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"Holocaust Denier"

It seems that we at WLT have atracted once again the eye of the electronic wing of the IDF. Every time we post a video on our WLT You Tube channel concerning Jews and their Lies, our channels (four now) are simply taken down. Although the videos posted are totally factual and use no copyrighted material they are deemed by You Tube as forbidden, and constantly flagged by some not so mysterious group. People wonder why our Government is considering and the New Zealand Government headed by a Jew are introducing or have introduced laws to lock up anyone who speaks the truth, especially if its about the Holohoax. Well a big fuck you IDF. Enjoy the next few days.

Spielberg’s Cabal Banned Me from Stanford Libraries

By Eric Hunt

Steven Spielberg’s USC Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation is known for their over 50,000 video “testimonies” which supposedly prove that six million Jews were gassed by evil Germans.

However, when Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation archives are actually accessed and analyzed, these video archives are in reality an invaluable treasure trove for Holocaust truthers.

I recently received a letter in the mail banning me from the Stanford University libraries. You see, I publicly shamed the Shoah Foundation and Holocaust promotion industry by daring to show the public what these videos contain – and analyzing the truth and lies they tell.

I first decided to access the Shoah Foundation archives at Stanford after learning that a new generation of children were being tormented by a Holocaust “survivor’s” outrageous new memoir The Fifth Diamond. I bought and read Irene Zisblatt’s book, which is a psychedelic trip through the mind of an enabled liar, spinning a web of idiotic, scatological, and psychotic Holocaust horror tales. Even the title The Fifth Diamond is a lie, referring to Zisblatt’s disgusting lies about repeatedly defecating and swallowing diamonds for a year and a half while in Auschwitz.

At one point in the book, Zisblatt informs the reader that she reluctantly recorded a video testimony for Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation. Spielberg and crew were so impressed by her Holocaust promoting skills in her Shoah foundation “testimony” that they decided to film her for their documentary The Last Days, which won the 1999 Academy Award.

I decided to access Irene Zisblatt’s Shoah Foundation testimony and found that the closest place to access Spielberg’s Archives was Stanford University.

At a Stanford University computer terminal, I watched Zisblatt’s rambling, pathological lies about being selected to become a lampshade, enduring excruciating experiments such as having her Auschwitz tattoo removed by Nazis, escaping from inside a gas chamber and miraculously being thrown over an electrified barbed wire fence onto an open train by a Jewish boy, I knew I had to share this important false testimony with the public. If a picture is worth a thousand words, uncut video of this “survivor” obviously displaying the body language of a liar, and seemingly coming up with new Holo-horror stories off the top of her head is worth six million words.

Absurd testimonies like this, once presented to the viewer as complete fiction, are the easiest and best way to expose the duped public to The Hoax.

I went on to access hundreds of videos in Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation and debunked their flagship creation – the Oscar winning Holocaust documentary The Last Days – in my own documentary The Last Days of the Big Lie, available to watch at

Spielberg’s archives are invaluable not only due to the lies contained within, but also for the truths. Indeed, there are some Jewish inmates who actually tell the truth on videotape about life in the concentration camps. They talk about sending and receiving postcards, soccer games, movie theaters, camp currency, camp cantinas, and children’s plays at Auschwitz. These testimonies are so incongruous to the Hollywood Holocaust version Spielberg presents to the public. It is the exposing of these well hidden testimonies, with Jews telling the truth about camp cultural activities and children putting on elaborate costumed plays in Auschwitz rather than being immediately gassed that infuriates Spelbergian Holocaust horror promoters the most.

As a result of my work publicizing the revisionist treasure trove known as Steven Spielberg’s USC Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation, Spielberg’s crew whined to Stanford University and have now had me banned from all Stanford Libraries.

I was banned for exposing the truth and lies behind these closed archives, which are only available to be accessed at very few, tightly controlled locations in the country.

Keeping a tight lid on information that proves the truth about “The Holocaust” is a key aspect of the hoax. Totally open archives, whether they be the Shoah Foundation Archives, or the Auschwitz archives, are absolutely out of the question for the hoax artists. In 2011, there should be no excuse for these archives not to be completely digitized and available for the public to view online. But there is an excuse – the Holocaust is a hoax, and the archive gatekeepers do not want a free access to information to prove the gargantuan lie.

In fact, Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation does have their own Youtube channel, with many handpicked, hours long testimonies, including one of an African-American soldier (Paul Parks) that claims to have seen a pile of gold teeth upon breaking down the gates and liberating Dachau. Paul Parks is even featured in the Oscar winning The Last Days. However, the Boston Globe proved he was hundreds of miles away at the time Dachau was liberated and even the US Holocaust Museum claims that no African-American soldiers had anything to do with the liberation of Dachau.

It should also be noted that in July, I posted two testimonies from USC’s Shoah Foundation of two Treblinka “survivors” who both miraculously wound up living the good life in Beverly Hills! According to the official story, we’re told that Treblinka was a pure extermination camp. However these Jews – one from Warsaw, another from Grodno, both were immediately transited on to other camps, and lived the good life in filthy rich Beverly Hills. Testimonies such as these affirm the revisionist claim that Treblinka was a transit camp . Shortly thereafter, apparently alerting the hoax gatekeepers, I received my ban.

In a sane world, an Ivy League University would be embarrassed to fund and prop up totally historically false, Zionist hate fiction such as Zisblatt and Paul Parks’ “testimonies”. The correct reaction Stanford should have to my analysis of Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation would be to stop funding the Shoah Foundation and dump their laughable propaganda from their libraries in order to maintain their prestigious reputation.

But they are not embarrassed.

Let’s embarrass them. Spread the link to my documentary The Last Days of the Big Lie and let the filmmakers themselves personally know how you feel about their anti-German Oscar winning hate hoax The Last Days, which includes two false claims of Nazi “experimentation”, two liars who claim to have escaped from inside gas chambers, sick scatological lies about a Jewish girl repeatedly swallowing and defecating diamonds in Auschwitz for a year, and even a black American soldier who claims to have liberated Dachau – when in reality documents prove he was hundreds of miles away.

Michael Keller Stanford University Library telephone 650-723-5553

The Facebook addresses of some of the co-conspirators of The Last Days:

Director James Moll :

Historian Michael Berenbaum :

Executive Director of the USC Shoah Foundation Stephen D. Smith

Cinematographer Harris Done :

Producer June Beallor :

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