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More grotesque tales of Multicultural Horror from Planet Bizarro

Seriously folks, is Multiculturalism working for you? Do you feel ‘enriched’?

Here is just a quick grab bag of a few News stories from the past few days. If we had the time and patience we could easily fill this ‘blog with nothing else. Sadly, also the ultimate effect would be soul destroying, morale crushing despair at the wretched state of our society, instilling in the gentle reader a sense of helplessness, hopelessness and abject misery. This is, of course, all in line with The ZOG System’s long term agenda of White Genocide. Whites, particularly White Males, are suiciding at an alarming rate and the statistics are climbing exponentially. Hence the reason WLT only do these bad news articles infrequently while maintaining our legendary dark sense of humour. One has to laugh, even if bitterly, or else one might ‘neck’ oneself.
Bob Brown though obviously thinks everything’s just hunky dory and anyone who refuses to drink the Kool Aid of Political Correctness and ‘tolerance’ are just ignorant, alarmist reactionaries whipped into a xenophobic frenzy by ‘populist’ politicians and the ‘shock jocks’ of the ‘Hate Media’. The repellent sodomite does unintentionally provide some ironic humour though with some of his air headed comments. Your Old Uncle Victor fell about laughing when he heard him referring to other people as ‘Turkeys’. Bob actually LOOKS like a Turkey! He’s even got the classic ‘Turkey neck’ and all. Very funny Bob.

Brown calls for heads of Immigration 'turkeys'
“As far as the bureaucrats, these turkeys, out of the bureaucracy in Canberra who are prognosticating somehow or other about Australia becoming Paris or London burning - they should be out on their ears,” Senator Brown told journalists. “We believe their point of view is alien to the thinking of the majority of decent Australians. They should be removed from that position and put into something where they can twiddle their pencils without causing so much harm to the integrity and decency of Australia's projection in dealing with asylum seekers.”

Teen boy raped in 'predatory' attack
8th September 2011

Sydney police are searching for a man who raped a 15-year-old boy in the city's west last night. The teenager was walking through Alpha Road Park at Greystanes about 7:15pm (AEST) when the man grabbed him from behind. Police say the man dragged the boy to a nearby toilet block and sexually assaulted him. The teenager then managed to escape and run to a nearby house to seek help. Detective Inspector David Jones says the attack is of particular concern. “All rapes are very serious, but the random nature of this one is that it's very predatory in nature," Inspector Jones said. “The young boy is just walking through the park minding his own business and the offender is unknown to him.” The boy is receiving counseling in hospital. Police are seeking the public's help to catch the attacker. He is described as being of African appearance, about 185 centimetres tall and was wearing a fluorescent yellow shirt at the time of the assault.
Anyone with information should call Holroyd Police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Terrorism suspect acquitted after police officer shot during arrest Geesche Jacobsen
September 9, 2011

WHEN police were ready to arrest a man suspected of terrorism offences in November 2005, they sent in four local officers who had no knowledge of the investigation. They were given a description and headed down the street while still on the phone to an officer from the terrorism squad. What happened next has been subject to conflicting evidence but it ended with shots fired in the street in south western Sydney - one bullet hit the terrorism suspect in the neck, another grazed the hand of one of the police officers.

The man, who cannot be named and is known only as BUSB, later admitted he was doing things to prepare for a terrorist act and was motivated by his religious beliefs. Advertisement: Story continues below The Herald can now report details of what happened during his arrest by four officers from Green Valley police station - two sergeants and two senior constables: one of those a crime prevention officer, who usually spoke to community meetings, the other a traffic, warrants and summons officer. When their car pulled up next to BUSB, the two junior officers had trouble getting out of the car: one could not open her car door because of a child safety lock, another struggled with her seat belt. None of the officers was wearing body armour and only one appeared to have his firearm drawn. He later said he approached the man, saying: ''Mate, hang on a minute. Can we have a word?''

Within seconds several shots had been fired, the two men were hit and BUSB was arrested and charged. Earlier this year BUSB finally faced court on charges he had shot at one of the officers. Witnesses gave conflicting evidence about what they remembered. BUSB maintained he had intended to fire a warning shot as he swung around, and had not realised an officer was behind him. After a judge-alone trial, Judge Leonie Flannery acquitted him, ruling she could not be convinced that this had not been the case. Judge Flannery said she accepted that he had felt panicked and had been feeling sick on the day.

“I am not satisfied that he put the Browning (firearm) in his pants because he was planning to shoot his arresting officers, but … his concern that he was going to be arrested and the climate of anti-Muslim feeling in the community at the time, he believed that he might be harmed by police. I consider it is a reasonable possibility that he did not deliberately shoot in the direction of [the officer], intending to hit him.” BUSB was not charged with lesser firearms offences and was acquitted of all charges relating to the shooting.

Soft laws prevent the jailing of pervert Hematullah Shafei Katherine Danks From: The Daily Telegraph September 09, 2011
THIS man is one reason parents warn their children about stranger danger. Hematullah Shafei, 19, was convicted of following a 15-year-old girl as she walked alone and attempting to lure her into his car. At the time he was on a good behaviour bond for the offence of intimidation. In Ryde Local Court this week, Shafei was given a seven-month suspended sentence. Yesterday, the Afghani immigrant told The Daily Telegraph he was joking when he followed the girl and asked her repeatedly to get into his car.
He said he was not familiar with local laws. “I don't know the rules,” he said in broken English. “We come here and we don't know. I'm sorry.” When asked why he broke the same law twice, he said it would have been regarded as a joke in Afghanistan. The court heard Shafei spotted the 15-year-old in Ermington about 11.30am on June 28. He slowed his white Toyota Corolla down and through the open passenger window said “Are you heading anywhere? Can I give you a lift? There is room in the back.”
The girl told police she did not properly hear Shafei and moved closer to his car. He repeated his request and she declined. When he asked her a third time, she again refused and moved away. Shafei drove away but saw the girl again as she crossed the intersection of Rutledge and Wentworth Sts. Slowing his vehicle once more, he said “Get in the car”. Shafei continued to demand the girl get in the car as he drove alongside her. A female motorist noticed the girl was in trouble and slowed her vehicle behind Shafei's, as the girl telephoned her mother. Shafei then did a U-turn and drove away. Police were given Shafei's registration details and he was arrested at a nearby worksite.
Three months earlier Shafei was convicted of attempting to lure girls into his car in two separate incidents in St. Marys on February 12th. In that case the court was told he followed two girls, aged 13 and 16, for about two minutes, telling them through the window: “Get in the car.” The court also heard that, later that day, Shafei targeted two 13-year-old girls as they left an aquatic centre, telling them “Come in car” and “I pay for sex”. The girls sought refuge and called police. Shafei was arrested four days later at his Auburn home, where he lives with his parents and siblings. The family migrated from Afghanistan in November 2009.

It’s not as if the Australian authorities have been unaware of the problems with these rutting Negroids and Arabic perverts.
A blast or two from the past:

Lock out these refugee thugs
Lincoln Wright
From: Sunday Herald Sun February 04, 2007
AUSTRALIA is set to drastically reduce its Sudanese refugee program this year. With growing community concern about the behaviour of the refugees, Federal Cabinet will soon consider a proposal from Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews to reduce the intake from Horn of Africa nations. Australia's humanitarian program has allowed thousands of Sudanese refugees to come to Australia in recent years.
But there are growing doubts about the wisdom of the decision, especially with the rise of gangs of Sudanese youths and drunk drivers. There are about 18,000 Sudanese in Victoria, with many traumatised by their experience of civil war -- and the challenge of living in a Western society.
A Sunday Herald Sun survey of 400 cases at magistrates' courts across Melbourne found 14 per cent of offenders came from the Horn of Africa and the Middle East -- many of them refugees -- about 20 times the representative proportion of the population.
"Australia has one of the most generous humanitarian resettlement programs in the world at 13,000 a year," Mr Andrews said yesterday. "But immigration is a process, not an event. "Successful immigration requires integration into the broader community."
A high-profile court case this week highlighted the crime spree of a Sudanese man, Hakeem Hakeem, 21, who raped two teenage girls and an elderly women in a drunken, drug-fuelled episode. He was sentenced to 24 years in jail. Hakeem had been in Australia for only one month before committing the crimes.
The proposed new policy would focus on settling refugees from the Asia Pacific region. Sudanese elders believe their community is being unjustly targeted. The elders yesterday blamed failures in Australian welfare and education systems for crimes in the community.
Jago Adongjak, an educator at the South Eastern Region Migrant Resource Centre and an elder of Melbourne's 7000-strong Sudanese community, said many fellow migrants who had escaped the war-torn nation were facing a different conflict in Australia.
"I came here because there was a war in Sudan and I was a target for the junta," Mr Adongjak said. "I was expecting a peaceful land of opportunity -- and there are opportunities -- but we are also facing a battle here, to survive." Mr Adongjak dismissed claims the community did not respect or trust authorities as much as other cultures and had drink-drive issues."The Sudanese are not as bad as we are portrayed," he said.
"We know because we have just had a meeting with the police and they told us according to their statistics the Sudanese are not anywhere near the worst community for crime in Victoria. "And I know because I live in the community. "On the issue of drink-driving, I would not say the Sudanese are exceptional either."
The major cause of crime and restlessness in the community was disadvantage, he said. Large families did not receive adequate housing, with several children sharing small rooms. Children struggled at school because they only had nine months to learn English before being put in classes based on their age, rather than ability. Parents also found it hard to provide because their professional qualifications were not recognised, so they had to settle for lower-paid jobs, Mr Adongjak said.

Add to these horror stories the hundreds of other incidents involving assaults on young White Women such as the (still unsoved?) Parramatta Mall rape by two 'Black Africans' and the appalling Ashfield cemetary 'rape' (possibly some weird act of Voodoo 'magic'?) by another 'Black African' on a young girl that involved the 'use' of a tree branch and a broken bottle!

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