Saturday, August 06, 2011

The Rat’s Nest

Lawyers, Politicians, Bureacrats, Reporters and, now it would seem, School Teachers are all part of that filthy scum that floats to the top of society's ruling clique. The clan that knows what's better for you than you do yourself. They all move in the same social circles and imbibe their slops from the same trough. So we’ve got Joe Hildebrand, Asher Moses, Antony Loewenstein and various other Jew muck rakers all liaising with Mathew Lee Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ and other Left Wing swill and conspiring to smear hard working, Taxpaying White Australian Patriots for speaking their minds.

The generic, no frills, no names, no evidence, no facts (that matter), unconfirmed ‘story’ that reads like simple hearsay should, in a just and fair world, embarrass the most hardened Commie liar. It truly is that bad. But these vile creatures have absolutely no sense of shame.

‘Evil fiction: teacher a target of fake Facebook profile’

Note the (overplayed) use of the word ‘evil’ and yet the The ‘Evil fiction’ of which they speak is their own article.

Asher Moses

How does the old joke go? They call him Moses because when he opens his mouth Bull Rushes!

August 5, 2011 - 11:15AM

‘Police are hunting the creator of a fake Facebook profile that was used to impersonate a Sydney primary school teacher and frame him as a paedophile by targeting kids at his school.’

‘Frame’? Has there been a crime committed for which the ‘teacher’ is being unjustly accused? And what, pray tell, is the writer of this claptrap presenting as EVIDENCE that the claim was NOT correct? Is he proposing to negate this purely on the basis that it mustn’t be true because the accuser is a ‘Nazi’? Elaborate and elucidate son! Is it not a basic tenet of your vocation to ‘inform’? We, as readers, not familiar with the facts of this story, are reliant upon the writer to present us with both sides of the claim so as to make an informed decision on who we believe and to form an opinion based on a little more than mere gossip.

‘The teacher, who cannot be named,’

WHY can he not be named? Who forbids this? What sort of News ‘Reporter’ withholds facts so basic and essential to a News article?

‘is a long-time campaigner against racism online and with others he runs a blog that names and shames racists by publishing their hate-filled Facebook postings.’

Oh, and is that ALL it does? Does the author of that blog not cyber stalk and harass and seek to intimidate those who he sees as political adversaries? Does he not vilify and slander individuals and seek to ruin their lives and reputations and have them lose their jobs etc for their OPINIONS?

‘In a phone interview, he said he believed this is why he was targeted. He said he and his family had been harassed over the phone, received death threats and had threatening notes left in his mail box after his personal details - including his address, phone number, photos and work details - were posted on a white supremacist website.’

We’d say that pretty much confirms the old adage that ‘Ye reap what ye sow’. Also it indicates the ‘teacher’ can surely dish it out but he can’t take it. What? You thought you could take cheap shots at real people and fuck with their lives and they’d just cop it sweet?

“This Facebook profile opened up a couple of days ago with a picture of me and a friend with shirts off holding a beer ... they were writing things on the wall such as 'i'm gay and I like little boys' and all sorts of things like that," the teacher said in a phone interview.’

Phone interview…

“They were engaging with students - kids were commenting and they were writing back pretending to be me.”

One has to ask what this reveals about the existing ‘relationships’ the ‘teacher’ had with his students if they proceeded to correspond after they’d read the ‘writings on the wall’. Can everyone say ‘inappropriate’?

‘Screenshots of the fake profile, which Fairfax Media has chosen not to publish, have photos of the teacher with captions such as "this is me being a gay god". The About Me section says: "I'm a teacher at [redacted] and I adore my students. Especially the boy's [sic] I could eat them up with a spoon".

The screenshots also show students posting on the wall debating whether the profile is real. Some appeared to be tricked by the ruse. "Hey mr [redacted] can I do training next week because my leg is better," wrote one.’


‘The teacher said parents had contacted him asking why he befriended their children on Facebook and he worried the impersonators were also grooming them through private messages.’

Is there any EVIDENCE of this ‘grooming’ having occurred, or is this, once again, just more wild speculation?

‘Their goal, he believes, was to "portray me as a paedophile and make me lose my job".

Really? Oh, you mean like all these self appointed ‘Nazi Hunters’ do with THEIR targets? Let’s see. Who has done PRECISELY this sort of thing in the past? Mathew Lee Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’, Brian ‘weezil’ Stokes, Donald ‘duckmonster’ Oorst, Cam ‘Dr. Sexenheimer’ Smith, Andy ‘slackbastard’ Moran/Fleming (Kennedy/Onassis?) from the Criminal Gang known as ‘Fight Dem Back’ or FDB. Having been a member himself of the FDB Gangster Clan, the ‘teacher’ would be more than familiar with their tactics which quite clearly he has imitated.

‘The teacher said he had reported the harassment to police.’

Which particular ‘harassment’? The actual ‘teacher’s’ harassment of the White Nationalists and Australian Patriots or the largely bogus and vexatious claims of ‘harassment’ by so-called ‘Nazis’? It would not surprise us to learn, later on down the track, that much of this claimed ‘harassment’ was manufactured by the ‘teacher’ himself. This is standard FDB modus operandi.

‘He had been making reports about the phone threats for months but police had never done anything about it.’

That’s not particularly unusual in and of itself. Many White Nationalists have been simply waved away with barely concealed contempt by authorities when they lodge complaints against actual violent or terroristic acts perpetrated upon them by Commies and Anarchists. The explosive device that detonated out the front of Carl Thompson’s mother’s house spraying shrapnel comes to mind as just one example. In that case the Police chose to exercise their rights of 'discretion' and decide NOT to investigate! Can the reader even imagine the outrage if the (intended) victim had been Darp’s mother?

"I've got about six or seven outstanding police reports and none of them have been touched. I tried to get an AVO [apprehended violence order] in Sydney but I didn't even get it due to a police f*** up," he said.’

“f*** up” eh? Nice language for a ‘teacher’.

‘But now that kids have become involved and parents have begun complaining, NSW Police has fired up an investigation.’

Oh, have they? Well done then. It’s so refreshing to see our hard earned Tax Dollars being spent to protect the reputation and continued employment of a White hating Commie ‘teacher’. NOT.

“Redfern Police are investigating a fake Facebook page created to impersonate a south-western Sydney teacher,” a NSW Police spokesman said.

“The matter was reported to Redfern Police on 1 August 2011 after the teacher was alerted by one of the parents at the school. It will be alleged the parent told him the impersonator had added a number of his students as friends.”

‘Police said inquiries into the matter were continuing.’


‘The spokesman said a person charged in relation to this type of crime could be charged with offences under the Telecommunications Act including using a carriage service to harass or menace.’

It’s all good. Let’s hope that similar determination to prosecute is exercised when the White Nationalists counter with their own complaints of harassment.

‘It is understood the teacher reported the incident to his local MP, Tanya Plibersek, whose office referred it to the Australian Federal Police.’

Tanya Plibersek! Oh, what a LAFF! This is the same dopey, ‘chicken little’, the sky is falling in and the tides a’ rising, bitch who’s married to a convicted Heroin trafficker. Yeah, like she’s got even a shred of credibility.

‘However, the AFP said it only investigated crimes against federal government departments and not private companies or individuals.’


“Facebook is hosted in the United States, which makes it difficult for Australian law enforcement agencies to police,” the AFP spokesman said.

“Individual users of Facebook who feel threatened by material that they believe is being posted by someone they know or who is close to them, can report these matters to their local state/territory police in the first instance.”

The teacher has been fighting online racism for years and has campaigned through media and privately to have Facebook groups and other websites taken offline.’

Yeah! We bet he has. But how about the ‘reporter’, the kosher Mr. Moses, publishes some of the ‘teacher’s’ comments and threats etc? No, well that won’t happen because it would spoil the image of the poor innocent victim ‘teacher’ wouldn’t it? Just as the Jew always strikes you and cries out in pain as he does it or steals from you and yells ‘Stop thief!’ their chutzpah knows no bounds.

‘Asked if he believed he was fighting a losing battle given he was unlikely to change the views of the racists and was simply painting a target on his back, the teacher said he would not be cowed.’

Ah yes, the noble warrior. So brave and noble he resorts immediately to the authorities to fight his battles for him. Like all Leftist bullies and thugs he is an abject coward, both moral and physical, at heart and an authoritarian through and through.

“I don't think the debate or argument is unwinnable. (sic)

Ultimately his ‘argument’ is one of denying reality itself so we don’t see how he can ever ‘win’ unless we are all frogmarched off to the gulag for re-education and forced to swallow the Blue Pill. But the TRUTH always has a way of leaking out.

‘They're just trying to intimidate people like me from speaking out against racism," he said.

Erm, no, we believe you’ll discover, if you extract your cranium from your rectum, that it is the so-called ‘AntiFa’ who set out to intimidate White people who reject Multiculturalism from speaking out against White Genocide, you fucking HYPOCRITE!

“I'm just attacking racism - i'm attacking the comments, not the person.”


“It's almost as though they can't engage in the actual discussion or argument at hand without sending death threats or threatening family members.”

Whoah thar! That is an absolute crock of SHIT! Ad Hominem attacks are the standard stock in trade of ALL self righteous Leftist so-called ‘AntiFa’. They wrote the playbook and this ‘teacher’ is no exception. The experience of the Whitelaw Towers’ staff is precisely the OPPOSITE to this ‘teacher’s’ claims.

‘The fake profile impersonating the teacher has now been removed from Facebook. Asked whether Facebook was responsible for disabling the profile, the social networking site would not comment but said it was against the site's rules to "provide any false personal information on Facebook, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission".

As Facebook's user base has ballooned to 750 million users globally, the site has struggled to keep it clean of nasty content and individuals.

It has been heavily criticised for failing to rid the site of paedophiles, child porn and groups celebrating the Holocaust. The site is quick to act when it receives critical media attention about certain issues but generally does not appear to have enough staff to adequately police the copious amounts of content posted by users every day.

State and federal attorneys-general are discussing ways of forcing the site to give parents access to their kids' profiles or even limit membership to those who are over 18. The South Australian attorney-general, John Rau, has been tasked with reporting back with ways of implementing such regulations.’

South Australian? WTF? Does he wear pink shorts too?


Shockadelic said...

Pot, kettle, black. A "friend" of Alex has now published two articles on a blog called sharkscage (promoted on antibogan's Facebook page) about this.

Both articles claim I run the "Victims" group (which I don't) and the lastest claims I created the fake profile (which I didn't) and posted comments I didn't post.

Both articles compare me to the serial killer Jame Gumb from "Silence of the Lambs"!

Lemmy said...

Breaking out the violins for you Pete.

Anonymous said...

you do know that the "boycott israel" campaign is mostly recognized as a 'pro-palestinian' don't you?

WLT NSW said...

Lemmy said...
'Breaking out the violins for you Pete.'

Lemmy? Surely not. And we happen to know for a fact that you play a Rickenbacker Bass...not a violin. Nice try, imposter!

WLT NSW said...

Anonymous said...
'you do know that the "boycott israel" campaign is mostly recognized as a 'pro-palestinian' don't you?'

Erm...yes...pretty much...but...WTF has that got to do with not only the price of eggs but the post to which you attached your comment?

Anonymous said...

I was asked to forward this....
The facebook profile did not portray alex as a 'pedo, it was merely in the character of an overtly sexual queer. The favorite bands were in character with this. All pictures of Alex happen to be in character with this. Numerous students added the profile as a friend and recommended it to other friends, past and present students.
Facebook also automatically suggests friends and these were added indiscriminately.

No wall comments were responded to by the profile owner. No private messages were sent. The profile was merely made then abandoned.

It seems alex wants his triple life kept private. In one he is the calm, collected and responsible educator. The other, he is the sexually provocative gay party boy who has to put his sexuality out there through film, music and personal photos. And his third, he is the hero of the oppressed, hunting the evil white man and destroying them.
Some may rightly wonder if these should be the characteristics of somebody who cares for impressionable, vulnerable children.
Simply public info made more pubic in a humorous manner.