Thursday, August 04, 2011

The view from the grassy knoll

Hey folks, it’s getting a bit crowded up here with all the Lone Gunmen, Manchurian Candidates and assorted other ‘fire and forget’ useful idiots. The White Zombie Anders Breivik could well be living proof of the Hollywood clueless blonde bimbo cliché. You know the one. The huge breasted, dumb, gum chewing ‘shiksa’ is the stereotype but, in this day and age of sexual ambiguity, why not have a male variation on this theme? He’s had the nose job, he’s kissed Kosher arse, he’s danced with the queers in the gay parade and he’s lauded the Zionists as ‘Cultural Cousins’. The more time that passes the more details that are revealed about this freak and his very strange life and psychological condition.

Breivik’s Jewish ‘boyfriend’ Isaak Green, Mossad agent and ‘handler’.

A young Malcolm McClaren, the Homosexual ‘Scottish’ Jew (his mother was a Sephardic Jewess from Portugal whose family was in the Diamond Trade) who ‘managed’ the Sex Pistols.

Okay, so they're different but we definately note a similarity. perhaps it's the anaemic, coffee lounge complexions. The insipid, soppy, nebbish looks. Whatever. We're sticking to our original impression. These creatures are of the same tribe.

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