of terrorist attacks on American soil were committed by Islamist Extremists. I am curious about the number worldwide. Anyone have any ideas? I could not find a statistic.

FARK! A Lefty without a ‘statistic’ is like Darth Vader without a death star.

In a way, I am glad it was not an Islam-motivated terrorist attack. Those guys have been copping enough flak from the media.

Yeah! We agree. The poor bastards. But we bet you didn’t join the next dot. Doh! I missed that Star of David.

However, the real tragedy is so many young people dead. I am still reeling. May this be a catalyst for positive change in many ways. Down with hate forever.

‘Down with hate forever’ eh? Except where YOU ‘hate’ White Nationalists and everyone else who disagrees with your sick and twisted world view.

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