Monday, September 26, 2011

Dumb and Dumberer…

More on (moron?) the ‘double bird’ woman…
The continuing struggle between dumb and dumber, phoney Left Vs Phoney Right. The verbal encounter reproduced below is only part of a series of street ‘interviews’ that include the tiresomely predictable “I’m a Holocaust© survivor. The BDS are accusing Max Brenner of ‘Blood Chocolate’ thereby promoting ‘Blood Libel’ therefore they want to kill Six Million© Jews just like the Nazis…blah…de…blah…de…blah…” It must’ve been a zany old scene down on the street where EVERYONE was a ‘Nazi’ for the day.
From the Kate Ausburn Blog:
Woman in Australian flag bandana: “I’m here to support Max Brenner. I’m here with my friend today, I’m not a member of the APP (Australian Protectionist Party). Max Brenner supplies the Israel Defense Army [sic] with chocolate and stuff …”
Me: “So that would be a good thing?”
Woman in Australian flag bandana: “Yeah. It is. There’s no such thing as Palestine.”
Woman’s APP friend [pointing at BDS rally]: “It’s very ignorant. Uneducated. This business is paying Australian taxes. He’s employing Australian people, paying his taxes, doing the right thing.”

So let’s see what we’ve got here. ‘Australian Flag Bandanna Woman’ is obviously the aforementioned ‘Blue Headscarf Woman’, she of the gesturing digits. We wonder if she realises that essentially she is disrespecting and insulting the Australian Flag by utilising it as a hair fashion accessory. These A.P.P. types are not all that ‘patriotic’ at all, are they? Perhaps the ‘bandanna’ came with a matching pair of Australian Flag thongs, so she can walk all over the flag also? It would certainly be consistent with the rest of her behaviour.
Her comment that there is “no such thing as Palestine” is amply indicative of her stupidity. Obviously lacking even an elementary knowledge of History we suspect she also failed Geography at school. One can only wonder at how these types make it through the day. Life and discerning between reality and fantasy must be a constant battle for them. Still, Dazzles seemed to be getting along just fine with her. Perhaps she’s a relative?
‘A.P.P. Friend of Australian Flag Bandanna Woman’ makes a rather presumptuous statement about the Max Brenner business paying their taxes. Beside the obvious question of ‘how the Hell would she know?’ one can only hope she is correct in her assumption. The same goes for the ‘Australian’ employees. They are more than likely either fellow Jews or other Non Whites.
Funny too, how young Kate ‘sic’s the mad woman’s erroneous reference to the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) as the ‘Israel Defense Army’ while misspelling ‘Defence’ herself. Sorry, but your old Uncle Victor can never resist highlighting the irony of young smart arse Lefties correcting others to make themselves appear big, clever and ‘educated’ while exposing their own illiteracy.


Kate said...

Spelling of 'defense' not indicative of my 'illiteracy' but rather observance of how Israel spells the word in referencing its military.

Glad you found my blog post useful.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Yeah! Cheers Kate. Sorry 'bout dat. I'm a grumpy Old Uncle Victor ain't I? You are probably very well educated and I was well out of order. Live long and prosper...