Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Latest Despatches From Planet Bizarro...

Rainbow People

Ironically, or perhaps not, it was the ‘Beast of Guyana’, the ‘Reverend’ Jim Jones, who in 1978 forced his followers to drink cyanide laced ‘Kool Aid’ resulting in the deaths of over 900 of them, of which 300 were children, who first made popular the ‘Rainbow’ people term. Just think about that next time you see some filthy, AIDS riddled Sodomite or strutting Bull Dyke sporting a rainbow tee shirt.

Jones was a dedicated racial ‘integrationist’ and ‘Anti-Fascist’ with a sick fetish for the then still Communist Soviet Union. Chillingly, in light of the present day rhetoric of Leftist extremists such as The Greens and politically militant queers, Jones referred to his followers as the ‘Rainbow Coalition’ and the ‘Rainbow Family’. Jones was a member of the American Communist Party, having joined as early as 1951 and he infiltrated the Methodist Church with the express purpose of ‘demonstrating his Marxism’. He worked closely with other Communist front organisations such as the NAACP.

And it just keeps getting worse. But seriously folks...You couldn't make up shit like this! It's just way too bent.

From: The Daily Telegraph 12th September 2011

Lesbians dress boy in girl's clothes and post photos on Facebook

Janet Fife-Yeomans

A SIX-year-old boy placed in the care of a lesbian foster couple was dressed in girl's clothes and the humiliating pictures were posted on the couple's Facebook page. One of the women was preparing for a sex change to become a man at the time, while her girlfriend was undergoing fertility treatment.

The boy and his 12-year-old sister have since been moved but former Children's Court magistrate Barbara Holborow yesterday called for a full inquiry into the decision to put them there. "Oh my God, what are we doing?" Ms Holborow, who has fostered eight children, said.

Families Minister Pru Goward has demanded a full explanation from child welfare service Barnardos, which had recruited the couple. "I am seeking advice from Barnardos to confirm that care arrangements were appropriate and the wellbeing of the children was paramount," Ms Goward said yesterday.

The children's story, described as one of the saddest in the state, has been revealed in a Supreme Court judgment posted last month in Children's Law news compiled by the NSW Children's Court. Their mother had tried but failed in the Supreme Court to win back custody of her son, given the pseudonym Campbell by the court. His current foster parents want to adopt him.

Campbell was taken into care in November 2006 at the age of 18 months along with his four stepbrothers and two stepsisters after complaints of physical and mental abuse at the hands of the parents. Campbell and his sister Abby, then 12, were placed with the lesbian couple in early 2009. The placement did not work out for Abby and after she was moved, Campbell was dressed in girl's clothes and his photograph placed on the couple's Facebook page.


One can only speculate on and shudder at the thoughts of what other 'treatments' this poor kid suffered at the hands of these demented dykes. The really sick thing is that everyone seems focused on and outraged by the crossdressing (and rightly so) but what is lacking in all the discussion of this is what constitutes a 'family', foster or otherwise? What would possess anyone in authority to hand over a young child, already abused, to a freakshow 'family' like that? .


Ahhhhhhh said...

It's all good. Kiddie Fiddling is soon to be Kosher. The Noachide Laws declare that participation in sexual immorality is a contravention of one of the Seven Laws of Noach.... Precisely what constitutes "immorality" is to be defined and codified in "Law" by the likes of the BnaiBrith.

We live in a Much Chosen by Proxy society folks... The Nanny State makes society and the children in its "care" sick, so that they can "repair" them.....

Consider the damage that Holocaustic edjumacation does to your average primary school kid. It indoctrinates the kid with the idea that he is a congenital killer of the "Jews" and a murderer even as a child, with no hope of redemption 'cept through appeasement and total unquestioning obeisance to Judaism through the mind dissolving ablution that is Noachidiocy through Noachide Law.

The state and certain of its functionaries are psychotic predators who deserve to be removed from their shit stained seats forth with. Their concern for our welfare is not so different from the concerns of the magnificent Buffalo Bill who demands through "Hate Law" the Silence of the Lambs so that he may walk as "G_d" upon this earth. His vicious bleating Poodles are ever willing to assist in his demented works in whatever small way he/she can.

We all must share in their pain of their piercings...... Ahhhhhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Jim Jones was also a CIA agent/plant under a branch of the MK Ultra (mind control) studies of the same evil institution. There's plent of information about it. :)

Anonymous said...

Barnardos gets a mention in a recent Makow article.

Makow is either straight or a master and consumate "look over 'ere" type.