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Globalism Makes Blacks and Whites Equal

All Your Genes Are Belong To Us

Old Uncle Victor has taken a bit of a shine to a certain 'Furious Fred' since he dug up some of his old columns from the archives. Here's another absolute cracker fresh from the 'way back' machine.

It looks like we'll all be meeting at the bottom

There are few, if any, Instaurationists who have not heard of the concept called “Globalism” and the attendant jingoism associated with it. The nebulous utopia of the New World Order has been propagated by every genre of elite power organism. It has been promoted by think tanks like the Brookings Institute, Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, Heritage Foundation, National Training Laboratories and the Institute for Policy Studies. It has been hyped by quasi-public, semi-secret foreign policy groups like the Council for Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Club of Rome, Bilderbergers and the Pilgrim Society.

It has been huckstered by the international "banking" agencies like the International Monetary Fund, Import Export Bank, Aid for International Development, World Bank, and Bank for International Settlements. It has been advocated by eco-environmental groups like Earth First, Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy and Audubon Society. It has been mothered by international charities like World Vision, Care, Peace Corps, United Way and the endless Adopt-a-Weeping Melanoid groups. It has been ballyhooed by the so-called human rights groups like Amnesty International and the American Civil Liberties Union. It has been propagandized by our leaders in industry, business, government, education and mainstream religion. And, of course, it has been shepherded by the Media. As a result, we have been saturated with definition evading terms like global village, world citizenship, planetary community, international cooperation, global interdependence, universal brotherhood and the society of man. As far back as most of us can remember, we have been prepared or conditioned to expect some New Age or Millennial Kingdom when the earth will undergo a global socio-politico-cultural transformation where everything will be different and everything will be done in a new way. All things old, customary and traditional, all things rooted in the inexorable precedent of cause and effect or established through patient trial and error will be systematically discredited and repudiated, be they Western Civilization, Patriarchy, Heterosexism or even camping trips with Dad. To inhabit this up-and-coming Cosmic EI Dorado, a new kind of man will be required. Synthetic and eclectic, this new and improved brand of human will be tolerant, multicultural, progressive, inclusive, unbiased, socially ski lied, pluralistic, androgynous, homogeneous and positive. The United Nations has a stone statue of “it” - a faceless, nameless, Nationless, Sexless, Raceless, muddy brown “person.” It is the new Everyman. Hosts of self-elected Change Agents are now dedicated to refashioning each and every man, woman and child into this new image.

It follows that a New World Order person will be, must be, a docile, malleable, dumbed-down, reactive, compulsive/obsessive “global citizen” with a childlike and subservient disposition, a citizen who can be appeased by vacuous flattery and sustained on tinsel and fluff. In other words, he must be a slave, restricted to a slave's wants and destined to a slave's lot. And what better "role model" for a slave than the Negro?

The empirical history of the Negro has been one of savagery or slavery; savagery when isolated, slavery when contacted. Socially, culturally and politically he is mankind's lowest common denominator. As unpalatable as it may be to Instaurationists, he is now equal to us because he has all the criteria necessary for membership in the NWO. He is equal to what we are being systematically reduced to. Having deduced a set of "common" denominators or cultural phenomena universal to all sentient or semi-sentient creatures and societies, the Change Agent is quite correct in his strident assertions of black parity with each one of them. By these standardized uniformities, necessarily rudimentary and primitive, the Negro is our equal.

The reasons why the black makes a hands-down, superlative member of the NWO are so multitudinous that they are outside the scope of this article. Possibly the Negro's most endearing quality to Change Agents is his inability to perceive the world around him in terms of an interlocking collection of High Ideas called abstracts, those tedious ciphers which trigger every counterrevolution, civil disobedience, insurrection and reformation. Only the most tangible and palpable realities are perceived by the Negro, and these not so much perceived as simply sensed by the eye, the ear, the nose, the tongue and the hand-all synthesized into a primal cause and effect. Incapable of seeing anything so ethereal as a conflict between competing ideas, the black must perforce reinterpret such conflicts as jungle-type struggles of pleasure and pain. He will riot and rampage for things, but never do so for ideas alone.

The true Militant, Revolutionary, Patriot, Martyr and Saint are never motivated by things. When the black riots and rampages, he is instigated by the certainty of loot and justifies his action by the repetition of crude slogans. (A shotgun or a rope would readily persuade him to desist.) Accordingly, a Negro will risk action for a slogan only if he feels that the slogan will lead to a reward that panders to the senses, but he will not do so for an idea which, at most, will only lead to the acknowledgment of an esoteric principle. For all the pathetic rhetoric of a King, Malcolm, Mandela, Winnie, Douglas or Tutu, the bottom line is invariably a demand for shinier bones for the noses of dancing pickaninnies, bones which masquerade under the name of opportunities. Such a mentality is tailor-made for the tyrant and despot. It is the veritable life's blood of totalitarianism.

Because the black has no natural, innate understanding of abstracts-as proved, for instance, by the total absence of such words in his aboriginal languages-an elaborate set of elementary correspondences have been organized for him. These become the substitutes that allow him to function marginally in an ambiance of abstract reality. Respect becomes mere fear. Love becomes mere lust. Authority becomes brute force. Labor becomes mere shiny bones. By making the Negro the model citizen of the New World Order and by making his looming presence in our lives omni-proximate, what happens is that gradually his baseline correspondences to our Higher Ideas become the only definitions categorically understood by all and sundry. Consequently, our original semantical cognition of our own traditional abstracts is being replaced by primitive substitutions. The task before the Change Agents is to so alter all definitions, priorities, standards and values that near-absolute reaction to a Common Equality becomes a day-to-day fact. Because Negritude is, the bar none, most basic "equality," the Negro becomes the de facto New Equal to which all must descend, and any limitation he is incapable of transcending must be eliminated. Any priority, any idealized form of conduct, etiquette or deportment which inflexibly and rigorously demands behavior above the mean must be abolished. Any virtue or morality considered as legitimate ideals to guide and inspire, and founded on Higher Ethics or Natural Law must be eradicated utterly from the collective conscious. Such ideals must be made to seem intolerant, chauvinistic, inhibiting, bigoted, exclusive and mad. To even insinuate the existence of any natural disparity or inequality must be denounced as “divisive.” Manliness must give way to mere maleness, which reduces to brute aggression and animal vitality. Femininity must yield to mere femaleness: wantonness and submission. Pleasure must be centered on orgasm as the authentic form of happiness.

Differences that are apart, above or beyond these elemental essentials will be deemed not so much irrelevant as anti-relevant, for they oppose and contradict this Brotherhood of Mediocrity. The thesis of Micro-Anthropomorphism must be firmly inculcated until it is accepted as axiomatic. Micro-Anthropomorphism is the tendency to personify that which is below or inferior to man, assigning to it characteristics of humanity, imputing to it emotions, sentiments, cognition, perception and other qualities of Higher Sentience. This manic obsession to bestow upon less developed humans one's own personality, foibles, virtues, morais, beliefs and idiosyncrasies eventually distills into Pan Egalitarianism: the concept that everything is qualitatively equal and that no thing has any more or less significance, meaning, rank, priority or importance than any other thing. The reduction of all to nothing becomes the penultimate Nihilism. Once begun, Micro-Anthropomorphism becomes pathogenic, fixating on the dissolution of high to low, sharp to dull, hard to easy, great to small, mental to physical, logic to gut instinct, from thinking in general to feeling in general. Thus the institution of Entropy is transformed into the primary social agenda.

The sum total of all this makes the standard racialist counter-arguments ineffective. Consider this, My Brothers and Sisters, if and when all of our ancient racial norms, goals, morals, virtues, agendas, functions, imperatives, ethics, standards, values, objectives and ideas are finally obliterated from the White Public Mind, once a set of "cultural universals" are culled from the lowest common denominators of Negro behavior, then any possible argument normally advanced by Instaurationists becomes erroneous. We will be the equals of the lowest unequals.

White boys who cup their genitals to emphasize their feelings and who believe it is perfectly decorous to rape a girl on the first date are equal to African cannibals. Once all memory of standards, values and morals of historic Western Civilization are eradicated from the public consensus, then any attempt to employ them will be met with collective outrage. For some time it has been taught that the lofty ideals and codes of Western Man were a" lies, that never did a single white ever personally aspire to any such ideals and codes, that they never existed in practice, that the very same acts of vice, sodomy, folly, sin, immorality and crime committed in Haiti were the virtual staples of life in Europe for thousands of years. The New World Order of the Change Agents cannot happen without pervasive racial homeostasis. As long as the earth remains divided into autonomous states composed of autonomous individuals with indivisible sexual, racial and cultural identities, then world government of any kind remains but utopian twaddle. For this pernicious futurology to succeed a ubiquitous Mono-Identity must be indoctrinated, one common enough to include all and exclude none. Economic redistribution of not only material resources but even of history must take place. It must be shown that everyone invented and accomplished everything together. Universal Mongrelisation must occur, and only the traits and characteristics common to the least and most dysfunctional of the population must be upheld as standards for all. The next time your children ask you what they will grow up to be, take them to the United Nations and let them see the New Everyman at work and play.

Furious Fred

December 1993

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