Monday, August 29, 2011

How did we arrive on Planet Bizarro?

A 'young and naive' JewLiar Dullard

Don’t try and tell your Old Uncle Victor there’s no such thing as nightmares coming true. The twisted, alternative universe ‘consensus reality’ we wake to each morning and that assaults our senses and insults our intelligence becomes ever more grotesque by the day. Pinching oneself is futile, he’s tried it. It stubbornly refuses to go away. Even copious quantities of medicinal alcohol barely dull the pain. How did it come to be this way? Were we so wicked in some former incarnation that we deserve this intense degree of cruel punishment?

Only a decade or so ago could any normal, well adjusted Australian have imagined, even in their darkest and wildest dreams that we would have a non native Female Prime Minister who was unmarried, determinedly childless, formerly (allegedly) Communist, possibly bisexual and ‘partnered’ with a hairdresser who has a Lesbian daughter? Or that a former drug addled, very run of the mill pop ‘singer’ would be a Federal Minister? Or that another Federal Minister would be a part Asian Lesbian expecting a baby with its artificially inseminated ‘partner’? It’s the stuff of apocalyptic science fiction novels. H.P. Lovecraft himself would have struggled to concoct such abominations in his most fevered nightmares.

Even as recently as say, twenty five years ago, the comically obscene scenario we are faced with in Canberra would have qualified as the script for a farcical black comedy. ‘The Filth that runs Australia’ has been a recurring theme for us here at the Towers but the news rarely manages to elicit a sense of shock. It is usually one of, yes, we suspected this all along, but it is still exasperating to see one’s suspicions confirmed for several reasons, not the least of which is why do so many appear so surprised?

Sadly, for a long time now, the entire so-called ‘Labor Movement’ has been little more than an unrepresentative kleptocracy from the lowliest delegates, organisers through to the executive branch of the Labor Party’s Parliamentary machine. The working poor and the genuine battlers who truly need an association like a Trade Union to articulate their grievances and needs have been betrayed by a parasitic class of self indulgent, slick, Uni grad shysters with bourgeois pretensions and expensive, as well as perverse, tastes.

While these bloodsuckers have been living off the hard earned union dues of their membership, attending Marxist soirees and overseas ‘study tours’ (read: junkets) and building their ‘social networks’ to ensure their future careers as Internationalist protagonists on the Global stage, the conditions of the workers they pretend to protect have been progressively eroded and the job positions themselves have been going offshore because these maggots advocate Global trade and the World Market over the security and protection of local industry.

Again we are reminded of the ouroboros symbol, where a snake devours its own tail, although, in this case, rather than symbolising infinity and the notion of universal cyclical principles, it relates the stupidity of these apparatchiks consuming the body of the very beast that feeds them and keeps them alive. The corrupt and reckless consumption of their ‘own’ membership’s assets is a finite exercise that can only ultimately result in their own demise or, to employ an alternative analogy, when these fleas have killed the dog through their insatiable vampiric blood lust, they will need to leap onto a new host to survive. This is where their carefully nurtured global contact network comes into play. Every one of these parasites dreams of landing a cushy position in the United Nations or some related internationalist organisation. That is the ultimate prize and their reward for decades of betraying their ‘own’ people, sneering and deriding their culture and selling out their nation’s assets.

The scandalous allegations about the loathsome Labor MP, the Federal Member for Dobell, Craig Thomson and his theft of Union monies to supplement his lavish lifestyle has been topped off by the recent revelation that, according to Australian Constitutional Law, his election itself may be rendered invalid by the fact he is a New Zealander who does not appear to have renounced his former nationality! The irony was not lost on us that the institution at which this sleazebag obtained his Law Degree was Mathew Lee Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’s old alma mater studiorum, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

There are definitely going to be more exposés of corrupt behaviour among Union officials if today’s (currently on hold pending possible legal action) Radio 2UE story about the AWU and JewLiar Dullard’s love affair and assistance, while a lawyer with Slater & Gordon, to the corrupt AWU official and all round fraudster Bruce Wilson. The star witness has been placed in an unofficial form of ‘witness protection’ to avoid being bashed (again) by Labor Party/Union goons. As they say in the classics, watch this space.

But hey, it really does make one wonder who is on watch and what precisely they are watching in regard to Australian security and sovereignty but as the old saying goes, who will watch the watchers?


Anonymous said...

The trade union administratum would whine that "we can't hold a plebiscite for every single issue that might comprise union policy"

In fact, the pious weezels detest going to the members, for in doing so might be forced to betray their true masters. Barf thinks he has represented the members, knows what they want even ??????


These grubby jewish fakirs, a veritable traveling carnival of moral midgets and freaky fakirs who prey on small-town rubes while peddling patent medicines that are mostly liquor and sugar Ummm sic ?
have no place in the trade union movement.

Swillard is the latest sugar coated liquor to be sold to the rubes.

Its an epic fucking tragedy in gutteral shlomotion.

But hey.... A Goy Nation gets the Jews it deserves.

whitey said...

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggghhhhhhhh! I just vomited in my hat when I saw that pic of JewLIAR Galahd