Sunday, August 07, 2011

Die Hippy, Die!

One of the most enduring myths, as false as it is persistent, is that of the laid back, peace loving, ‘live and let live’ Hippy. It is every bit as false and ridiculous as the myth of the ‘Moderate Muslim’ or the ‘Jew as Eternal Victim’. Sandal wearing, organic, macrobiotic, environmentally responsible, recyclable, mung bean munching, kumbaya singing, save the whales, vegetable rights and peace man, super cool hep cats who chill out by smoking natural weed, dude is all an absolute crock of shit.

Many have claimed they were well intentioned but as we all know, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions…so it is said.
These spoilt brats were simply lazy, selfish, permissive, drug addled, self indulgent arseholes whose anti establishment, ‘counter culture’ fantasies manifested in an orgy of iconoclastic vandalism on a par with Cromwell’s worst indulgences of the English Civil War. Weaned on Jew Marxist propaganda from the movement’s self appointed leaders, ‘Writers, Singers, Poets and Activists’ like Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Dr. Benjamin Spock, Carl Sagan, Allen Ginsberg, Leonard Cohen, Susan Sontag, Gloria Steinem, Ayn Rand they should never have been allowed to have kids.

Sadly, they did reproduce and they and many of their kids evolved into the likes of Bob Brown and Co. Nasty, vicious, vindictive, authoritarian types who believe they can, and bitter experience of their successes confirms this, usurp the moral decency and ethical standards of traditional White European Civilisation and legislate new statutes designed to strip us of our Common Law Rights. So much for all their talk about 'the Pigs' and 'the Man' and 'resisting tyranny' and 'smashing Fascism'. The moment they got a whiff of executive power they engineered LAWS to DICTATE to the silent majority how they must live their lives. All of this was instigated with no apparent sense of irony, shame or hypocrisy at all.

Interestingly, in Chapter Two of the Communist Manifesto there is a list of significant policies. Policy 2 reads: ‘A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.’ Well, we all know about THAT one but Policy 3 reads: ‘Abolition of all rights of inheritance.’ Now what was Bob Brown droning on about just recently?

Scams like the Carbon Tax have nothing whatsoever to do with environmental concerns and everything to do with Social Engineering and Wealth Distribution. The Kleptocracy of The Greens, with the ecstatic support of the Left Wing of the Labor Party, want to reintroduce ‘Death Duties’. They also want the powers to sequester, for any number of reasons, your hard earned wealth and redistribute it where they see fit. Most of it will go to fund International initiatives like so-called ‘Refugee’ programs and overseas aid.
Ultimately, in concordance with Communistic Fabian Marxist principles, these thieving, vampiric pricks want you to exit this World, possibly through enforced euthanasia, with no more than you came in with. Any assets you might still have in your name by the time you have been taxed, levied and fined into virtual penury and are close to death will be stripped and put into the socialist slush fund to be handed out to those least deserving of life, let alone help.
Their ‘Utopian Dream’ (read: Dystopian Nightmare) is one of no private property and no wealth or assets to be passed along to your progeny. It’s the perfect ‘recycling’ concept in line with all their ‘environmentally responsible’ and ‘carbon neutral’ plans. It’s just like farming people. Breed ‘em, bleed ‘em, kill ‘em and burn ‘em. Yep, burn ‘em. Burying is out of the question. Not enough room. Of course your ‘estate’ will be charged for the ‘Carbon footprint’ your cremation causes. Level them cemeteries and turn ‘em into wind farms.

If all this sounds way too ‘over the top’ or ‘exaggerated’ then take the time to sit quietly for a while and ruminate on how far we’ve descended into the abyss already in just a decade or two. The decline is accelerating at an exponential rate and what one considers unthinkable today is next year’s grim reality.
And it all started to really go downhill with dopey (literally) Hippies repeating the Jew contrived mantras of Cultural/Racial suicide because they thought they were ‘rebelling’ or ‘making a difference’ or ‘righting some wrongs’ to ‘make a better world’. Mantras like ‘why can’t we all just get along’, ‘we’re all the same under the skin’, ‘give peace a chance’, ‘black is beautiful’, ‘all you need is love’.
The disgusting Jew pervert, pornographic 'poet' and late Patron of NAMBLA (the North American Man Boy Love Association), Allen Ginsberg, is quoted as once stating; “Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture.” When one considers the almost total control the Jews, via Hollywood Movies, Books, Comics, Art, Music etc, had and still have, over the general aesthetic of so-called ‘Western’ Culture, it is clear we have had our Culture ‘queered’ by an Alien parasite that has burrowed into our institutions and remodelled them from within. When a civilisation fails to defend its institutions, surrendering them to interlopers and parasites, then its demise is imminent.

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