Tuesday, August 09, 2011

When is a Darp not a Darp?

On the site there is an article entitled ‘Racist loonies have taken leave of their census’. It can be found by following the link below.

Among the many comments is the following:
Mathew Henderson-Hau says:
12:42pm 08/08/11

You made the same mistake a lot of crazed lefties make. Religion has NOTHING to do with race. I am an atheist, yet I would tick Christian on the census to ensure that Islam doesn’t become a major lobbying force. It is the greatest danger to civil liberties and our way of life. The atrocities of Islam surpass that of the Nazi regime, and it still goes on, unhindered, because of uneducated reactionary lefties like yourself. That being said, I am far left of centre, however I can see the forest for the trees. I’d prefer if all religions gtfo’d, but I’d rather the devil we know. Halal is cruelty. Bagging a womans head (whilst possibly improving her aesthetic) is cruelty. Beating women is cruelty. Sacrificing a goat every time you buy a new house or car is cruelty. Islam is diametrically opposed to civilisation as a whole and must be opposed everywhere it rears it’s hate fuelled racist and segregationistic head. I suggest you learn a little more before spouting op ed nonsense, you’re clearly clueless on the issue.

Unless Darp has had something of a ‘road to Damascus’ moment and decided to be a little more (not much though) truthful and realistic about Politics, Race and Religion we would still be very sceptical that this is the real M.L. Henderson-Hau Esq. It is FAR more likely to be Darrin 'Bobby Dazzler' Hodges or one of his Australian Protologists Party pals having a laugh even if there are a couple of words with more than two syllables and only a handful of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors contained within the post in question.

Considering Darp IS a certified 'crazed lefty' we have some difficulty reconciling this post with his past work. Besides, Darp no longer uses his longhand, pretentiously hyphenated name of 'Mathew Henderson-Hau' in his 'professional' capacity. He now utilises the rather trendier and snappier 'Mat Henderson' or 'Mat Lee Henderson'.

Like a dog returning to sniff its own vomit, we know Darp will one day be back in the limelight to spruik his Multicult snake oil. Let's face it, his ego simply will not permit his self imposed exile from publicity to go on for much longer but we are seriously doubting this is a guest appearance from the infamous ball shaver himself. It also makes us wonder at the motive of the person who anonymously alerted us to the post's existence.

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