Monday, July 11, 2011

The Wicked Webs They Weave

The web is large and complex but it IS indeed a web and therefore the connections are real and provable. Fuck dismissing these connections as ‘nutty conspiracy theory’ or simply ‘coincidental’ or even quite normal ‘six degrees of separation’ stuff. There are certain common factors that keep appearing in the biographies, C.V.’s and political ‘pedigrees’ of these ‘activists’. For example, there are a few creepy similarities between the loathsome freak Mathew Lee Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ and this Simon Sheikh creature. Both have that ‘new age beige’ look lending them a certain racial/ethnic indeterminacy which suits the social engineers of the Multicultural Industry. They both have quite striking cranio-facial asymmetry which has been noted as a salient feature with Leftoids and other psychopathic types.

As discussed earlier, physiognomy is a significant indicator in determining personality disorders. Both ‘Darp’ and his protégé share the militant Homosexual and (ex) High Court Judge, Justice Michael Kirby as a ‘hero’. In fact Sheikh claims it was a single visit to his high school by the aging fudge-tunneler and infamous loiterer of ‘The Wall’ that inspired his entry into politics and he later ‘consummated’ their ‘relationship’ in a subsequent visit. One can only speculate as to what further extracurricular ‘activities’ they might have shared. *shudder*

One cannot underestimate the ‘misfit factor’ in the formation of mongrel creatures like ‘Darp’ and ‘Sheikh’. Such random and chaotic racial interbreeding often results in the ‘lumpy gravy’ of a sort of genetic mosaicism, a similar process to that which produces tortoiseshell cats, we kid you not. These patchy, poorly blended and psycho-emotionally unsettled abominations are quite literally at war with themselves at a genetic level. This causes self loathing and bitterness toward the normalcy of the host society and ultimately manifests as a burning hatred for the moral/ethical/social matrix of that society. They feel compelled toward negative and destructive behaviour and some will actually dedicate their wretchedly miserable lives to destroying what they perceive as an ‘elitism’ of normalcy. Do not underestimate the pure evil of these things, gentle reader, they want us gone and they want it done as swiftly as possible. Ordinary and normal folk are anathema to these freaks.

The Jew, of course, loves these creatures and dotes upon them because they are such a perfect proxy weapon to deploy against the Goyim. So the Jew simply creates the right chaotic and degraded social conditions in which miscegenation will produce such things. Our once mighty and self determined civilisation is reduced to a mere Petri dish for them to propagate their foul creations.

The hand wringing, bed wetting, middle class twits who make up the base membership of the Left Wing parties (ABC listeners, radical Animal Rights Vegetarians etc) and who act as advocates of the ‘Climate Change’ industry and promoters of ‘rights’ for illegal asylum seekers, welfare parasites, criminals and other societal leeches are largely harmless in and of themselves but are herded along, corralled and concentrated into ever more radical ‘think tanks’ and ‘political activist groups’ by the more cynical and hardened career agitators who are usually lazy n’er do wells and bitter, professional ‘victims’ or ‘minority’ types with very large chips on their rounded shoulders. They also have equally large and sharp axes to grind.

FDB had links, mainly through the drug abusing sexual pervert Mathew Lee Henderson-Hau aka ‘darp’ and ex pat American career welfare recipient Brian Stokes aka ‘weezil’, to the likes of Kerry Nettle and Lee Rhiannon of the Australian Greens Party, Andrew Bartlett of the Australian Democrats, Independent (alleged) Andrew Wilkie and even Peter Garret of the Australian Labor Party. The Red tentacles reached far and wide.

Just for an example of the way these ‘connections’ run is a certain one that comes immediately to mind. Federal Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten is married to Chloe Bryce, the daughter of the Australian Governor General Quentin Bryce, noted for her so-called ‘progressive Left Wing politics, and prior to his grandstanding at the Beaconsfield mining disaster of 2007 in his capacity as a Trade Union official and ACTU executive, was a virtual nobody in the broader public sphere. Obviously the puppet masters had other plans and in hindsight it is now clear he was being carefully ‘groomed’ with a pathway being cleared and prepared by the movers and shakers of the Labor Party machine. Bill Shorten was also a founding director and board member of ‘GetUp!’ He was heavily influenced in his youth by that other smarmy piece of Internationalist U.N. filth and KRudd’s globe trotting forerunner, Gareth Evans, who he worked for.

This is nothing special at all and is normal rather than exceptional in Left Wing Politics. We intend to publish more ‘family trees’ as we find them and the supporting facts to illustrate the very ‘cosy’ relationships that connect our political enemies.

Join the dots people. Our regular readers are invited to contribute any additional info on these maggots and their networks.

To be continued…

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