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Liberalism, the truth…

Pink is the new Red.

‘Communism kills the body but Liberalism rots the soul’ Tomislav Sunic

If Communism is so cool why is it the only political regime that builds walls to keep its own people IN rather than other people out?

Liberalism, unlike its brutal and uncouth brother Communism, is more insidious, perhaps more feminine but every bit as destructive and sadistic. The ultimate cost of decades of permissive Liberalism is a dumbed down population and is expressed in the following paraphrased comment regarding the dire state of literacy in England. ‘There is no need to ban books when almost half the population cannot read.’

For all Liberalism’s rhetoric about ‘progressiveness’ and ‘moving forward’ we are actually regressing to an almost Medieval pre-enlightenment state where the socio-political discourse is the exclusive realm of academics and intelligentsia and the proles and underclass, where they are even interested in what makes the world go round, take their meagre ‘knowledge’ via the proclamations of these Marxist oracles and their agents in the Controlled electronic media.

The indentured and obsequious Ziotards over at the Australian Proctologists Party who pose as ‘reactionary conservatives’ are but mere pale ghosts of what Conservatism used to stand for. They are what many would have called Liberals or Social Democrats only half a century ago. They are ideologically flaccid, racially ambivalent bourgeois Neo-Cons at best and active Racial traitors and miscegenators at worst. Like their somewhat more bland counterparts in the Australian Liberal Party they are only fiscal conservatives, concerned only with their bank accounts and property values and so long as their own neighbourhoods do not go to Hell they will allow every moral, ethical, social, Racial abomination to occur in the broader society. When things get really bad, and they will gentle reader, these rats will simply hole up in secure gated estates to avoid the rot.

This is indicative of just how much the political landscape has changed. They do however serve a quite vital purpose for the Cultural Marxists by presenting as ‘reactionary’ forces and ‘Racist haters’. Bereft of any intellectual vitality or ideological fortitude they play the part written for them, their lips moving as they read the script.

Conservatives create, Leftists destroy. Marxism is the pathogen, Communism is the disease. In an (in) famous exchange between the good comrades Gorky and Lenin on the subject of Modern Art, Gorky asked Lenin’s opinion on what he thought of it. Lenin replied “I can’t stand it but we must support it because it destroys.” This one comment clarifies the essence of Marxist ideology into a succinct statement of intent. Deconstruct, demolish, disassemble, destroy. In respect to this point the APP are nothing more than Marxist sock puppets in a Punch and Judy show. They are the ‘Devil’ character who, trying to appear evil and powerful, always gets fooled by the ruthless and egoistic Punch by the end of the show. That would be Punch with the big hooked nose. Yes folks, it’s all showbiz orchestrated by the consummate experts in that field.

The game is always the same down through the centuries, only the characters change in appearance, style and order to accommodate the existing historical context, social landscape and political climate. Wheeled in like a reverse Trojan Horse the APP have invited the weak willed and feeble minded to climb aboard and they almost fooled most in the broader Australian Nationalist scene. Your Old Uncle Victor will go so far as to claim that WLT saved many from a fate worse than death by exposing the fraud that is Darrin ‘Bobby Dazzler’ Hodges and his band of merry pranksters. We worked tirelessly and thanklessly to stay on the case of these phonies.

With the paradigm shift of Political discourse over to the Left, repositioning Marxist ideology to the Centre, Conservatism and Traditionalism, that had previously occupied the Middle ground of Normalcy, are now relegated to the raggedy edge of the extreme Right. What had once been mundane and generally ‘populist’ is now considered passé at best and virtually demonic at worst. On a Cosmic scale it is akin to the radical Scientific Hypothesis of ‘Crustal Displacement’ whereby the core (of the Planet), through massive inertia, maintains its basic position but the outer crust, affected by outside gravitational forces, caused by major planetary alignments or other cataclysmic events, slides over the plastic and largely liquid core.

For the sake of this analogy the Paleo-Conservatives are the ‘core’ and the Left are the outer crust. The Conservative elements maintain their intrinsic political ‘polarity’ and position on the political spectrum but everyone else moves, in this case ‘to the Left’. We can observe this phenomenon in the way that formerly extreme Leftist ideals such as so-called ‘Human Rights’, ‘Feminism’, ‘Gay Rights’, ‘Rights of the Child’ etc (all cynically designed to break down the family unit) have now been universally accepted and adopted as ‘correct’ by all the major Political Parties and Movements. Learning from his French Marxist professors, the Cambodian mass murderer Pol Pot saw the Family as ‘The gun in the hand of the Bourgeois Classes’ so, by necessity, it had to be destroyed. Ideals which, in some cases, as recently as a single Generation ago, would have been regarded as anathema to any Western Civilised Society have become unquestioned ‘truisms’ that marginalise naysayers to the level of pariahs.

The new, realigned and significantly truncated spectrum of acceptable Political discourse has zero tolerance for absolutism or immutability of any sort. Liberalism is based almost entirely on the spurious concept of Cultural Relativism, that everything is up for negotiation and constant re-evaluation, even intrinsic social values, morals and ethics. Trotskyist principles dictate the concept of unending struggle, war without end and the very Jewish idea of remaking and remodelling the World, ‘Tikkun Olam’.

The best analogy your Old Uncle Victor can come up with regarding this iconoclastic destruction of Western values by Liberalism and the atomisation of the family unit, which was formerly the even stronger extended family and clan/tribal network, is to say our organic and identity based White Western society was Analogue and this new one is Digital in its fragmentation of the underlying structures that held it together. Divide and rule has been taken to levels previously unconsidered. Technology has had a certain role to play in this but it is not the whole story. The key to our destruction has been the focussing (and limiting) of our ideas to purely functional and utilitarian processes. There is a direct bloodline from Kabbalistic Babylonian mystery school alchemic mathematics through to the dehumanised cold logic of Marxist empiricism. The days of truly inspired and romantic vision have gone and what we are left with is the modern version of old mantras and incantations, formulaic ideas.

That’s what Leftism is all about, ideas, theory, ideology, words. There can never be any limit to the dialectic of ‘Progressive’ Politics because there are always ever more radical versions of current ideology to be conceived and, as every good Leftist knows, their belief system compels them it is vital they put these ideas into practice through social experimentation. After all, as far as Liberalism is concerned, any Human Society even at its best, most efficient and productive, is never anything more than raw material fit for change. It’s a form of (attempted) forced psychological ‘evolution’ through legislation.

The adherents of the so-called ‘Frankfurt School’, eschewing the worst excesses of the Russian Bolshevik brutality which would ultimately manifest as the Stalin Regime, simply trimmed and tweaked Marxist Theory to make it more user-friendly and less scary. Don’t want to frighten the horses you know. In line with Fabianist strategy and initiated by the likes of Adorno, they began the long march through the institutions with stealth and craftiness to impose Marxism from WITHIN rather than from without and above via crude dictatorship. Now, however, even in Australia, we are witnessing how aggressively authoritarian and ruthless these Leftists can be once they have had even a whiff of real executive power. Like all cowards they fantasise about violence and play their ‘when we come to power, we’ll show those bastards’ games and history shows they are certainly capable of it.

No matter how apparently benign and mild Marxism might appear as it slowly develops and expands within a permissive society its inevitable and ultimate expression is ALWAYS ever larger Government and Bureaucracy, Forced Indoctrination Centres (Schools and Universities), snitch culture (kids dobbing on their parents for ‘counter revolutionary’ thought crimes or neighbours scoping out everything you do), ever more Draconian administration to crush creativity and when all else fails to expunge the spirit of resistance there are always the Gulags with their rubber hoses, castor oil and electro ‘treatment’. For the truly stubborn and recalcitrant there is also the fallback option of the ‘remedial’ bullet to the back of the neck.

They are no less vicious with their own either. The reason for the infamous Marxist ‘purges’ of the past is that there must be a distillation of the more aggressive and powerful among their ranks to aid progress. As Jonathan Bowden says, they have to weed out all the ‘idiots’ to maintain the momentum. All the handwringers, the soppy ‘vicar’s daughter’ types and hobbyists who want to save the whales, bring in the refugees and feed the starving Third Worlders. These ‘wets’ are very useful for bolstering the ranks, fundraising and doing all the clerical and promotional work like forming endless committees and action groups but they are way too soppy and soft and must be ruthlessly culled once the real, hardcore Marxists gain any degree of real governmental control. For every ten or so guilt ridden, self loathers there are one or two criminally insane misanthropes who would cross the road to do even a sympathiser a bad turn simply for not being extreme enough.

We observe the exponential acceleration of the Leftist polemic against Traditionalism in the demonising nature of the rhetoric employed by their hate monger puppets in the Controlled Media. It is now impossible to mention certain words, descriptors and terms without eliciting an instant negative Pavlovian response of not only rejection but shock followed by suggestions that the speaker is potentially ‘dangerous’ or even ‘Terroristic’ for countenancing such concepts or lending them credence by speaking them. Again, your Old Uncle Victor is reminded of a movie moment. It is the scene in Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ where people are instantly showered with stones for speaking the name ‘Jehova’. Funny on one level but deadly serious on another. There can be no sane discussion of certain subject matter however carefully one might tread. Words like Nationalist, Patriot and even ‘White’ are now pejorative terms.

White Nationalists are virtually today’s equivalent of the First World War German soldiers who were accused, via British contrived propaganda, of marching through Belgium with babies impaled on their bayonets! This same tradition of demonisation is still being employed today. Some of its most infamous and more recent examples are found in the lies told about Iraqi ‘atrocities’ in Gulf War one and Serbian ‘atrocities’ in the Balkan conflict. Any inconvenient truths about baby milk factories, hospitals and apartment blocks being bombed are swept under the carpet by the willing lapdogs of NATO and The United Nations in the Controlled Media. This is life as we know it in ‘Lefty World’, where ideas, words and perception are everything. It’s a clever (almost) forgery of reality.

Whatever @ndy might claim about his ‘Anarchism’ being ‘different’ to Communism the fact remains that Anarchism, Communism, Humanism, Fabianism, Feminism, Socialism, Liberalism, Trostkyism, Stalinism, even Internationalist Globalism are all the bastard progeny of the one father, Marxism. Without Marxist Theory NONE of these destructive ideologies could or would exist without that original seed. These ideologues all drink from the same poisoned well. Corporate Globalism is a hybrid created when Capital accepted certain assimilable aspects of Liberalism and adapted them to serve its insatiable greed for growth, profit and control.

To be continued…

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