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Lies, lies, lies...

There should be no surprises to regular readers and any honest student of History in the following article from the year 2000. The point though, in reprinting this piece, is to remind people that this shameless chicanery is perpetrated on a daily basis and has gained a certain undeserved currency of its own, based upon the ancient premise that if one is going to tell a lie then tell a whopper and say it LOUD and OFTEN. The Jews know this process, and it is deeply enshrined in their culture, as Chutzpah. Say anything. Say it loud. Say it a lot. It BECOMES true. If you believe it, and no contrary view is permitted, (read: 'Hate Laws') then it IS true! And the next logical question should many times have we all taken so-called 'historical' claims at face value and believed these fairy tales to be Gospel truth? There is an old adage that goes 'Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see'. Makes you think, doesn't it?

Mendacious Exhibit

The London Times (Nov. 2, 1999) ran an article, "Photo Errors Arm German Neo-Nazis." The piece goes on to describe he latest outrage imposed upon the German people, an exhibit trying to prove that the Wehrmacht (regular Army) participated in the Holocaust, not just the SS. This calumny has backfired! A gallery of photographs showed Wehrmacht soldiers clutching handkerchiefs to their faces to mask the stench, as they filed past a heap of corpses. These and many other haunting photographs are at the core of the touring display that has been shocking ordinary Germans. Since almost every German family had a relative fighting in the Wehrmacht, the exhibit has drawn a lot of flak.

Most of the bodies piled up in the pictures were murdered by the Red Army. Some photos depict corpses of Ukrainian youths slain by the NKVD long before the German Army moved east. They were prisoners in a Soviet camp and the German soldiers in the photos had merely pulled the corpses out for identification. Another photo shows the alleged victims of a German massacre in October in Kraljevo, Ukraine. The victims were, in fact, Ukrainians, Poles, Russians and even German prisoners of war. After Soviet units withdrew from western Ukraine at the end of June 1941, locals in Lvov came to the prison to look for relatives and found layers of corpses.

In the prison courtyard were two mass graves. As in the other photo, Germansoldiers were merely helping the locals sort out the corpses. The truth is that the Red Army's treatment of the Christian population of western Ukraine and the Baltic states was so barbaric that the locals welcomed the Germans as liberators. Many joined the Germans in their struggle against Bolshevism.

The organizer of this macabre exhibition, Dr. Hannes Heer, said that 90% of the photos came from former Soviet archives that had been confiscated from captured German soldiers (which would be unusual if these crimes had indeed been committed by the Germans). Dr.Heer admits to having done some retouching but the flaws run deeper. Original films were cut into separate segments and then displayed in different parts of the exhibition.

Rather than apologize for the fraud, Berlin historian Peter Steinbach insists that the aim of the exhibit-to show Wehrmacht crimes has not been compromised. He promises that the wrong order of some photos will be corrected, if only to prevent "certain circles" from exaggerating the mistakes. It is odd that 54 years after the end of the war the agit-proppers are rehashing mythical atrocities to make the point that all Germans are bad and must atone and pay forever for the so-called Holocaust The Germans are in the process of working on a new Constitution to replace the Basic Laws imposed on them by Allied occupation forces, laws designed by Nahum Goldman. Perhaps they are afraid that their new laws will protect not punish the German people for a change and make it difficult to continue to extort money from them. Because of the doctored photos the arrival of the exhibit in the U.S. has been put on hold. Australia has already banned the exhibit.

Wilmot Robertson 2000

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