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Wise words on Race Mixing from the past...

Miscegenation: the “Wimp Factor”

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The white female-non white male pairing is the most visible and usually the most galling to white males, probably because racial memories tell us that women are a kind of property and the sight of one of our own with a male outside our own tribe is an indication that our group power has been sufficiently reduced to allow this theft to occur. Primitive raiding parties seized the enemy's women as booty. And in most wars, ancient and modern, the women of the vanquished land are taken by the conquering armies for their own pleasure. So it is that the white female in the company of a non white male arouses in us so much hostility: it is a visible sign of our defeat and dispossession, a diminution of our power and control. (All the more reason for Hollywood and TelAvision to rub our noses in it at every opportunity.) Our most treasured property has been seized and the comelier the female, the greater our distress and sense of loss, as beauty carries the highest value.

Much of the racial bastardization occurring in America today is the result of white male-non white female pairings, not the other way around. Most of these matings are of the white male-Hispanic or Oriental female variety. (I define Hispanics as Amerindians or mestizos.) White male-black female pairings, though they stand out much more dramatically, are relatively uncommon. White male-non white female couplings-rapidly increasing in the U.S.-are more likely to produce racially undefined offspring than are the white female-non white male couplings. (The same intensity of feeling is not aroused in white males at the sight of a white male with a non white female. Since sex is a function of power, power is not perceived as being lost in these matches.)

For a hint of the motivations behind these matings, let us turn to that insightful psychologist, Anthony M. Ludovici, who played a prominent part in introducing the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, to the English-speaking world. In his book, Man: An Indictment, Ludovici pointed out that modern times have seen a significant increase of marriages in England between widows or divorcees and young bachelors. He ascribed this, in part, to young Englishmen being “fearful of lithe duty of sex-initiation.” In Ludovici's view this argued “progressive sexual degeneration in the male” and a “Ioss of mastery and of art in the sex relations,” due, most probably, to “a widespread decline in stamina.”

Discarding the notion that feminists are in great part lesbians or tribades, Ludovici attributed the rise of feminism to the decline of the male. “All life is a struggle after power, and power extends only so far as the paint where it meets with effective resistance,” he writes, following the main ideas of his German mentor. The extension of woman's power in recent years, therefore, must be commensurate with our own weakness... and if we blame anyone it must be ourselves.”

Ludovici wrote the above in 1927. As far as I know, he died sometime in the early 70s. There is no doubt that even though he predicted the trend, he would be astounded to see the incredible power feminism has gained in the last few decades. (By the way, Man: An indictment, and all of his other works are worth seeking out and reading.)

The decline in male self-mastery and vigour that Ludovici observed in England and Europe between the World Wars is with us today in America, in an even more exaggerated form. There are few white American males, at least few who reside in the chaotic megalopolitan areas, who can boast an aggregate of animal vigour or self-confidence equal to that of their grandfathers. The most obvious flesh-and-blood examples of male decline have been tagged with the contemporary label, "wimp." There is, needless to say, a goodly dose of wimpery in most of us, which perhaps explains the amount of humour directed at the most visible modern specimens.

The wimpish lack of confidence and self-mastery merges with the 2Oth-century evanescence of racial and cultural consciousness and so contributes to our personal dilemma. Such negative traits put a male in poor stead in the quest for a mate. In prior centuries it would have probably consigned him to a life of celibacy or to the patronage of Anthony Ludovici, expert on wimpery prostitutes. As with many other life-negative forms, the wimp blossomed and came into his own in this century. Whereas 70 years ago he might have been attracted to an older woman, a widow or a divorcee, today he is as likely as not to seek out-or, more precisely, to be grabbed off by-an Oriental or Hispanic female of his own approximate age. These aggressive yellow or brown females can spot a white wimp miles away. He is the easiest of prey. By latching on to one of these specimens, and by marrying same, the non white female takes a giant social step upward. The wimp's advantage is that he can thereby indulge in sex without having to display the virtues of the hunter. Sex is virtually forced upon him. Likewise, he does not risk embarrassing himself with clumsy fumblings with a young woman of his own caste.

Race, as always, plays its dynamic part: hidden in the recesses of his mind is the conviction that the yellow or brown female is not as important as a white one. Therefore, his own lack of self-assurance and sexual mastery is not as galling as it would be if he had married a female of his own race. Children are often in great demand by the non white female partners in mixed marriages. While a half-white child may be an object of scorn to aristocratic Orientals or even to members of stratified primitive cultures in the Vietnamese or Amerindian outbacks, most of the social climbing nonwhites look upon a light-skinned baby as a passport to a more respectable and elevated niche in their cultural circles. Certainly this is so among the citified Amerindians and mestizos of Mexico and Latin America. I know of one case where a dark and rather homely mestizo had a blue-eyed and light-complexioned baby by her American wimp common-law husband. In the market the other dusky women would gather around her with both admiring looks and envious comments. She was told she “was too ugly to have such a beautiful child.”

Some observers have noted the fairly high ratio of white male-Oriental female couples in and around large military installations. It is not at all surprising that wimp types often join the service, often the most "macho" branches. The desire to travel and see the world is sometimes a wish on the part of the young white recruit to indulge in wimpish miscegenation far away from the eyes and sexual norms of family and friends. Many small businesses in both America and Europe make a handsome profit by introducing white males to Oriental or Amerindian females. Some even organize tours of the Orient specifically designed so that Joe or Hans or Olaf can find an Asian fiancée. (There are also mail-order services that introduce men to Swedish women seeking an American husband, though I rather suspect that a high percentage of clients of this service are non white males.)

I do not claim that it is only wimpery that pushes a white male into the arms of non white females. But I have to believe it is the paramount reason. I will admit, however, that there are secondary reasons for this type of miscegenation. German anthropologist H.F.K. Gunther has commented sadly on the fascination that so many Nordic males have for "exotic women." Many men wedded to non white females will speak of the “femininity” of their mates, compared to the hard-edged modern white woman.

Nevertheless, a male of high self-esteem and self-control will always choose as a bride a woman of his own race. The factors that gave rise to feminism are the weaknesses and wimpishness of the modern white male. In the presence of a white man with a strong will-to-power, however, the hard "feminist" qualities in the white female will wither. Like a violet after the first spring rain, the truly feminine will emerge.

Is it possible for young white males to be “de-wimped”? Only through racial reintegration can a wimp be transformed into a confident and complete white male. Only by reintegration into the core of Western Culture can personal decline be stemmed and reversed. But this reintegration is the most dangerous game of all, for one must be willing to die, so to speak, in order to be reborn. In race there is power, the kind of power and strength that American and European males yearn for as their world caves in around them. The wimp can obtain short term pleasure with a female of another race, but the well-being of a lifetime can only be secured by the rebirth of race, of race feeling, and by selecting a woman of one's own kind.

Vic Olvir 1992


Anonymous said...

Very well written, and accurate. I can report that dating between white teenagers really doesn't exist anymore, and that there is a toxic environment in the public school system that basically encourages males to go through high school with, "their dick tucked between their legs". I recently was in high school, and we are taught that girls don't want sex, that men force it apon them, and that if you have sex you will get an STD. I personally know a white haired, blue eyed girl who (I'm guessing because she couldn't find a white male partner), went and got pregnant at 18 with a Somali immigrant. She is now a single mother, and the child is black haired, brown eyed, just like the father. I hold my teachers accountable for the brainwashing which they have inflicted apon myself and my peers. It is genocide against us. Anti-racist is codeword for anti-white.

Anonymous said...

"Nevertheless, a male of high self-esteem and self-control will always choose as a bride a woman of his own race. The factors that gave rise to feminism are the weaknesses and wimpishness of the modern white male. In the presence of a white man with a strong will-to-power, however, the hard "feminist" qualities in the white female will wither. Like a violet after the first spring rain, the truly feminine will emerge. "

And with the Feminist society and SlutWalk Proclaimed as not just acceptable but the normal thing for "women" to be like how can any young gentleman be able to find any "truly feminine" lady?!?

The mass majority of our women sadly are stuffed, unfit for marriage and divorce in the click of a finger.

So what hope for Our generation if we continue to live in this trash system of Social and Moral Degeneracy???