Wednesday, August 03, 2011

If in doubt, roll Joe Hildebrand out!

And they call this guy a reporter? Have you ever read so much dribble? Well yes of course you have. Back in the day, Uncle Joe was the Jewish reporter who proudly supported fellow Jews such as Mathew Henderson Hau of Fight Dem Back, we can easily say we have read his generic lies and bullshit before.

Its always nice to see them come to the defense of their own.

White supremacists attack teacher online by hacking Facebook profile.

EXCLUSIVE by the manipulative back stabbing scum, Joe Hildebrand (of the Bnai Brith anti racism group).

The teacher, whose name cannot be revealed in order to protect the children's identities, is also a prominent anti-racism campaigner - and appears to have been targeted for that reason.

The account's creators befriended at least 32 people, almost all of them children.

Several have since unfriended the fake Facebook profile but exchanges visible on the wall show some believed it was the teacher and innocently added the frauds as a friend.

The fake account uses his name as well as the name of the school where he teaches in Sydney's west.

It features a profile picture of two naked men blowing kisses at the camera.

In the information section it states: "I'm a teacher at (name deleted) school and I adore my students. Especially the boy's (sic) I could eat them up with a spoon."

It features inappropriate pictures with captions such as "This is me being a gay god".

The profile lists his favourite pop stars as Michael Jackson, Elton John, the Pet Shop Boys and Lady Gaga.

It is understood Facebook was notified several days ago but as of yesterday it had still not removed the profile.

The identity theft followed an exchange on a website with white-supremacist links "exposing" an anti-racist blogger as the teacher.

The website, which identifies itself as anti-anti-fascist and has links to sites praising Nazis, boasted about exposing the teacher.

The mission statement at the site - which The Daily Telegraph has not named for fear of giving them free publicity - states: "We're sick of the AFA (Anti-Fascist Action) and the scum that surrounds them. We will expose over the next few weeks, months, years or however long it takes, members of the AFA."

When told the teacher worked at a particular school, the site's operators - identified in a picture as two crew-cutted young men - said to the informant: "Thanks for that, I'll follow it up."

An email was sent to the site asking if they were involved but there was no reply.

It is understood the teacher was alerted to the site by a concerned parent just a few days ago.

He has since been telling children on the site to unfriend the predator and has reported the matter to state and federal police.

The teacher said he was restricted from commenting by the Education Department, which also declined to comment yesterday. SOURCE

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Whitelaw Towers said...

Anon re. "Gollans phone number is 0421 223 #$%, rang and confirmed."

We rang this number and got some guy who claimed to a be bloke called "AJ" who doesn't know our little friend Alex. It was probably him but we need further proof before we can publish his number. Thanks anyway.