Monday, August 01, 2011

Dance the night away...

The political tap dancing of the Israel First, Christian Zionist Neo-Cons over at the Australian Identity Forums is reaching fever pitch. Talk about streets of fire. The pavement beneath their feet is in imminent danger of spontaneous combustion. On one level it might be deemed entertaining or amusing to observe but we think it is simply outrageous in its evasive gutlessness. The functioning (barely) illiterate Kommissar of the Australian Proctologists Party, Darrin ‘Bobby Dazzler’ Hodges said:

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Re: The Anders Behring Breivik interview
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“Depends on which view you take. On the face of it, all conservative type groups, including the APP (mentioned in his manifesto) have been 'smeared' by association by the left, therefore there is the perception that he has done more harm than good. In his manifesto, he has managed to scoop articles from just every conservative source imaginable, which is what you would do if you wanted to hand the left a free kick. Yet there seems to be a method to his madness. On one hand, the tragedy of Norway, on the other hand, he eliminated the next generation of liberals and some will argue 'whats (sic) wrong with that?'.

As for the supposed blow-back, it would appear to me that his actions were designed to provoke a strong reaction by the state, by forcing them to a) Crack down harder on their own people, which now includes those who hold ordinary conservative views and b) promote multiculturalism even harder. I'm thinking the aim here is turn up the temperature on the pressure cooker and evoke a popular uprising against the state, in the longer term as people revolt against being scrutinised for holding any sort of nationalist view and having more multiculturalism shoved down their throats.”

Just what part doesn’t the pencil necked Über Geek get? The 'supposed' blowback is obvious to any with a functioning brain, so why does Dazzles not 'get it'? As someone who has children how can he even speculate about the 'morality' of murdering young people? Brainwashed Red Youth or otherwise. It's absolutely obscene.

When is he going to mention the architects of doom? When will he bell the cat? When will he name the Talmudic Khazars as the ‘facilitators’ of White Genocide? Can ANYONE be that DUMB and yet still remember to BREATHE?

WHAT a total FUCKWIT!!!

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The Spearhead said...

Conservatism is a pest to White Australian Nationalism.

The greatest problem with the movement is that middle class conservatives have near total control of the movement and it's ideology.

I have written many works on why the middle class needs t be eliminated from the nationalist movement.

They will continue to push trimming, pro international capitalist and civic nationalist line so long as they are with in the nationalist movement.

We must reject their ideology and adopt a hardline working class socialist one.

They are opposed to Socialism which is the only ideology that will liberate the Australian nation state.

I am not talking about Hitlerite Socialism or the ideology of the Trotskyites or even of the Stalinists.

Socialism of the White Australian people.

A combination of Old Labour and of NB/Strasserism.

Afterall, if one studies the ideology of the founders of the union/labour movement, one would realise that they were the original Australian Strasserites/National Bolhseviks.

Such a view is a controversial one but it does have credibility.

We might disagree on who the ultimate enemy of our people is but we can all agree that the capitalist-intelligentsia is the ultimate foe of White Australia.

I have said on many occasions that the Jews are a problem not the problem.

One might write a article on the matter with in future. The Manifesto Of White Australian Nationalism covers most areas but I have yet to write something on the matters of Zionist Judaism. I must say that I do not consider Judaism to be a problem at all but Zionism is indeed a problem but not the problem.