Sunday, September 18, 2011

APP Israel Firsters talk more shit

From the sepsis oozing open latrine pit that is the Australian Proctologist Party forum:

Re: The real Dr. Jim Saleam
by darrinh » 15 Sep 2011, 23:15

‘The Australian Proctologist Party turn out in numbers to support the nuclear armed ‘Brave little Israel’ and taunt supporters of the original owners of the Bandit State’s stolen lands, the dispossessed Palestinians.
Witless Towers - ... n-its.html’

“By his own logic, Peter supports handing back the entirety of Australia to its original owners.”

By ignoring the essential arguments and crystal clear positions articulated in the original WLT article and through the positing of an utterly absurd and spurious straw man* argument Darrin ‘Bobby Dazzler’ Hodges yet again attends an intellectual gunfight armed only with his trusty (and rusty) penknife. He makes no attempt to either confirm or deny his position on the Commonwealth troops and administrators murdered by the Zionist Terrorists during the establishment of the Bandit State of Israel. Are we left to conclude he approves of the torture and murder of British troops by Jewish terrorists?

WLT has stated several times before that we have no particular axe to grind with the ‘original custodians of this Great Southern Land’. We regard them as every bit a part of the natural flora and fauna of this magnificent island continent as are the kangaroos and wombats. In fact we find it odd that Darrin would take this apparently hostile position to this concept considering how closely he is associated with… ahem!... certain aboriginal persons.

Unlike the lickspittle ‘Israel First’ Neo-Con Christian Zionists of the Australian proctologist Party we White National Socialists respect the rights of every Race and Ethnicity to self determination and Genetic survival. We would seek, upon our ascension to executive political power, to establish fair and humane treaties, for peaceful coexistence, with the aboriginal inhabitants of ALL White Western based Nations located in what was once called the ‘New World’. We despise Jew contrived Marxist Globalism and will encourage ALL other peoples to keep and cherish their own Cultural/ Ethnic/ Racial/ Social uniqueness.

We do not pretend this will be an easy or simple process. It will be a very complex problem to solve. But we do know one thing. The artificial imposition of so-called Multiculturalism will always end badly. The Balkans is merely one example of how Ethnic identity is, in the long run, far more important than any overlaid cultural structure that seeks to force dilution and integration by Law.

The Palestinians cannot be compared to the Australian aborigines. The facts are that the Palestinians, despite their relatively primitive and tribal nature had a definite sense of Nationhood and a ‘Blood and Soil’ connection to their lands, just as any other indigenous peoples do. Prior to Zionist Terror and the theft of Palestine it was a largely homogenous ethno-state based on common bloodlines and certainly united by its predominantly Muslim religion. Whereas the Australian aborigines were sparsely scattered, extremely basic and unsophisticated, had no written language and had no sense of Nationhood. Certainly, the various tribes have their association with specific areas of land, and this must be dealt with fairly, but the lands of Palestine have a much greater recorded history of civil structure, codified tradition, propriety and national identity.

So, one more time for the dummies... we are NOT Pro-Palestinian any more than we are Pro-Israel. We are pro NATIONALIST in all its various incarnations. This is where WLT might put up their own straw man against Darrin’s by suggesting that he advocates Globalism. After all, if you follow his ‘logic’ regarding the Palestinians, then some Nations do not deserve to exist. You are either Nationalist or you are Globalist. There is no in between. Sadly, going by their general flaky rhetoric, the raggedy ranks of the APP would appear to be made up from types who believe it is possible for one to be half pregnant.

Ignorance is one thing ‘Dazzles’ but stubborn and wilful blindness to fact and truth is unforgivable. WLT should not need to educate Darrin ‘It’s just politics, Jim’ Hodges and his microcephalic Islamophobic acolytes on basic History, there is an absolute wealth of knowledge out there, particularly since the advent of the Internet and there exists no serious excuse for his (apparent) degree of ignorance. Learn something about any given subject Dazzles before you even consider posting an opinion, or, as @ndy slackbastard would say, ‘seriously, read a book!’

For the dummies:
*A straw man is a component of an argument and is an informal fallacy based on misrepresentation of an opponent's position. To "attack a straw man" is to create the illusion of having refuted a proposition by replacing it with a superficially similar yet un-equivalent proposition (the "straw man"), and refuting it, without ever having actually refuted the original position.

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