Wednesday, August 31, 2011

APP Pre School color in contest?

A picture showing a Navy SEAL shooting a bullet at Osama bin Laden featured in the new graphic novel-colouring book, "We Shall Never Forget 9/11: The Kids' Book of Freedom." The recently published book has garnered criticism for its depiction of the events of 9/11 and its portrayal of Muslims.

We shit you not folks. While all the do gooders of the world have been running around for their Zionist overlords, attacking,persecuting, stalking, defaming White Nationalists for simply protecting their heritage and culture. The Christian Zionist of the world have been given a free hand to do what ever they like. Hell it makes one sick when we consider the whistle blowers of the White Nationalists movement pointed out the dangers of these Zionist turncoats many years ago.

It truly shows that the State Run Anarchists and Antifa are nothing more than a simple tool used by the State to run a political shell game. While they keep the attention on the Anti Semites/ Nazis (anyone who loves their race or criticizes Israel) the real enemy of all mankind has been given the green light.

Oh how the Left all laughed at us when many of us anti semites/Nazis questioned 9/11 and the involvement of Zionist agents and the Mossad in our own Pearl Harbor Incident. Yes folks it was the good old boys and gals of the White Nationalist movement who first pointed out that 9/11 was just another false flag operation. One would think that a group of people (white nationalists) who have witnessed first hand the destruction of their people and culture and pin pointed the group (Zionists) responsible would be listened to? You could call them the experts in that field. But as we all know to point out the bleeding obvious will only get you persecuted by the foot soldiers of the State and their uneducated brain washed followers.

Remember the belly laughs from the left and the then unknown Zionist right when real White Nationalists of Australia, UK, and the United States had the audacity to warn anyone that would listen to beware the Christian Zionists.

Well all your chickens have now come home to roost you stupid bastards. Look at the state of the world. It didn't happen on our watch and it sure as shit didn't happen overnight.

It defies all common sense that these same people (antifa, anarchists, Marxist)who protected and even worked with the Zionist Right would now finally speak out after the horse has already bolted. You stupid blind bastards. Seems its alright to destroy the White Race, but when its every inhabitant on this planet that is looking down the barrel of extinction, or at the very best blown back to the stone age, they decide to speak out.

These imbeciles who have had the very best brain washing from some of the most respected Universities in the world are nothing but products of the State. They are the Hollywood Nazi in its purest form, the real Children of The Grave.

"The publisher of a controversial new children’s colouring book entitled We Shall Never Forget 9/11: The Kids’ Book of Freedom is defending the publication, saying it is simply an educational tool for teaching kids about “what a group of radicals did” to the United States.

The book purports to tell the story of the September 2001 terrorist attacks from the planning stages through to the assassination of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden earlier this year.

It encourages children to colour in accompanying pictures, including one of the burning twin towers and one of a Navy SEAL soldier shooting a bullet at bin Laden as he cowers behind a woman dressed in a hijab.

The company says a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to Bridges for Peace, a Christian organization based in Jerusalem that seeks to build relationships between Christians and Jews."

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Anonymous said...

Seems that Britain and the "all lies" were also covert targets of this very same agenda. "Europe (domesticated beasts of the field) is now going into multi-cultural mode" Any who collaborate with Zionists have sealed their thouroughly deserved fate as a function of the natural law, for they are precisely that.... collaborators. Particularly when the desires and goals of Jewry have been laid out before them, even as they kneel for Jewry, for all to see and understand... Their choice is informed, clear and conscious.

When will the APP get it ? The collaborator has no friends...anywhere.

"You are either with US or you are with the "tegghrogrists"...

Sounds like a Talmudic threat, designed to frighten the fearful, the timid and those with neither the dignity or honor to stand for the right and the good when confronted with the Baaleful stares of buzzing Pharisaic WormTongues.