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The tangled webs they weave...

MY mum's bigger and tougher than YOUR mum!

In light of some recent news articles regarding our currently severely dysfunctional society your kindly Old Uncle Victor thought the gentle reader might appreciate this scathing critique from 1992 written by a certain ‘Furious Fred’. Victor reckons Fred pretty much nails it and regards some of the key phrases as Pure Gold. While reading this two decade old piece the reader might muse upon the ramifications of recent outrages against decency and normalcy.

For example there is the wrangle, here in God’s Own Country no less, between a retired Homosexual (retired from work that is, presumably not retired from Sodomy) who lives with his mother (so many do) and the now estranged Lesbian couple for whom he donated his sperm resulting in a daughter who is now about ten years old. Now this is where it gets more interesting. The non biological ‘mother’ who does not even live with the birth mother (are you following this okay so far gentle reader?) has recently succeeded in a legal bid, convincing an actual real Judge of Law (really, it’s all true, you couldn’t make this shit up) to erase the Homosexual male’s name as the father on the actual Birth Certificate and replace it with HER name!!! Meanwhile he is being denied access to his daughter even though he has been footing the bills for her exclusive private schooling etc while the ‘mothers’ are on social welfare payments and working on the sly to ‘supplement’ their ‘incomes’ (your Tax Dollars) AND they get Legal Aid whereas he has to pay his own freight. Out-fucking-rageous indeed, but can everyone say PRECEDENT?

Forget the legal and moral dilemmas for one moment. What this is an example of is denying science and nature. These creatures hate REALITY itself. They deny and refute FACT and TRUTH and are aided and abetted in this by the LAW!!! It reads like an Orwellian Dystopic situation. Rewriting History or simply expunging some people from the Historical record. It is INSANE. But it has all been predicted and warned of for many, many years. Read on...

Liberation - Empowerment - Nihilism

Remember when all THEY wanted from us was some oxymoronic vacuity called “liberation?” To petition for it, their innumerable advocates used words which, inane in this new context, still managed to pull the same emotive strings as if plucked by a Paine, Burke, Henry or Jefferson. And in such fashion their situationally righteous invective and grotesque parodies of reason hammered against our sense of fairness the great ideas which inspired us at Athens, Runnymede, Wittenberg and Independence Hall. So, from their rabid fanatic throats burst words like Equality, Justice, Opportunity, Freedom and all things supposedly inalienable, immutable and carved in stone by the veritable finger of God. We were told that, uneducated, uncivilized, unproductive, incapable and unwashed though they were, they somehow yearned to be free. And they had much to be freed from, they told us. Why, as their conflagrant instigations went, they were oppressed, suppressed, depressed and compressed. They were exploited, manipulated, denied, cheated, bullied, harassed and untolerated. They were kept chained and dying in cotton fields, kitchens and closets. They were being genocided, pestocided, endangered and kept barefoot. Consequently, every conceivable "minority" cried piteously for emancipation from some respective White Man's Dungeon.

The skateboard lickers, golden shower queens, cross-dressers, infant fondlers and corpse violators told us that it merely meant "liberation" from intolerance, inhibition and the missionary position, that because of our Victorian and Puritanical prudery they had negative self-images. If they were only liberated from our glacial phobias they could become the epitome of the self-actualized and the culturally wholesome. After all, they simply wished to feel good about themselves as they whipped, dirtied and fisted each other in their uninterrupted necro-venereal holocaust.

Women and all the various levels of Sisterhood only wanted shoes, suffrage and implanted breasts. They only wanted us to be "sensitive, responsive and caring of their needs;" only wanted to be liberated from being alternately raped and sheltered; only wanted to overcome their fear of flying and abort their children. They had this thing, they told us, called a "potential," which was being cruelly withheld by our sexist, chauvinist, phallocentric, testosterone-permeated Patriarchal Power Structure. After all, behind every great man loomed a uterine beginning and presence.

Our children only wanted a generation gap where doing their own thing would liberate them from our traditions, norms, values and past. Their own self-concepts were being stifled by the establishment which forced them to walk in our footsteps. They only wanted Dad to stop sexually abusing them and making them mow the front yard; wanted to be free to relish the endless summer with their peers without fascist constraints. After all, one generation's fox-trot is another's slam dancing.

Melanoids of every hue only wanted a good-faith opportunity to get a piece of due process, to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and dream in front of the bus. They told us, or rather their perennial spokesmen told us, that all we had to give them was their freedom. They would do all the rest. Not only that, they would do it within our Western context, based on our standards, according to our ideals. If only we would stop lynching them and conducting studies on racial differences! The mestizos only wanted to pick our lettuce without being rounded up by the Border Patrol. Asians only wanted to do our laundry, bake their fortune cookies and show us their front teeth with dignity. Southern Italians and Sicilians only wanted to learn English and try to pass for real whites. Jews only wanted to own us quietly and unobtrusively. The aboriginal Redskins only wanted our pity, mirrors and firewater. Third World “countries” only wanted liberation from white colonialism and Western domination.

Daffy, Bambi and Bugs, Cheetah, Fido and Flipper only wanted their naturaI "Iife rights" not to be endangered or rendered extinct by Coors-maddened good ole boys and anal-directed real estate developers, just as the "environment" only wanted to be liberated from our pollution. Likewise, the Aged, Handicapped, Insane, Criminal and Chemically Addicted all began to plead for their own peculiar forms of liberation from the Evil Blue-Eyed Debbie and his Western Civilization along with its constraining principles of absolutes and laws. Yes, even Satanists demanded their share of liberation from the hated White Man and his religious chauvinism. And to us, steeped in 10,000 disciplines of righteousness and ethical philosophies, all this sounded so unarguably fair. What man could withhold such basic justice from his theoretical “equals?”

It is imperative to note that the liberation of the Miserable was not accomplished through an assault by irresistible force, whether of nature, reason or arms. It was not a victory of valiant struggle, but one of incessant whining. Their glorious emancipation was a sop given to a wailing beggar or, more accurately, an exasperated capitulation made by an indulgent daddy to his brat throwing a tantrum in a supermarket; not a mutually acceded treaty or truce between sovereignties at war. It is also imperative to note that our sublime acts of charity were unprecedented in the history of mankind because this charity, as it turns out, was solicited with the most malevolent intent. The long and short of it is that we were had!

For the sake of brevity, Empowerment can be defined as the radical, multipotent enfranchisement of the Weak, Ugly and Inferior over and above the Powerful, Beautiful and Superior. The formerly liberated no longer want some silly White Man's abstraction called Liberty. They want to be Empowered, their euphemism for wanting to be the Boss over the White World. They want to run it, to own it and to have their way with it; and they demand to do so with unrestricted abandon, without censor, restraint or transition. They want it all, and they want it now. It should be mundanely axiomatic that no entity can be Empowered without an equal and opposite Disempowerment of another entity. Therefore, their Empowerment is our Dispossession. Robertson's Dispossession Hypothesis is not only proved correct; it is proved so observably in direct proportion to their Empowerment.

The Sodomites and assorted Sickophiliacs, now out of closets and from under rocks, have demanded and received Empowerment. The North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is now a registered PAC, which lobbies yearly to decriminalize pederasty and paedophilia and does so with the aplomb and industry of the AMA. Faggotry has been normalized as an alternative lifestyle, recognized by courts and Congress alike as legal behaviour. From this “liberation,” myriad groups like the Gay and Lesbian Task Force, AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power and the Queer Nation now demand a categorical end to “homophobia and heterosexism.” Daily legislation is enacted that grants them a protected status over and above that of decent and sane folks. Heterosexist tax money is apportioned to the “gay community” for public relations purposes, for mass propaganda to promote sexual aberration among the sexually healthy, for school curricula for our children which undermines Western morality as it agitates cultural militancy in the sordid souls of the most egregiously perverse.

Women now roar and we must all hear it. Gone is their puerile rhetoric about sensitive, emasculated and androgynous “male persons.” Women's Lib is dead and gone. Now, an occult-like Earth Mother Cult has arisen where a convoluted Goddess Worship assaults the very Throne of God. The Empowered woman is a cruel bitch whose ubiquitous agenda for a "gender free world" is but Machiavellian doublespeak for Universal Castration, a Stalinesque Inquisition rooting out patriarchal phallocentrism in language, art and science. History is now herstory, religion is a Deity with breasts. We are stridently informed that the vagina was the First Primal Archetype which motivated all things and gave birth to all things. Sexism is the new Hitler, the kitchen the new Treblinka, every ignored woman a gassed Jew. The Castrating Harpy is the symbol of the new feminine freedom fighter who conquers with the self-righteous hysteria of Penis Envy, overcoming all barriers of gender bias, either on the job, in the classroom or on the battlefield. And so Empowerment has given us imitations and fantasies as pathetic as they are bogus.

Children likewise have been empowered. It is called Child Autonomy, the “social movement” which gives a six-year-old the same rights of "self-determination" as any other "person." The authority of parents is no more binding to obedience than a favour asked by a buddy. One phone call, one accusation and any parent can be handcuffed within an hour. Television teaches the kiddies to be arrogant, smart-mouthed, impudent and self-willed. Hoodlums and sluts are their role models. Children's Rights Advocacy is the new platform to Empower the young against mean ole Mom and Dad.

The Empowerment given to the Melanoids is nothing short of usurpation. They are now pretenders to the Throne of Civilization, its rightful sovereign overthrown not by conquest but by skulking abdication. So, because the cultural competition of Liberty proved them all a laughing stock, freedom within a benignly equal society can never be enough. The order of the day is a systematic Empowerment which makes a legitimate 75% of the population submit to an illegitimate 25% in an absurd parity game called Cultural Diversity, a piteous farce which dictates that, since all races are equal in all things and one colour has no precedence over another, the whites have only one vote, the blacks one, the yellows one, the browns another and so forth-all in a surreal shell game called Pluralistic Democracy where in the twinkling of an eye we are literally outvoted. Social and cultural gerrymandering has been taken to a diabolically ludicrous extreme.

Having opened this Pandora's Box, the doctrine of Empowerment has swollen to outrageous dimensions. Extrapolating the notion that all sentient life forms are "Equal," self-appointed representatives clamour for Empowerment for all forms of life, with each worm, virus and fern having equal voice in the great scheme of things. Animal Rights activists are shutting down all normal and traditional encroachments on the animal kingdom. Development of resources is anathema to those who would fling us back to the jungle heart of darkness. Even the environment itself is being encouraged to return to a state of fallow verdure, to escape the industrial ravishment of the White Man and his technology, his hated know-how and yes even his very presence. Vacant lots and bike paths are being declared historical landmarks; nature trails confiscated by eminent domain. And so it goes, on and on, with the Empowerment of the unfit, the dysgenic and the dysfunctional of every conceivable stripe and shade. Inundated with totalitarian legislation, we are forced to grant the old, the crippled and the lunatic special rights, powers and immunities denied the organic founders of the very system of law and government which empowers them.

Any and all things on the surface of the globe and all things which creepeth upon the face of the earth, either animal, vegetable or mineral, all things are to be considered, except the White Man. We have no allies; we are sans advocate, friend or fan. And our self-professed enemies, the Newly Empowered, have become our sadomasochistic taskmasters, pretentious incompetents affecting authority in a world where their contributions haven't even been marginal in the harsh measure of history. For this entire Empowerment Phenomenon is but encoded sophistry for the absolute and categorical isolation of one entity by all other entities. It is the cutting of the White Man from the herd of life. Omnilateral political, social and economic Empowerment is but the wherewithal to accomplish it.

Ultimately the real issue is not Empowerment, just as it was never Liberation, not even in the French Revolution. It is the result of a psychotic envy teased from a disparity as immutable as death and as eternal as time. It is a maniacal jealousy caused by linear differences in quality, class and ability-as changeless as the law of gravity. Therefore, theirs is not revolution through Liberation and Empowerment. It is mere rebellion. It is a lunatic flinging sand at the moon, an occult insurrection by the irreconcilably Less against the irreconcilably More; rabid anarchy against the Order, Pattern and Design that holds the universe together.

And so, rather than being an exaltation of Nature, as they pretend, theirs has become the degenerate's denial of the natural through a perverse inversion of the unnatural, substituting darkness for light and light for darkness, evil for good and good for evil. Empowerment of the weak, not through an ascent from despotism and an elevation of the impotent towards omnipotence, but through a descent into multiversal slavery and the dissolution of all time-established power. The order and position of the natural Hierarchy of Sovereignty and domination has been artificially usurped by a Pecking Order of Nihilism, a backtracking of True Progress and Prosperity to the brambles and weeds of the savage, brutal, primitive and “equal.”

It is the spastic struggle of the unfit, the antigenic, the evil, the stupid, the hideous and the vile against all that is superior, the White Man being but the most visible manifestation of superiority's Ideal. It is the unquenchable lust of the Destroyer to destroy until orgasmic destruction reduces all excellence to a ubiquitous rubble, not of mediocre chunks of “diversity,” but pulverized into equally minuscule particles of dust, that dry twin sister of mire.

The awful truth is that theirs is a victory of spite, not justice.


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