Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A few words for Joe Hildebrand from a fellow Jew...

Below is a short extract from a essay entitled 'Jews, Leftists, Immigration: My Journey To Nietzsche' by the Jewess Susie Green. Although rare, it is not unheard of to see some Jews 'coming out' and speaking the truth for a change. the kinder among us would call them 'honourable Jews', the more cynical would label them opportunistic and fearful Jews who know the game is up and wish to ingratiate themselves with the Goyim. You decide. There are some very revealing phrases and the one regarding hypocrisy is pure Gold.

"I was born and raised in New York, among the first of the group now known as “baby boomers”, in a Jewish/Irish neighborhood in the north Bronx. I was fatherless in infancy and my quasi-Communist mother raised me to love what are euphemistically called “progressive” causes. In her heart of hearts, though, she still preferred Lenin and loved Castro (being particularly impressed by Cuba’s health care and educational systems). With all of her leftist views, however, she was still very much a cultural Jew, convinced that anti-Semitism lurked behind every corner. In fact, she was quite bigoted against Christians.

Hypocrisy is an enduring left-wing trait. Proud of the fact that they always back “progressive” causes, leftists are unable to live their beliefs. They flee neighborhoods and schools that have “turned”, never thinking they need a reason to explain these contradictions. The Jews of my world felt morally superior to others. This narcissism gave them the right to critique America, a country that was profoundly generous and welcoming to them, merely because it wasn’t morally perfect.

Jewish verbal assaults were rarely matched by deeds that required physical sacrifice or courage. Within the safety of a great country, they felt the freedom to attack viciously and intrusively those with whom they did not agree. If things didn’t work out, they could always move. My milieu, City College and New York Jews, was fully in accord with what I had been taught at home. I had no reason to doubt when everyone around me believed the same thing. But yet, I had my doubts. I saw things around me that didn’t comport with what I was taught, but I couldn’t yet understand why."


Anonymous said...

Thou shalt not harm the Chosen Ones, the fingernail of which is worth more than the lives of an entire nation of "Goyim".

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Daily Telegraph might consider a Rabbinically sanctified recovery and repentance room for its pedigreed and mild mannered Jewish reporters. In the interests of impeccable accuracy and impartiality of course. Surely, as a respectible and authoritive volume it owes its mostly Goyische readership at least that much.