Monday, August 08, 2011

Australia Calling.

Julia's own Stasi to enforce tax on breathing

The Federal Government is going to create its own Stasi-like organisation to enforce the tax on carbon dioxide . . . the tax that Prime Minister Julia Gillard said before the election would not be introduced. This agency will have powers to enter, search and seize without warrant and to require citizens to incriminate themselves or go to prison. All these powers are unconstitutional, in that they are violations of the liberties guaranteed by the Magna Carta.

Australia's slide into the tyranny of the New World Order moves a little further.

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Didn't know where to post this:

Came across this comment on the latest Punch Article at about racism and the census.

Mathew Henderson-Hau says: 12:42pm | 08/08/11
You made the same mistake a lot of crazed lefties make. Religion has NOTHING to do with race. I am an atheist, yet I would tick Christian on the census to ensure that Islam doesn’t become a major lobbying force. It is the greatest danger to civil liberties and our way of life. The atrocities of Islam surpass that of the Nazi regime, and it still goes on, unhindered, because of uneducated reactionary lefties like yourself. That being said, I am far left of centre, however I can see the forest for the trees. I’d prefer if all religions gtfo’d, but I’d rather the devil we know. Halal is cruelty. Bagging a womans head (whilst possibly improving her aesthetic) is cruelty. Beating women is cruelty. Sacrificing a goat every time you buy a new house or car is cruelty. Islam is diametrically opposed to civilisation as a whole and must be opposed everywhere it rears it’s hate fuelled racist and segregationistic head. I suggest you learn a little more before spouting op ed nonsense, you’re clearly clueless on the issue.