Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Naked media censorship by Labor exposed

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A column by journalist Glenn Milne in The Australian newspaper sent Prime Minister Julia Gillard into a frenzy. She responded by moving in plain sight, as well as behind the scenes, to censor the media. It is fairly clear that figures within the Labor Party threatened a change in ownership laws to strongarm the Murdoch organisation into killing the Milne column. Shortly thereafter, Milne was sacked as a panelist on a television show of the government-run Australian Broadcasting Corporation. At the same time, senior Labor politicians and the nation's de facto government, The Greens, have proposed a Stalinist-like system in which all news would have to be approved by a government censor before it could be published. Seriously! Think that you live in a free country that has freedom of the press and free speech? Dream on.

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ABC confirms: it was what Milne said about Gillard


Andrew Bolt

Sunday, September 04, 2011 at 05:22am

Sacked for something he said somewhere else? This is star-chamber stuff:

VETERAN political journalist Glenn Milne has been dumped from ABC TV’s The Insiders because of a column he wrote in News Ltd’s The Australian.

The column, retracted in full after furious demands from Julia Gillard, made claims about the Prime Minister’s one-time relationship with former unionist Bruce Wilson, the embezzlement of union funds and his eventual fraud conviction.

Milne was told he would no longer be part of future episodes of the program on Thursday evening after a meeting by the ABC’s news management team.

The ABC’s head of policy, Alan Sunderland told The Sun-Herald, last night that Milne had not been “sacked ... because we don’t employ him and never have” but confirmed the column had been the catalyst for the decision to cancel his scheduled appearance on the show this morning.


The ABC should at least answer this: were any calls made to the ABC about Milne by Gillard, Communications Minister Steve Conroy or anyone speaking on their behalf?


Professor Sinclair Davidson sums up:

Government owned media organisation bans government critic

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