Monday, August 01, 2011

The death of History

There is a line from a book that your Old Uncle Victor recalls that goes something like; ‘Death is a double dealer. First he deals us our mortal death and then our real death, oblivion, when we are finally forgotten.’ This fits with the other one he remembers about nobody being truly gone until all those who can remember them are also dead. When one thinks about it, gentle reader, if all knowledge and memory of a person or an event is absent then how can anyone know that person ever existed or that event ever occurred?
A people without a past, without a shared History and sense of identity, can never be aware of what they have lost and can be convinced that things have never been better and that this is as good as it gets. We are witnessing just such an erasing of worthy people and events in the once great Nation of Germany today. While The Jew whines relentlessly about The Holocaust© and has contrived the enactment of legislation in many European nations to criminalise what they call ‘Defaming the memory of the dead’ for those with the temerity to ask questions about this (apparently) unique event, they and their Shabbos Goy are expanding into the grave robbing business. Yep, Rudolf Hess, the true ‘Missionary of Peace’ of World War Two, has been torn from his grave, along with his wife and parents who were also buried there, and the site given the Israeli bulldozer treatment in one of the most grossly obscene acts of desecration this writer has heard of.
The ‘official’ line:
As one of the ‘political activists’ of the New Black Panthers, no doubt weaned on Anti-White Race Hate and stirred up and ‘radicalised’ by the Jewish handlers of the SPLC and the NAACP said during a tirade against Whites: “I say kill everyone of these bastards and when they're dead, dig them up and kill ‘em again because they didn’t die hard enough the first time or if you can't be bothered to waste your energy on digging for them just shoot in the grave.”
So, it would appear the Jews and their slavish sycophants in countries like Germany are taking this advice quite literally and disinterring the dead to “Kill ‘em again!” The gentle reader is advised to not hold his breath waiting for the graves of actual War Criminals like Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt to be similarly destroyed. We assume Marx and Trotsky etc will also be left to rot in peace. Oops! We forgot, some ‘Anarchists’ already desecrated Trotsky’s grave but you get the idea.
No matter that the Jewish Controlled Media defames the dead of the White Race with their seemingly endless stream of ‘History’ Channel programs and other (alleged) ‘documentaries’ constantly rewriting the Historical record to simultaneously minimise the achievements of the White Race and demonise them as aggressive, cruel, exploitative, ruthless etc and virtually deify themselves as eternal noble victims of irrational White hatred and jealousy and the savages of more primitive cultures as ‘artistic’, ‘creative’, ‘sensitive’, ‘wise’ etc The hypocrisy is quite breathtaking but is regarded as a time honoured tradition among the Chosenites and part of their chutzpah.
The single most important and successful strategy that has worked so well for the Chosenites throughout History is Control through chaos. The Jew rejoices at our atomisation as a people. The Jew Mantra is chanted 24/7 and echoes through the Synagogues of Satan; ‘Make trouble for the White Man’. Among our White population that CLAIM to be ‘on our side’ we’ve got Homosexual ‘Nationalists’, Christian Zionists, Anti-Muslim Christians, Pagans, Christian Separatists, Militaria Fetishists, History Book Hobbyists, Satanists, Drunks, Drug Addicts, creeps who even the Commies would reject, weirdo ‘Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons’ types who think White Nationalism is like a Dungeons and Dragons role playing game, elitist ‘born to rule’ types who believe they’re descended from nobility and think little more of White Workers (White Trash?) than they do of the Mud Races. This writer even once met, at a White Nationalist gathering, a loon who claimed to be both a Freemason and a ‘Merovingian’!?!?! You could not make some of this shit up.
It’s absolutely fucking ridiculous! Most of these sub-groups, besides being comically oxymoronic categories, simply don’t pass muster as good, solid, dependable, genuine and SANE White Folk who can be united and utilised to rebuild an entire Civilisation and Culture from. But this is largely, although perhaps not entirely, the results of decades or even centuries of the Chosenites creating endless new cults or movements or infiltrating others and steering them while ‘grooming’ certain followers for ‘useful missions’.
Former Communist, lifelong Labour Party member and Professor of History A.J.P. Taylor was one of your Old Uncle Victor’s first ‘heroes’ along with Fabian Socialist George Orwell. Lest the gentle reader be shocked at this revelation be mindful that both these great Men ‘repented’ late in their lives and became critics of the Soviet regime.
Victor, as a young Man, saw Taylor’s name at the foot of so many Historical articles in so many books and magazines he read that his name was virtually synonymous with History, particularly with World War Two History. Taylor wrote: “Hess came to this country in 1941 as an ambassador of peace. He came with the intention of restoring peace between Great Britain and Germany. He acted in good faith. He fell into our hands and was quite unjustly treated as a prisoner of war. After the war, we could have released him. No crime has ever been proven against Hess. As far as the records show, he was never at even one of the secret discussions at which Hitler explained his war plans. He was of course a leading member of the Nazi Party. But he was no more guilty than any other Nazi or, if you wish, any other German. All the Nazis, all the Germans, were carrying on the war. But they were not all condemned because of this. That Rudolf Hess, the only one at Nuremberg who had risked his life for peace, was found guilty of "crimes against peace" was certainly the Tribunal's most ironic perversion of justice.”
The diminutive and infamously Left Wing Lancashireman also once commented that “David Irving is a patient researcher of unrivalled industry and success.” Not a bad rap from such an eminent Historian for a so-called ‘Holocaust Denier’.


bushranger said...

Cattle die and kinsmen die,
And so one dies one's self;
One thing now that never dies,
The fame of a dead man's deeds


Typical of the jewish thought process. Jews are obessed with the material and have no concept of the spirit. Ahriman's little servants.

They have never moved beyond worshipping their golden calf.

They wallow in the gutter whilst European man reaches for the stars.

The fact that they hound him after death only adds stature to the man.

BadBallie said...

Although it also needs to be stated that there has long been a question around whether Hess was a actually still alive at the time of the trails. There has for long being whispers that was actually killed shortly after he landed in Britain and that the man on trail and subsequently imprisoned was a double. It is also stated that the doctor who attended "Hess" in prison stated that the man he treated did not have the scars on his chest and shoulders that Hess was known to have?