Friday, September 09, 2011

Oh lordy thats gotta hurt? Max Brenner and Australia's fascists

I wonder if the people who write this crap understand the difference between National Socialism and Fascism? In fact I wonder if they relise that all the groups mentioned in this article have nothing to do with Fascism or National Socialism but more to do with Zionism and the Israeli right. As soon as a few dumb shits of European ancestry with Christian Zionist backgrounds jump on the Israel band wagon for browny points, the Left and the State (same thing actually) instantly go into denial mode. These idiots are a product of the State. With out the State they would not exist. Real National Socialist and Fascist reject all state funded hate campaigns and have a very clear understanding who the puppet masters are. They will not dance to the tune of the Zionist masters.

Max Brenner and Australia's fascists

"As Michael Brull noted here a few weeks ago, the anti-Max Brenner protesters have been widely denounced as Nazis.

Paul Howes, Michael Danby, Andrew Bolt, Gerard Henderson: have all joined in a very public campaign that draws a line between the Brenner protests and Fascist anti-semitism.

It's certainly true that, throughout Australia, fascists are increasingly taking an interest in the Max Brenner rallies. But here's the thing: they're not supporting the protests.

They're supporting the stores."

Read on here. It would be funny if only people didn't believe it.

I think this video may answer a few questions for these hopeless journalists..

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Anonymous said...

Sparrow is either an ignoramous or another Kosher media ensconced vomiter of halftruth. Do some reading Sparrow. You'll find that Judaism has a plan for the "Gentiles". It's called Noachide Law, and is proto typical "fascism" itself... The original in all its demented splendour. All who refuse to kneel as Noahidiotic subjects are to be killed, or so dream moistly the Rabbinate.

To prove the truth of the Jews' intent, here is a quote from a book by Max Dimont, The Indestructible Jews. (A title onsistent with the Pre-Traumtic condition that is being Jewish and "knowing" that everyone wants to "destroy" you, so destroy them first hence the religious licence to pre-emption) A Lie probably feels that the "Truth" sets out to destroy it too.
Quote on " The destiny of Westen Civilization"

'The diasporisation of mankind into one world and a synthesis of the Western, Slavic, and Sinic civilisations into one universal culture having the ethics of the Torah for its moral foundation and Jerusalem as its spiritual center'

So Israel, Greater Israel after stoopid Whitey Goy kill millions of soulless Arabs, is the center by which we are all to be ruled by the magnificent ones, as they feel themselves to be.

Anti-Fa and 'leftist', Zionists appear not to be Zionist, but they either wittingly or unwittingly are consistent with Dimonts description of Jew/Goy destiny.

So perhaps Sparrow can now see a certain logic in opposing this "diasporisation" of mankind, and that perhaps the "AntiFa" are in fact Zionist "fascists" and haters of non-Jews themselves.

Judaism gives "Jews" licence to defraud the Goyim of the Truth of as to obtain a personal delusion of existential advantage. So it is reasonable to believe absolutely nothing the "Jews" peristalts from its linguistic orifice... until of course it is proven true in polite public discourse or through scientfic discovery.

Keep takin' the cash Sparrow for defacating in the public mind as you most surely will do.