Saturday, September 03, 2011

Leftist Liars and Zeroids

The loony Jew Franz Boas

The German born Jew Franz Boas (1858-1942) is often called the father of American Anthropology (read ‘JEW Anthropology’) and is, along with Sigmund Freud, Theodor Adorno and the Frankfurt School, one of the most significantly destructive influences in the Anti-White, Anti-Western Marxist movement most today would recognise as Multiculturalism, Political Correctness and Globalist Liberal Democracy. Along the way this general Anti-Western movement went through various manifestations including Anarchism, Socialism, Communism and Internationalism.

In an example of just how far these mendacious Marxists are prepared to go in their efforts to deceive Whites and placate their fears about the unchecked immigration into America during the Nineteen Twenties of the dregs of Eastern European ghettos, Boas even advanced, in accordance with his flaky theory that Race is merely an illusion, the utterly preposterous and spurious notion that the skull shape of these immigrants would actually change, adapt, evolve, whatever, to mimic that of the broader White population! Yes folks you read that correctly. This demented Zhid actually postulated that, independent of miscegenation with the existing native stock, these interlopers would transmogrify their physiognomies, like some xenomorphic alien from a B-Grade science fiction movie, into creatures approximating the average ‘Joe Six Pack’ American.

Be aware, dear and gentle reader, this theory had no basis whatsoever in scholarly rigour or even in basic scientific principles of research and evidence based conclusions. He concocted this elaborate and convoluted theory purely and simply to ensure the steady and unimpeded progress of ‘diversity’ advocated by his fellow tribesmen.

It is precisely upon absurdities like this that the current woolly headed thinking of modern Marxist inspired Liberal-Democratic ideology is based. Racial theory is utterly rejected with the assumption that Race is merely a social construct rooted in the universal class struggle and Humanity’s (new) original sin of abusing and exploiting minorities. All anthropological, ethnological, genetic, medical and physical evidence is brutally hammered like square pegs into round holes and woe betide the student or casual observer who points to the inconvenient fact that the evidence does not fit the theory. They will be vilified as ‘Racists’ or ‘Deniers’ and even accused of mental disorders. You see, the oxymoronic cult of Multicultural Political Correctness is not a logical, rational, scientific movement at all. It is a religion every bit as much as any other. It is a wishful, faith based propositional secularist melange of socio-political ideologies advancing an agenda of Trotskyist style ‘Constant Revolution’, ‘progress’ and ‘change’. In keeping with the iconoclastic nature of Marxism it is a chaotic flux of ever mutating ideas in a ‘dialectic’ process of instant ‘deconstruction’.

So long as they destroy the old order, any theories, however blatantly illogical, however preposterous or wantonly destructive, are up for consideration because the social engineering must keep ‘moving forward’. One needs look no further than the wrecking crew of Gillard’s Labor Government in Australia. These culture destroying, nation wreckers are dedicated automatons of iconoclasm.

Your Old Uncle Victor is here reminded of a rather scathing observation he once read in an old ‘Ozbike’ magazine in a commentary of the Rotary engined Norton motorcycle. The wag stated that the very name and concept of the ‘Wankel Rotary Engine’ sounded like somebody masturbating while stuck in a revolving door. The humorous description would appear to be a rather fitting analogous comment on the circular nature of Leftism in general. An interminable, unidirectional motion that nevertheless spins one past the same reference points of tired and hackneyed dogma whilst imparting the illusional impression of constantly ‘moving forward’ (© Jewliar Dullard).

Left Wing Humanist dogma dictates Humans have no inherent value, certainly no spiritual characteristics or uniqueness deserving of any special consideration, other than being barely adequate raw material for endless experimentation and remodelling in the quest for realising the ultimate dream of a genetically levelled, gender no specific and equalitarian Utopia.

Zogg the Zeroid watches and listens...

During the Nineteen Sixties there was a range of toy robots available for children, pre-dating and quite obviously influencing the later range of ‘Transformers’. They were known as ‘Zeroids’. One of the TelAvision commercials was accompanied by the following rather apocalyptic message, every bit as chilling (for kid’s at least) as the Daleks’ “Exterminate, Eradicate, Obliterate!”

“Moving across the landscape, overrunning all obstacles as inexorably as the Future itself, these amazing, efficient and powerful automatons have but one purpose - to serve their masters at work and play!”

But their most famous mantra, subsequently plagiarised by many others, was “Crush, Kill, Destroy!” The irony is not lost on your Old Uncle Victor that the Green robot was called ‘Zogg’. Zogg came with his own ‘docking station’ that included a Radar and Monitor Screen. While the others in the range had various exotic weapons and ‘throwing arms’ it would appear that Zogg’s specialty was observation and surveillance. Hmmm!


Anonymous said...

They laugh at Goyische ignorance. Spiel Bergs message, like an ice berg, is largely concealed below the surface in his "Gremlins"... The friendly fluffy critters that appear to be your best friends when you first invite them in reveal their true nature if you feed and water them after midnight contrary to advice passed down from those who have kept them safely contained within Pandora's Box.. It is then that you discover their true nature and the destruction they bring.

Imps, Demons, goblins, orcs, Dorks.... call 'em what you may. Mischief and mayhem inflicted upon the unsuspecting is what pleases them the most.

Anonymous said...

The Docking Station is tailored to fit and accept "Christian" Zionist oxymorons. Its physical position is such that said supplicant is required to kneel before docking may be successfully completed so as to facilitate Memetic downloads, and obeisance uploads.

WLT NSW said...

Surprise, surprise (not) the company that produced the Zeroids range of robots was the ‘Ideal Toy Company’ which was founded in 1903 in Brooklyn New York by the Jewish immigrants Morris and Rose Michtom who had arrived from Russia in the year 1887. Their excuse for going to America? You guessed it. They were fleeing the 'persecution' of Anti-Jewish pogroms.